Steemit Update [ March 31st, 2022 ] : Community Curators for April

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Thank you to all the teams who took the time to submit an application to become Community Curators for April.

There were 12 applications in total for the five themes which was a good number for this second round of the Community Curators.

It was a tough choice on some of the themes as there were several strong applications.

If your team was not selected this time do not be too sad. Start reviewing and refining your application for May - particularly work on getting more of your team members up to #club75 or #club100, and check you have a good diversity of language, nationality and communities.

We hope the whole community will continue to embrace the new Community Curators, and work hard to produce good content to earn votes from them.

Community Curator Teams for April 2022

The teams selected for each of the themes are...

Congratulations to the winning teams.

Please would the leader of each winning team confirm acceptance in a comment below and include their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

Would each member of each winning team also add a comment to their team leader’s comment confirming their participation in the team and giving their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

We will then be in touch to provide the keys for the accounts.

We would suggest each team make a post declaring what tags they will be tracking for their curation, and also how they will be checking for plagiarized posts.

The @steemcurator accounts should only be used for voting and commenting. They should not be used for downvoting or making posts.

We suggest that a comment is left on each post voted to let the author know the post has been supported by the curation team.

How the Curation Teams will be rewarded

Every day the teams will be allowed to allocate one full vote to a team member’s post - ideally in rotation.

In total therefore no more than 10% of the account’s voting power should be used on team members each week.

Additionally each week one member should post a report for the team in the Steem POD community with a list of their top 7 posts, with a brief note of why each post was chosen.

These weekly report posts should set beneficiaries to be shared with other members of the team.

The posts will be voted by @steemcurator01.

We are looking forward to seeing the new set of Community Curation teams in action.

The doubling of the delegations to 500,000 SP for these curation teams represents a further increase in the support being given to the community by Steemit.

We very much hope the community appreciates this and continues to strive to join #club75 and #club100 to help the Steem economy grow.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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Thank you for the selection. I would like to confirm The7up participation.

My discord: Disconnected Rat#8807
Telegram :

Congrats to other selected teams.

Thank you for this opportunity

Thank you for this honor. I hereby confirm my participation, below are my details

Discord: Ngoenyi2#0664
Telegram: @Nneya12
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Thanks & Regards
Nazar Masu.

Thank you for the vote of confidence! I would like to confirm my participation in The7up.
@disconnect, the excitement is running high!

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Thanks & Regards
Nazar Masu.

Congratulations dear Rat and the whole team, keep serving great job 🥳🥳🥳

Congratulations to your team. I wish you all a successful tenure.

Great work @disconnect.
Count me in.

Congratulations my friend @disconnect

Excellent team, I wish you success.

Congratulations! @disconnect and your team :)

I accept the role of Lifestyle Curator for the month of April.

Discord: event-horizon#5635

CC: @alee75, @chriddi, @o1eh, @the-gorilla, @willeusz, @whyshy

Congratulations friend @event-horizon

Excellent team along with friend @the-gorilla and other colleagues, I wish you success.

Thank you 🙂

Thank you @adeljose (:

I accept the role of Lifestyle Curator for the month of April.



Discord: Chriddi#0350

I also accept and echo @willeusz's thanks 👍🏼

My Discord: the-gorilla#4289

Safe. Hopefully will be able to work optimally for the development of #steemit

Thank you very much for this opportunity

My discord: Willeusz#2348

Congratulations sir 👏

Thank you very much! 😊🙏🏼

I approve. My pleasure. 👍
Discord: whyhsy#2050

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Discord : alee75#9065
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Thanks & Regards
Nazar Masu.

Congratulations Ma'am.

Thank you.

Congratulations and all the best
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Thanks & Regards
Nazar Masu.

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

It's a pleasure for me to be able to participate in the curator team in April.
Thank you @stemmitblog and the rest of the steemit team who have entrusted us with curation duties.


To the entire curator team selected for April, especially the industrious seven team (@vvarishayy, @chant , @franyeligonzalez, @goodybest , @ispin , @leonelb) and World Smile Project Team (@irawandedy, @klen.civil)

Thank you very much, of course I accept this great commitment, happy to belong to this team. I will do a great job 😃

Felicidades a todos el equipo, que tengan mucho éxitos y bendiciones.!🎉🎉🎉

Thanks you dear

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Thanks & Regards
Nazar Masu.

Thanks you so much! It feels great to be working with great personality like you. We will definitely make @steemitblog proud of us.

I am very happy to be included in this group. Congratulations my friends. Also, congratulations to all the winning groups. 🤗
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Thanks & Regards
Nazar Masu.

It will be a pleasure to work with you and the rest of the team, I am sure it will become a wonderful experience.

#affable #venezuela

Congratulations to all the teams👍especially @heriadi @kiwiscanfly @cindicam and @klen.civil. I know they will do an excellent job as always,they are a role model .

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

thank you so much my friend

Congratulations! @heriadi and your team

Hello @jyoti-thelight,
Thank you my friend
Congratulations also to you and your team, they are great people.

Thank you very much

I would like to congratulate all the selected teams and especially the member of Finance & Technology curation team and i would remind them again that choosing them is more of a task than an honor. Let us assume this responsibility.

Discord: kouba01#2216

Cc- @fredquantum, @irawandedy, @nane15, @pelon53, @shemul21, @chiabertrand

Hopefully we can continue to improve the quality of curation services


Thank you, @kouba01. We are aware of the big task ahead and will be diligent in performing the duty. Congratulations, leader.

God bless you @kouba01. thanks once more @steemitblog for this wanderfull opportunity

My Telegram: @Chiabertrand

My Discord:: chiabertrand#3709

Thank you for this wanderfull opportunity to continue to be growing on this platform. More successes and blessings to all the winners

Congratulations to all of my team members. Also, congratulations to the other selected teams. Happy steeming.

My Discord- Shemul21#7668

We have improved and will continue to do so, let's strive together for the community. Thank you for your work as a leader @kouba01 and congratulations to all!

Gracias a nuestro líder @kouba01 que lo ha hecho muy bien y mi agradecimiento a @fredquantum por su apoyo. Cada día daré lo mejor. Felicidades al resto del equipo

I'm glad your mission continues :) we will continue to produce content to help you :)

Well done Team 7up and congratulations to all those who have entered. In my eyes you are all winners!

Thank you for tracking us this April

Cc @disconnect @haidermehdi, @harferri, @kiwiscanfly, @ngoenyi, @patjewell

For my best team on WSP, I said congratulations to @heriadi and @irawandedy

Wonderful team, 7up on the move

Excellent work Team7UP

Congratulations to the "THE7UP" Team, this is a Great Team, Good work everyone to do Curation and I'm glad to see You Boss in this team.

Congratulations bro 😊 @klen.civil

Thanks sist

Congratulations to the "THE7UP" Team, good work on Curating and good luck Brother.

Congratulations to all the team members. I wish you greatness in your role.


Here we go! Thank you for making me part of The7up!

Congratulations 😊

Hallo Steemit Team

We very much hope the community appreciates this and continues to strive to join #club75 and #club100 to help the Steem economy grow

Überzeugung kann man nicht kaufen , jeder weis was eine gekaufte Überzeugung Wert ist❗️
Nichts anderes ist ihre #clubparty #club50-100 wie Überzeugung kaufen❗️

You can't buy conviction, everyone knows what a purchased conviction is worth❗️

Nothing else is your #clubparty #club50-100 like buying conviction❗️


Hey Atego,
es geht (mittlerweile) um viel mehr als "gekaufte Loyalität".
Selbstverständlich gibt es die schwarzen Schafe, die du prophezeist - leider zu Hauf.
Aber es gibt auch viele User (besonders jene, die nach der Fork aufgetaucht sind), die gar nicht wissen, weshalb ein PowerUp wichtig ist. Erst, wenn sie das verstanden haben, können sie sich am Mikro-Ecosystem beteiligen: Geben und Nehmen. Eben nicht nur Nehmen - mit gewachsener (aufgepowerter) Stärke durch Geben für gemeinsames Wachstum sorgen.
Diese Clubs forcieren eine Selbstverständlichkeit, die nicht für jeden eine ist. Insofern ist da durchaus eine gute Absicht hinter.
@moecki's Post stellt diese sehr gut dar, ohne die Clubs in den Fokus zu setzen:
Und demnächst werde ich auch noch etwas dazu schreiben, denn wie du siehst, bin ich in einem Kuratorenteam und wir werden auf den PowerUp (für mich muss da kein Tag stehen) achten. Müssen und wollen. Ich bin da für Transparenz, deshalb gibt's von mir ein deutschsprachiges "Hallo".
Der sc01 votet gar nicht mehr so viel, verteilt die "Last" auf mehrere Schultern. Und die Sache mit den Clubs sehe ich mittlerweile so: Wieso sollte der sc (mit mehreren Accounts) seine (immer noch im Verhältnis) hohen Votes an User verteilen, die selbst nicht gewillt sind, andere von ihrer SP profitieren zu lassen?

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Chriddi mal ehrlich ich hatte mit social media nichts am Hut vor dem steem wenn einer nicht schnallt das mehr SP ein höheres Vote und mehr Rewards ergeben ist er falsch hier dafür muss ich aber niemanden Zucker in den Allerwertesten schieben . Ich fülle mich hier wie im Kindergarten !
Wenn jemand bezahlt werden muss um aufzubauen ist er falsch hier nochmal was ein KINDERGARTEN ❗️
das ist der selbe Maßstab nach dem heute Kinder Verzogen werden die bekommen auch noch mit 10 den Arsch abgeputzt . Und die Eltern wunderen sich das sie nicht laufen lernen

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

ich hatte mit social media nichts am Hut vor dem steem

Ich auch nicht. "Damals" war "Social Media" aber noch nachvollziehbar, da der ursprüngliche Ansatz - "rewarding good content" - noch nachvollziehbar war (na ja, nicht überall, aber bei etwas Interesse konnte man rasch schnallen, wie der Hase läuft). Wäre es nicht so gewesen, wäre ich keine zwei Wochen hier geblieben...

wenn einer nicht schnallt das mehr SP ein höheres Vote und mehr Rewards ergeben ist er falsch hier

Tja. Das sehe ich zwar auch so, aber da sind wir in der Minderheit. Nicht, weil die (neueren) User zu blöd sind, sondern weil sie kaum noch gute Vorbilder haben. Und keine "Lehrer". Wo gibt's denn noch "Erklärbeiträge"? Die User kommen an, sehen das $ und schon verklebt es ihnen die Augen. "Ich poste und werde reich", scheint mir momentan in erster Linie die Denke zu sein. Dass man dafür auch etwas tun muss (wenn man denn kein eigenes Kapital mitbringt - und selbst dann läuft's ja nicht von alleine), sagt ihnen niemand mehr und kaum jemand ist bereit, das selbst herauszufinden.

Zucker in den Allerwertesten schieben

So würde ich es nicht bezeichnen. Ich denke, der sc hat die Wirkung der ganz hohen Votes unterschätzt. Insofern ist es gut, wenn er den Ball flacher hält, in erster Linie die überprüften Community-Accounts votet und ansonsten den riesigen Stake ein wenig verteilt. Mit den Votes der neuen Curation-Teams bewegen wir uns dann doch schonmal in etwas realistischeren Gefilden.
Sieh die Clubs doch einfach (war definitiv nicht immer so, die haben sich aber entwickelt) als eine Art "Erziehungsmaßnahme", die da sagt: "Power up, um mit deinen Rewards andere zu unterstützen. Dafür bekommst du etwas - um dies wieder in das unterstützende System hineinzugeben."
Ja, Atego, das war "für uns" einst selbstverständlich, das ist es aber nicht mehr. Und ich gebe dir recht, wenn du sagst, dass der sc01 zu dieser Entwicklung beigetragen hat, weil er als ins Blogging-Geschehen eingreifender (Monopol)Wal vielen Usern utopische Flausen in den Kopf gesetzt hat. So ist es aber nun mal gelaufen. Jetzt werden kleinere Brötchen gebacken, was man nur unterstützen kann.


Jo! Nenn mir bitte einen aktiven Deutschen, der nach der Fork gekommen ist und diese gelesen hat! Und? Wie sieht's mit anderen Usern aus, die der "Hier-wirst-du-reich-Lawine" angehören? Siehste... 😉

Vielleicht sollte Steemit eine Art Eingangstest entwickeln: Der Account wird erst freigeschaltet, wenn du diverse Fragen zum White Paper beantwortet hast... 😎

With a grateful heart, we appreciate the trust the Steemit team has in our team. It's a great pleasure to be returning as curators for the theme "Finance & Technology", thanks to @steemitblog.

We hereby pledge to continue performing our duties diligently and improve in every area that needs to be refined. On behalf of the rest of the team members, @irawandedy, @nane15, @pelon53, @shemul21, @chiabertrand led by @kouba01, we say thank you.

I congratulate all other selected teams and I hope you will give it your best. #Steem-on.


Congratulations to the [Steem Growth] Curator Team by The7up!

Great team @disconnect, @haidermehdi, @harferri, @kiwiscanfly, @klen.civil, @ngoenyi, @patjewell

Thank you so much

You're welcome. Glad to see your team is on the winners list. I will try again in the future with a stronger team.

Sure, there will always be an opportunity for everyone to win. Just build a strong team and stand a chance. Thank you once again, thank you so much

Nice to know people who have high loyalty to #steemit like you Sis @ngoenyi. Hopefully it can work well for the development of society.

All of us are doing our part. Let's keep doing our best, things will always turn out well. I appreciate the compliment

Wow.. congratulations to everyone specially to WSP Family @heriadi @klen.civil and @irawandedy

WSP and the rest of the community are so proud of you..cheersss👏👏

Thanks brother

Your welcome brother 🙏❤️


Your welcome sir.

Terimakasih atas kepercayaan dan dukungan kembali menjadi tim kurasi dengan tema Finance & Technology - finance, business, crypto, science, technology, computing.

Selamat kepada semua sahabat yang terpilih

Selamat kepada Tim tema Technologi - Finance", selamat berkerja melakukan kurasi dan Sukses selalu untuk Anda. Selamat menunaikan Ibadah Puasa.

First of all The team industrious seven showing gratitude to the steemit team for trusting and choosing us.

Congratulations to all the selected leaders and members. We will work to spread the voting support in the system.

Our team @chant, @franyeligonzalez, @goodybest, @heriadi, @ispin, and @leonelb are accepting the role for the curators.

Thank you for the honor.

My discord: vvarishayy#3781

Congratulations to all the leaders and members who have been selected in the curation team.

Thank you very much, of course I accept this great commitment, happy to belong to this team. I will do a great job 😃

Confirming my participation.

discord: franyeligonzalez#5807

telegram: franyeli gonzalez

Congratulations 🎉👏 to all the selected teams and more especially my team the industrous 7! Thank you @steemitblog we will give in our very best and work with no negligence. I accepted this role and here goes my contact 👇

Discord: goodybest#9285


Special appreciation to steemit team for selecting this team as curators. I appreciate our leader @vvarishayy for her effort to bring us together as a team. I am ready to serve and I congratulate all other team leaders and members.
My discord: chant#9602

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Thank you to all teams.
industrious seven team will work optimally


Regards @heriadi

Congratulations dear @vvarishayy wish you good luck and success as curator.

Thank you!

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Thank you for establishing this group and accepting us as well. We became a very good team. glad i'm with you

my discord address



Thank you very much for selecting our team, we will follow all the rules and make the best possible effort to do an excellent job.

Congratulations to the rest of the selected teams.

Discord: leonelb#6038

Telegram: @blueee55

#affable #venezuela

Thank you so much @steemitblog for reconsidering our team.
I congratulate and give my best wishes to all the selected teams.

I congratulate my teammates, @shohana1, @jyoti-thelight, @nishadi89, @cindycam, @alena-vladi, @eliany who put their endless efforts into this responsibility.

Being the team leader of the ''THE PERFECT SEVEN'' team, I hereby accept this responsibility of community curators for the month of April.

Discord: janemorane 🧚🏻♀#6505

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Thank you our loving team leader, we are with you together to carry out the responsibility successfully, congratulations to all of us and to all the teams.

My telegram

Thank you, dear!
Congratulation on your endless efforts.

I salute your efforts dear team leader Jane, your sleepless nights are not wasted!
Alhamdulillah, I'm feeling really very blessed to be a part of perfect seven team! Will keep serving our honest job InshaAllah Ameen!

My discord :

Thank you so much, my friend, and congratulations!

Congratulations to The Perfect Seven. Best of luck in your duty.

Thank you so much 😊


The Venezolanos Steem community (Hive-108800) has a lot to offer in the arts.

Success to the whole team!

Thank you!
We will look into it for sure

Congratulations! to jane and our team, we carry forward our responsibilities.
My Discord : @jyoti-thelight#6650 Telegram :-

Thank you our dear team leader Jane and thank you my wonderful team for being together!
Discord Alena Vladi#7585

Thank you so much dear friend!

This is really good news. We are selected again. I am very happy. And many thanks to the steemit team. 🤗❤❤

Discord - nishadi89#3276

Congratulations to you guys

Thank you dear!

You're welcome

Congratulations Jane 😍❤️

Thank you so much love, congratulations to you too ❤️

Hello, congratulations to all the teams and ours. Delighted to continue with you in this role.

My discord: cindycam#3361

My Telegram:

Always ready for work in this month of April 2022.

Thank you for the opportunity, I accept the role of art curator and I'll do my best.
Discord : @jyoti-thelight#6650 Telegram :-

Congratulations @event-horizon, @alee75, @chriddi, @o1eh, @the-gorilla, @willeusz, @whyshy
Wish y'all wonderful and successful tenure

Thank you 🙏🏼

Thank you 👍🏼

Thank you.

Thank you ..🙏

Thank you so much dear Sis. It's a responsibility that we will must accept and discharge with utmost good faith

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much sis ❤

Thank you ❣️

Thank you (:

Thank you so much

Thanks to the @steemitblog team for continuing to trust us, we will be trying much harder and we are fully committed to continue doing so.

And thanks to all of you guys for your great work, especially to the leader @kouba01 who has always handled everything in the best way possible.


  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Congratulations to the new Community Curation teams.
Special congratulations to @kouba01, @chiabertrand, @fredquantum, @irawandedy,
@nane15, @pelon53, @shemul21. You guys will be reading a lot from me.

Thanks a lot, we'll be glad reading quality contents from you


Thank you so much steemit team (@steemitblog)
for appreciating our efforts or contribution. Would love to hold our reputation as an ideal curator InshaAllah. Will keep serving our honest job to steemit.

Congratulations my all teammates, love you all. Our bonding is our strength ❤️💕💗

My humble request to @steemitblog to correct my username please. Its @shohana1 thank you, stay blessed 😇

A big congratulations to all the selected teams, most especially to my team. I believe we will do our utmost best to make this month the most successful so far

Let's steem on great Steemians

🤗🎉Felicidades a todos los seleccionados para hacer un gran trabajo como equipo de curaciones en nuestra hermosa comunidad Steemit y comunidades en conjunto. 🤗🎉

¡Saludos y mil éxitos para cada uno.!👍🏻

🤗🎉 Congratulations to all those selected to do a great job as a healing team in our beautiful Steemit community and communities as a whole. 🤗🎉

Greetings and a thousand successes for each one.!👍🏻

Felicidades a todos los equipo seleccionados!

Congratulations to all the teams

Thank you for this opportunity

Congratulation to all...

Congratulations to all the winning team, you are all set for work, i am happy for you all.

Congratulations to all the curators that has been selected

Wow congratulations to you all

Congratulations to all.

Congratulations to the winning teams.

Congratulations to our all team leaders @vvarishayy , @disconnect , @event-horizon @janemorane amd @kouba01 ....
Bets of luck to all and many many congratulations 🎉🎉....

Faran Nabeel