Purge Yourself.

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We have been shaped by the things we have been exposed to over time and we need to purge ourselves of certain things if we want to experience real growth. We can't desire change and keep doing things the way they used to be. Some things need to change and that's what we are to unlearn and relearn a lot of things. Holding on to our ways without opening up to learning would always leave us short. This is why we have the Bible to guide us as well because there is little we can do on our own.


The Bible made us understand that there are vessels unto honour and there are those that are not unto honour. Both exist side by side and the presence of one doesn't invalidate the other, it depends on what aspect we choose to focus on. We need to purge ourselves if we are to experience the growth we desire.

The kind of vessel you are is dependent on your purging process. What you are purging would determine the kind of vessel you are. If you decide to purge yourself there is grace for it - Everything God has called you to do He supplies the grace for it so it's not a matter of "I don't think I can" or "I feel like I am helpless". You are not helpless, you are just not willing to take the needed steps to accomplish what you are to achieve. Most people want to grow in comfort but there is no growth without some level of pain and sacrifice.

Nothing good comes easy and you can't talk about growth without talking about process and pain. Purging eliminates hindrances to greatness - the book you bought won't change you but the books you've read. Most of the time we try to deceive ourselves or others by showing them what we are doing. It's not about what you are doing or have done but what you are doing about the steps you are expected to take. We all know the consequences of being lazy... So it's not like we don't know what to do sometimes, we are just not willing to take the steps to do them.

The genuine love of God is not a feeling but a conscious effort. You can't keep talking about your feelings for someone without making effort to show it. Imagine if Jesus said He felt like dying for us and didn't? He said it and He acted it out. The love of God cannot be narrowed down to feelings. Most people want to do things or not do them because of how they feel. Love is about sacrificing. Love is to be given. When you sow the seed of love you will get the harvest. The major problem is, that we sometimes want to tell God how we want to receive our harvest but things don't work that way. Most people are about what they want to receive...they have never thought about what they can give...

For some people, it's their mindset and for others, what limits them is the colour of their skin. You will hear them say things would have been better for them if they were born light-skinned. Some would even say if they were born in England or Canada, things would have been better. Your location or skin colour won't matter if you lacked the desire to be better and work towards it. Not many people would care about your skin colour when you have results to prove it.

There are some terrible ways people think too but I won't blame them entirely because what we have seen and experienced shaped us into who we are but the truth is, not everyone who says hello to you wants to sleep with you. Not everyone who compliments your dress has a secret crush on you. Sometimes we just have to purge our minds of negative thoughts and have a bit of an open mind so we can understand certain things better.

So, how do you purge yourself? I would be sharing 4 steps on how we can purge ourselves... I would be sharing these points in the next post.

...to be continued...

Thank you for your time.

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