The Built Church

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Jesus saw the system and structure the synagogue operated on in his days and waved his head in dissatisfaction, then he bragged "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail".

That statement was an open challenge to the gates of hell and they took it personal. Few years later, as he grew in fame, hell thought, if we leave this man he will build that church that we can't stand. While they were thinking that the church Jesus meant was a physical structure with concrete and sand, Jesus was actually done building men with His word.

God's structure to pull down the gates of Hell is man but this man must be well equipped with God's word so that he can become God's dream church.

The gates of hell is actually access points through which hell(darkness) enters into men. God needs us to pull down those gates and build His gates that will lead to the massive civilization of the earth realm by Zion

The strength, zeal, knowledge and wisdom needed to pull down the gates of hell can only be seen in God's word. So what qualifies one a useful staff of this plan of God is equipment by God's word.

Little wonder Paul told Timothy during a mentorship session "study to show yourself approved a work man that needed not to be ashamed....", This implies that the approval needed for life and ministry is dependent on your study life and once this approval isn't secured then shame is assured.

I study
I pray
I pull down the gates of hell
I receive approval by the word
I am God's desired church

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