Le Petit Railtown

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My father in law love trains. So much so that for the 17 years that my wife and I have known one another, her father has had a train room. While I am not interested in trains, his passion for them is undeniable and is rubbing off on our son. This weekend we visited and I happened to have our new camera. I had a few minutes to snag some really awesome pictures of his small train town.

This is a small section containing a tunnel through the rock, a factory and so much more. Just to the right is the cemetery, which is unbelievably detailed.


The details are amazing in every way. The cemetery is no exception.



Nature takes over even indoors. The cob webs show the amount of time it takes to build such a large display. Even here, the details shine through.



The downtown area is still in progress but you can see it is going to be just as awesome as the rest of the display. On the far side of this it will go through the wall into the other half of his den.



I wish I had shot more photos now that I have made this post. It is such an amazing display. I know he will never see this but I am really proud to call him my father in law. He is a great man and a great builder.

I put together this quick "drone" video. Lol.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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