Contest Post your Photo / Week #25 /Theme "PHOTOGRAPHY OF PATTERNS"/ || 17/4/2022 || by @SeaPearl

in hive-108800 •  4 months ago 
Hello beautiful Steem family!First of all, I would like to thank @josertalaverag those who allowed us to participate in this beautiful birds contest. So let's go towards the contest.



Today, for the first time, I am participating in a photography contest that is unique to me. I was going to the market with my dad. I often have a habit of taking pictures of whatever I like along the way. I found the pattern of this building very strong and I could not stop myself from taking a picture of it. You can see how beautiful the patterns of this building look. And the magnificent pattern of sidewalks and plants near this building is making the whole scene charming. I took this picture from my mobile realme 5i.

I want to invite @malihafarhan @mrsfurqan @safoo and here is the link to this contest Link

Regards: SeaPearl

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Hola amiga, hermosa imagen que nos muestra los patrones en ese bello edificio, excelente.
Saludos, éxito en el concurso.

@genomil thank you stay blessed 💖

Hello and welcome @seapearl, definitely a perfect and well done pattern representation image and the striking thing is that there are several pattern samples in the same image...
My congratulations, excellent work

Greetings and thanks for your support to the contest and to Venezolanos Steem..

@josertalaverag thank you so much sir stay blessed