Steem4Bloggers Contest # 03 | Tell us About The Technology Devices that You Use Daily | Reward Pool 15 STEEM

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How are you doing, the great Steemians? We welcome you to another amazing contest. By the grace of God, we have already completed our two successful contests and the number of participants in those contests was considerable. Although most of the people are busy day and night in the Steemit Engagement Contests still we have planned to arrange a contest for our dear Steemians. It is actually the announcement post for contest no. 03.

Theme of the Contest

This is the second contest that is officially announced in our community so far. The theme of this contest is:

"Tell Us About the Technology Devices that You Use Daily"

Actually, this is the modern era of technology and we have to meet technology in various shapes in our daily lives. Our days and routines are incomplete without the involvement of technology and most people are so addicted to technological devices that they are unaware of their surroundings. So, this is a special contest for all technology lovers.

In this contest, we would like to know about the technology devices that you are currently using or have used before. You can share anything about your devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, and anything related to the technology you can share the complete details about the technology devices that you hold. You are free to use your own wording and your own pictures as well.

Rewards For This Contest

The rewards for this contest are as follows.

1st Place5 STEEM
2nd Place5 STEEM
3rd Place5 STEEM

Note: All the rewards will be given in the form of Steem Power (SP).

Rules and Guidelines

  • Your participation post must be published in the Steem4Bloggers community.

  • Upvote and Resteem the Contest Post.

  • Use the tags #steem4bloggers-03, #contest, #yourclub, #steemexclusive, #yourcountrytag in the sequence.

  • All forms of Plagiarism are strictly prohibited and the related posts would not be considered eligible for the contest.

  • Make sure to follow the @hive-109435 account (Community Official Account).

  • All languages are welcomed for this contest and there are no restrictions for Steemians all around the world.

  • Mention Admins/Mods somewhere in the post to let them know about your participation.

  • All the participants should follow at least #club5050. Higher clubs are preferred more.

  • This contest will run until the expiry of this announcement post.

  • You can also use the #fintech tag to get support from the community curator.

Community Admins and MODs
@steemdoctor1Founder and Admin
@malikusman1Founder and Admin

Written By @malikusman1 for @Steem4Bloggers




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A very good and fantastic contest I hope we see many good entries. Best of luck guys.

Its great to see that you all people are giving more attention towards the using of technology in our life. And thanks for this great contest . Bye writing about the technology that we use in our daily life we will come to know about its advantages and disadvantage of excessive use. Thanks again for such great contest. I will definitely take part in the contest.

It is a very nice contest. In our daily life we ​​use various technology devices. So almost everyone has the ability to participate here. We look forward to seeing everyone's entries.

This is a interesting contest ☺️ I will try to participate ☺️

Thank you so much for organising technology based contest I'll must be Participate in the contest. I missed my entry in last contest due to some reasons but this time I'll not loss the chance


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Wao great to see I am very happy to see this contest I will try soon for participate in amazing contest thank you

Extra ordinary idea, nice contest. I am looking for @growwithme to participate, oh that's me.

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This is a very interesting contest which I believe people will love to participate and In this regard, I wish all the participants best of lucks

Another impressive contest. Hope to see many participants. Good luck for the contestants.

Another good and interesting contest...
Best of luck to all participates.

Congratulations 🎉

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Thanks for bringing to us this contest to engage I will be a part of the contest and make sure to share i read of my current technology

I think almost everyone is engaging with some technology-based social media and it has prompted us to make it a part of our daily needs. It's a great contest.