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Nice Click


Que hermoso @norvan1033

Dope picture. Who needs to travel all the way to Norway when we have this in our very far away but still in USA backyards?



The picture is so beautiful

Beautiful picture @norvan1033

Que belleza @norvan1033

@norvan1033, Please what do I do to be getting votes from @nutbox.mine

you need to delegate minimum 800sp,and buy upvote from 1200 peanut minimum for 10% to 12000 maximum for 100% upvote ,only once a day and only at 55% voting power of nutbox.

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to buy upvote,you need to delegate minimum 800sp

minmum 800sp delegation to @nutbox.mine

Oh! Now I get it. Thank you @norvan1033

Wow!! So beautiful!!

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Greetings from Venezuela! 💖

Hermosa fotografia

que hermoso me encanto amigo esta super bello me encanto sus montañas y su nieves

God's creation is really amazing.

  ·  last year (edited)