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Decaying exoplanet?


I present a study in which they claim to have discovered a strange cosmic object that spits immense clouds of dust into space with a variable intensity, the observations were obtained from the analysis of data from the probe satellite of exoplanets in transit, the TESS for its acronym in English.


This satellite was launched in 2018 with the aim of finding exoplanets beyond the solar systems, in fact they have found 172 exoplanets so far and has another 4,703 candidates waiting to be approved, in the same way astronomers have obtained an image of This object. Abrir en Google Traductor •


The object is called TIC 400799224 is composed of two stars that orbit each other, it is something quite common in the universe is what is called a binary system, but what is no longer so common is that this binary system routinely presents a variation in their brightness which suggests that there is a large asteroid or perhaps a small planet orbiting these stars that is releasing large clouds of dust, which end up dimming the light of both stars from the perspective of TESS.

This process occurs approximately every 19 days, but the duration and intensity of the brightness dims vary greatly, in fact what strikes astronomers, what surprises them, what is the key to this mystery is the colossal size of dust clouds, they are much larger than would be expected from an object as small as the one orbiting the two stars.


Astronomers have declared that the nature of the body itself in orbit is puzzling because the amount of dust emitted is large, if it were produced by the disintegration of an object such as the asteroid, it is that we remember it measures almost 1000 kilometers in diameter, only that dust alone it would survive about eight thousand years before disappearing and fading as astronomers claim, yet surprisingly for the last six years that I have been observing this object, the periodicity has been kept tight and the object emitting the dust has apparently remained intact as well. that the amount of dust is enormous, the doubt is, we will be facing the remains of the collision of two planets or perhaps we are seeing a world disintegrating for reasons that we still do not know, astronomers continue to investigate this mystery and we may soon have an answer.

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