How can I turn something bad into good?

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A good attitude towards the different things that can happen to us in life, will help us to turn the bad into something good. It all depends on your attitude and mentality towards the different events that happen to you, whether they are good or bad. When something bad happens and we allow negative thoughts to flow freely, this can hinder our state of mind and can pull us down into chaos and failure. If something unwanted happens in our lives, we must immediately state positive words, in which we can say, "Yes, I can handle this". Positive thinking will send an important message to our emotional state that will help us gain strength, courage and energy to face the unfortunate event that has happened to us with optimism. The apostle Paul, knew how to say:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. "Philippians 4:13"

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I knew a great friend who worked in an important company in my country. The man was very intelligent and added value to the management of his work, which allowed the company to increase its profits. However, with the passage of time and the economic crisis, the company downsized and my friend was laid off. At first, the bad news of his dismissal distressed him for a short time, until my friend made the decision to turn the bad news into a great opportunity to form his own company. The truth is that he teamed up with other people and set up a business, which has been very prosperous.

At present, the small business has been growing and my friend has had the opportunity to achieve personal and business development, which places him as an intelligent and successful person in the national market.

If we grieve over the bad things that happen to us and let negative thoughts continually take possession of our mind, we will never see the great opportunities that we can get from something that apparently has been bad for us.
Your attitude will determine the success of the next step you have left in your life.

I remember that my mother's bad news, product of a terminal cancer, was not at first easy to assimilate, however, her days of peace with the Lord while the disease progressed, gave me to understand that she was resting in the arms of the Lord and her conviction of knowing where she was going, was what made me accept that her death was nothing more than an early encounter with God. No one wants to lose a loved one, however, faith in God gives us enough strength and the ability to face complex situations and extract from them, the best lessons to turn them into opportunities for victory. Knowing now that my mother is with God fills me with hope and strength to follow her legacy and hope to see her in the great paradise where the souls in Christ rest.

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When bad things come into your life, remember that God does not place burdens upon us that we cannot bear. Whatever may come your way, it is but an opportunity to add value to your life itself, and know that you have been designed to be victorious in life with the broad mindedness of a champion. God will give you the necessary strength and faith required to be successful in the different situations of life. If you remember, what Joseph the son of Jacob went through, surely, you will trust that God is also with you as He was with Joseph. This young man went through many bad things done to him by his own brothers, but he was never discouraged, but saw every bad moment as an opportunity to see God's hand in his life until God seated him as governor on the throne of Egypt, being the right hand of Pharaoh.

The bitter things of life, God sweetens them in His time. Let us only trust entirely in God and we will see that the bad things are but a moment to bring out the good things. Do not be discouraged and go ahead, always trusting that God is with you and that if something bad comes to you, say like Paul: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

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