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Greetings everyone
Today I would like to share my experience on the steemit cryptoacademy I have participated in so far since I joined the steemit community, Before I start with my main tasks I would like to give a very big thanks to the @steemitblog and @sapwood For always being available and making sure things works well in the steemit cryptoacademy.

What works well with the Academy?

First I would like to give a very big thanks to all the teachers who will make time to submit and grade all homework they give, Indeed they are doing a good job. The academy is helping users a lot especially myself, Because the academy has been provided with good lecturers where they give good lessons about crypto trading, Blockchain, and many more. All these lectures are given free and users who take a very good time to read and understand each lesson is will get to have more ideas and can be used which can help you a lot. With the crypto trading, I always follow a lot and it has changed my life since am now into trading and is all from the lectures of some good teachers such as @utsavsaxena11 @sachin08 @lenonmc21 they usually give lectures about trading which can help all newbies who would like to enter trading and about the blockchain some good teachers such as @pelon53 @nane15 @imagen they are helping users a lot with some free lectures where users can learn about cryptocurrency, developers and more.

What's not working well?

For me, I think what is not working is the reputation and steem power required. For a beginner's course like this users must have a reputation of 55 and steam power of 200, Which is too much for newbies who just joined the academy and would like to join the Cryptoacademy. And besides, when users post in other communities they do not get votes from the steemcurators which makes it very hard for users to build their reputation and increase steem power. Users who are very aggressive or seriously wants to participate in the academy will start to use upvote and per the rules of the academy, it is not allowed. And for users who are already in the academy who would like to participate in advanced course finds very difficult because with a reputation of 65 and SP 900 is not easy and I think the heads of the academy must work on that. And also with the #club5050 that is 150 power up in every last month, it is worrying a lot of users and it is very difficult for a lot of users to be eligible since they also have their financial problems that must be solved so they always cash out their payout so it makes it very difficult for them to power up and be eligible for #club5050, So I think something must be done, With the previous seasons users were enjoying the academy because of no need to powering up to be eligible for #club5050. We all can testify that each teacher and the country he represents, Some teachers write in their language, Which makes it difficult for others users to understand especially the English speaking countries so I think something must be done on this.

How will you improve the Academy, What changes will you make for the upcoming Academy season?

For this it will be my greatest wish I all that I will be listing is taken into play and I believe it will help every one.

  • The reputation and steem power for beginners, Intermediate and advanced must be reduced for every one standard.

  • All users must be provided with a steem plagiarism site that most teachers used, where they can check for plagiarism before they post their task, It is very painful spending a lot of time on task, and being reported as a plagiarized content is very painful.

  • Users must be rewarded vomited than any normal post, Because with the cryptoacademy users spend a lot of time on each task.

  • The courses given must be increased that is three courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

What do you think of the grading scheme for Academy posts? And which gifts are available?

For the grading scheme, I think it is good to my liking, And I think all that each user gets is from their good work, And I would like to say this whenever the professors are grading they must always make sure they have done all give necessary calculations that a users will not feel their grade was not calculated well that is below or above their total grade to avoid cheats. This will helps uses to be more efficient in the academy.

You can also tell us what you liked best, and what you learned from the Academy.

What I liked best about the academy is how users co-operate with each other, Anytime users find something difficult to understand about a post they can easily draw your attention by commenting under your post. And also with the teachers, are all friendly and ready to assist you in all things. With the teachers, they are doing a great job with the lessons they give, Ever since I joined the academy I wasn’t having any ideas about crypto but with my efforts and the good lessons of the teachers I now know more about trading skills and blockchain developers and cryptocurrency which has helped me more to understand crypto and currently am using in my life.

Does the Academy inspire you to continue learning more about crypto subjects? If so, how and where have you expanded your crypto learning?

Yes, I can boldly say the academy has inspired me to keep learning more about the crypto subject, The academy has helped me to know that crypto is the future in time to come. I was also able to make more research just to get an adequate understanding of cryptos because I have been able to know more about trading due to the academy and my researches about crypto on YouTube, Telegram.

Has the Academy inspired you to start trading in cryptocurrencies? If so, which ones?

Oh yes, The academy has helped me to get more knowledge about trading, and these lessons were gotten free no charge. Now with the good lectures of some teachers am a good trader who can easily study a chart and make my analysis, To enter trading and make some profit.

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I am very happy to read your feedback, newbies like me wants to join the academy seek of reputation and sp, I am still stack somewhere which makes steemit to be boring to me as I am not getting curator's votes to build my sp and reputation

That is the problem my brother but don’t give up now you gonna get there I was once at your level

Thanks for the mention!

Thank you very much for the mention. Greetings and I hope to see you in future seasons at the academy. It's nice to see that they appreciate your effort to teach, thank you very much.