Way of the flesh that seems right but destructive

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Do you know that you can never satisfy the desires of the flesh. The Flesh always yearns for more. Lets get to few point for better elaboration.

  1. The flesh will tell you to only kiss a damsel and in days time, you will like to do beyond kissing.

  2. A Fornicator that have slept(sex) with a slim damsel before will like to have sex with a fat damsel just to see if it's the same taste. And when he has finally slept(sex) with the fat damsel, The Flesh will also recommend another brand of damsel to him.

  3. A Criminal started stealing from a very small amount of money before the flesh started pushing him to steal more and more, and he is not still tired of stealing.

Then I have this pertinent questions to ask you?

  1. Why trying to please the Flesh when you can not really please him?
  2. Why always following and Obeying the desires of the flesh?

My Counsel to you

  1. Deliberately resist and shun any desire that Contradict the word of God.
  2. Study the Scripture and live by the Word of God.
  3. If you are a victim of any unrepeated secret sin, ensure you open up and cry for mercy than living in Secrecy all through your life.
  4. Always pray for the Crucifixion of the Old Man.

Thank you so much for Reading.
God bless you.

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