Draft Crearte[Tutorial]: Drawing a beautiful landscape sea sunset scenery by @enamul17. 10% to @draftcrearte.

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Greeting My Friends


Good evening my dear well wisher friends. How are you everyone? Hope all are fine & healthy. I am also very good. Your support & encouraging comments are inspiring me, making me feel better about drawing more beautiful pictures.So today I draw another beautiful waterfall
landscape sea sunset scenery. In this drawing, I have tried to show many things. Here we see water fal, sunset & the boat scene which is looking so beautiful. I can feel the weather. Around 1hour & 10 minutes need to fully complete my drawing. Hope everyone will like today’s beautiful landscape scenery.


Beautiful Landscape Sea Sunset Scenery

Drawing Materials:

  • Art paper.
  • Graphite pencil.
  • Dom's colour pencil.
  • Eraser.
  • Sharpner.
  • Ruler.
  • Signature pen.
  • Black ink pen.

Let's start the process:

Step 1,

  • First I draw some line on the paper,then I draw two house picture on the middle as shown below the picture.


Step 2,

  • In the next step I draw two coconut trees & also draw trees behind the house as shown below the picture.


Step 3,

  • In the next step I draw hell, sun, trees & boat picture shown below the picture.


Step 4,

  • Then I use pen to make my drawing more visible as shown below the picture.


Step 5,

  • In the next step I start paint on sky scene, then sun, then hell & then the trees as shown below the picture.


Step 6,

  • In the next step I paint on the sea, waterfall & boat scene nicely as shown below the picture.


Step 7,

  • Then I paint on the house scene nicely as shown below the picture.


Step 8,

  • Then I paint on the coconut trees scene, then draw the road, firld & behind the house trees scene as shown below the picture. Finally I complete my beautiful landscape drawing.


The final picture of my art with a selfie.


Thank you so much everyone.I hope you all like my today's landscape drawing.Hope you all comment about my art because your comment will inspire me to do more beautiful drawing in future. Thanks all my friends for support.

Have a nice day.


DeviceHuawei Nova 3i
LocationBangladesh, Khulna

Best Regards


Stay Safe, Stay Happy

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