Hubble resumes scientific observations with just one instrument

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The Hubble Space Telescope team has resumed scientific observations with the ACS (Advanced Camera for Surveys) camera.

The rest of the scientific instruments will be in safe mode until the problems with the synchronization of the instruments that arose in late October are solved.

On October 25, 2021, one serious malfunction occurred in the operation of the telescope.

Since then, the observatory has been in a safe mode and has not been conducting scientific observations.

The failure was caused by multiple errors in synchronization of scientific instruments with internal data exchange systems.

The engineers are currently analyzing the operation of the control unit that generates synchronization messages, and are working on the possibility of updating the software of the control system.

On November 1, scientists turned on the NICMOS device, which had not been used since 2010.

This made it possible to determine that during its operation no additional synchronization messages were lost.

On November 7, engineers put into operation the ACS camera, as its operation is least affected by synchronization errors.

Currently, only the ACS conducts scientific observations, while the rest of the instruments are still disabled.

It is expected that this week engineers will find possible solutions to the problem and how to implement them

After that, a plan will be drawn up to return all instruments to operational mode.

This is not the first long-term simple telescope - this summer, Hubble did not conduct scientific observations for more than a month.

At the same time, NASA does not intend to stop the operation of the observatory after the launch of the James Webb telescope, but wants to extend it until 2030–2040.


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