2 Years on Steemit 😀 7 Monday Spammers 👿

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Merry Monday to you on this Wet Cold & Windy day here in NZ, it may be cold as a witches tit outside but there's till time to spam from somewhere on the planet.

Today is my 2 year Anniversary on steemit 🎈🎁📢 i joined on this day in 2019 mainly just to make @kiwiscanfly shut up.

My original plan was just curate but i started making posts and here i am today. I have met some really cool nice people on here, there is a few that i may have had some issues with.....


Today i have been checking out the https://steemit.com/created tag looking for new mates to greet.

Here are todays 7 accounts🧐🧐🧐

All are spamming links and have the 15SP sign up delegation


I am hoping steemcurator01 can once again pass this list to the Steemit Engineering Team to remove the sign up 15sp

You should flag them and use that down voting power to show them we will not tolerate this activity.

Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬


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Im certain you're glad that @kiwiscanfly didnt shut up before you started. It looks to me that you like the platform very much ;)

congrats on the 2 years!

Thanks for that - i can safely say i am hooked

Me never shut up?

You love it now though dont you Steemit Lord!


Mind those witches, seems just like me you have also fallen for the Steem spell and now stuck here.

You may be right


Congratulations @kiwi-crypto. 😊💐

Thank you for that 😀

Congratulations on the two years, and thank you for the spammers.

Wacky Wednesday has produced 11 fine Spammers who have asked to be quarantined, i did tell them they needed to book...

Querido amigo @steemcurator01 , reconozco que su trabajo es muy importante y debe ser muy fuerte revisar tantas publicaciones en esta maravillosa plataforma, tratando de buscar publicaciones de calidad, por ese motivo le hago la invitación a revisar mi blog, me he esmerado en mis publicaciones y mas en muchas en las que he elaborado trabajos de manualidades y no he recibido apoyo, si usted al revisar ve que soy digno de recibir su apoyo le estaré agradecido, pero si no es así, pues de igual manera respetare su trabajo, por que reconozco que no es fácil mi amigo.

Me gustaría que revisara y observara que tengo publicaciones de manualidades que tuvieron un costo y que gracias a algunas recompensas recibidas por booming las he invertido en materiales, pero esas publicaciones se vencieron y no recibí apoyo, me gustaría contar con su apoyo @steemcurator01 para seguir creando, ya que esa es una de mis pasiones.

Hello, my friend, how are you? Thank you very much for always supporting me and I would also like to invite you to my blog since I have had several financial problems, well, not me, if not my parents, please, and if you can give me two of your votes, it would be an honor

Hello, how are you, friend @steemcurator01 I hope you are well I know that it is a lot to go see my blog but I would like to invite you and also if you can give me two votes or less, it would be an honor and I would like my reputation to rise because I never e I have received a high vote even if it is 14 or less, please.

Congratulations @kiwi-krypto 🎉🎈🎊 , 2 years of your journey on STEEMIT, you have gone through many twists and turns on this cryptocurrency platform, I hope you are always successful with all your contributions that make us (who just joined STEEMIT) always try to develop it.

wuaooooo, caramba me gusta esta información, soy apenas un sardina en ests ancho mundo pero es interesante conocer cierta cosas que pasn en este mar, gracias por esta información. con mi voto solo le pasearé por y no me vera pero no dejaría de dar mi voto

Wow felicidades, que sean muchos más! 🎆