CONTEST: Create an Art with thread and write a poetry - 60 STEEM | #club75

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Hello creative friends!!

This time I want to motivate you to create something unique and very inspiring through a contest. 60 Steem will be distributed to the winners.

What is it about?

A contest based on the art of yarn and poetry accompanied by art. Create an art using any type of thread and accompany it with a beautiful poetry. As yarn art is inspiration in sweet words.


Crossed hearts

Image source

Our hearts have crossed like two people who don't even know each other cross on a beautiful walk. It is a lucky encounter that is only destined.
We can unite our hearts and feel for each other. As you feel, so I will feel. It's you and me, we are two hearts in the same person. Because it's you and me and no one else... It's more than a mistake or a coincidence. For the luckiest meeting to unite these two hearts. I feel your heart beat as I feel mine, it's beautiful I know. Enjoy this moment when it's just you and me. Always you my heart...


  • Step by Step art with a minimum of 300 words.
  • Images without collage.
  • For poetry a minimum of 100 words.
  • Tag to participate:
    #creativeartist #steemexclusive #writing #creative #draftcrearte

Note: I added the other Tags that you want. According to the club to which club5050 club75 club100 belongs

Be creative and do your best.

  • Share your post on a social network.
  • Invite three friends.
  • Reesteemear to this post.

Everyone can participate, adult artist and Kids.


60 steem will be distributed in prizes for 6 participants.

20 steem first place15 steem second place10 steem third place
7 steem fourth place5 steem fifth place3 steem sixth place

Ends when this post expires and winners will be announced the next day.

Good luck to you all!

10% of the rewards of this publication go to @crearte

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Este reto esta excelente!!! tenemos que inspirarnos en el tema poético y ser creativo a la ves, me parece genial. desde ahora buscare el tema de mi poesía. Aprovecho de invitar a mis compañeros para que preparen sus proyectos.@saleembk, @bambella,@azuleja43

Hello, we hope to see your participation always with your great talent. You are excellent at what you do and share.

Nice contest! Hope there will be many participants!

Hello, thank you very much, we hope that many steemians will be encouraged.

Hola amigos creativos por aquí les dejo mi participación.


Que esperas ven a unirte a este hermoso concurso.

Hola amigos les comparto mi entrada al concurso. Gracias por la invitación

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Es una buena propuesta me gustaría participar.

Excelente está propuesta de concurso quiero aprovechar la oportunidad para invitar a @beautiful12 @irenenavarroart @ternuritajessi

Hola @by-aranza , gracias 🙂


Que emocionante, es una actividad muy entretenida me encanta. invito a @rotbelys @alexander062 @naomi062 creemos un poema hermoso y una buena obra de arte en hilo.. <3

CONCURSO: Crea un Arte con hilo y escribe una poesía / Hilos de acero /#club5050 @datce01

Mi participación disculpen mi tardanza por problemas de internet.

Me gustaria participar en este exvelente concurso quiero hacer una invitacipn a mis amigos.@dyandra @lore22balza @Beida

Está genial este reto. Me encantaría participar

Que buen proyecto, es un reto muy interesante pondré manos a la obra y veré que sale.. XD invito a que se reactiven y hagan algo bonito a @onisune @eaguilerav @lenabotini

genial, haré mi esfuerzo para realizarlo y quiero invitar a @rankari6 @edittacar86 @lita2021

Hello, we hope to see your extraordinary participation, thanks for encouraging the steemians to participate in the experience.

@cindycam, gracias por el apoyo.

que buen concurso quiero participar e invito a:
@creacionesmayi @jackemickey @francis.c18

Genial amigo.👍
Gracias por la invitación 😃

Hello, it's good that you are encouraged. We hope to see your participation.

que bello concurso, me gustaría participar e invito a @danilop @charjaim @sabrip

Hello, we look forward to your participation, this way you encourage others to follow your creative example.

Muchas gracias amiga por invitarme a participar ♡

Hello, we hope to see your participation. In this creative art.

Thank you ♡

😃😃😍🤗 quiero jeje. me encanta tejer y estás cosas! invito a


Hello, we are excited that you are happy for these contests that inspire steemians. We hope to see your participation.

Saludos a todos. Interesante concurso, comenzare a buscar mis materiales para activarme.