Russian military confirms successful tests of anti-satellite weapons

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It was obvious. The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that the inoperative Tselina-D spacecraft was shot down during tests on November 15.

The Russian military argue that the resulting fragments did not and will not pose a threat to orbital stations and spacecraft.

Full-scale tests of anti-satellite missiles were also carried out by the United States, India and China.

The United States conducted two such tests, hitting two of its own vehicles in 1985 and 2008.

In 2007, the Chinese military shot down an inoperative meteorological satellite Fengyun-1C, which led to the formation of about 3.4 thousand fragments.

And the Indians tested an anti-satellite missile in March 2019.

As a result, a cloud of more than 100 debris more than 10 centimeters in size was formed, which dispersed in orbits with an altitude of 200 to 1600 kilometers.

On Monday, the US Space Command's press office said a spacecraft had collapsed in low Earth orbit, creating a cloud of debris.

The State Department believes that this is the result of Russia's testing of anti-satellite weapons.

According to, the Kosmos-1408 (Tselina-D) satellite, which was launched in 1982, collapsed.

It was in orbit with an altitude of 400-500 kilometers. The US Space Command estimates that the result was at least 1,500 debris.

Also on November 15, the ISS crew had to move into spaceships due to space debris. The dangerous object at intervals of one and a half hours passed the station twice.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday confirmed that the Tselina-D spacecraft had been hit as a result of successful tests.

The Russian military say that the debris left from it was immediately taken for escort and did not pose a threat to orbital stations, spacecraft and space activities.


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