Hulk Muscular Humanoid

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Hulk is a very powerful green-skinned, superstrong, hulking and muscular humanoid that’s possessing a vast degree of physical strength, sketched in action for your viewing pleasure.
It’s free to use sketch as you so desire in the Steem platform or any other platform online / offline as you so desire.
Regards and have a splendid day at work. Stay safe and healthy always.

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The powerful green-skinned, superstrong, hulking and muscular humanoid is my favorite 😍

Thanks for sharing on @stockphotos community.

Hi @mukada ! I love your sketch work. I have always loved the character in movies but one question seems unanswered which is 👇

Due to Hulk's Biological Strength, Can Hulk Die ?

Thank you for the vote ! friend @mukada ❤️

This is so nice, gone through your posts, you are really inspiring me to draw more

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I've always found the Hulk attractive. In the film, he is smart and strong.


Arts from muarts are mind blowing. I admire the strength this hulk possesses. I need such strength mentally to be more creative and articulate. Thanks @mukada for this sketch it's astonishingly great.

nice picture

Coool sketch man 😍