Figure Drawing

in hive-109286 •  8 months ago 


Here is my new artwork. A figure drawing of a lady with her two hands on her head.

Using light blue pen, I first sketched out my model.

Then I stared adding shades with scribble technique from top - her hand and her hair with a few part of her face.

Then, I completed the other side of her face. I finally worked on her neck and shirt as well.

That's all.
Thank you.

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That's very good! I would like you to see my drawing, your opinion would be great. God bless you!

All right.

Kudos bro...always bringing the best...I'm super proud of u...

Thank you bro. I'm glad you like it.

Beautiful drawings. I like your drawings very much. Wish you good luck!!!

Hi, thanks a lot. Feels good to know you like my drawings.

what a good drawing beautiful details

Thank you!🤗