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Hello, dear Steemians.

At first, I would like to make a brief introduction about myself. My name is Seam Mahmud. I'm from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I'm studying Computer Science at Tejgaon University College, Dhaka. I'm also a freelancer and youtube marketer since 2016. In 2018, I attended a conference on Stock Trading at Bashundhara Convention Hall. Then I realized that Trading is not only buying or selling, it is a perfect carrier-building opportunity with financial freedom.

Image designed in Canva Pro | by @shemul21

I had limited knowledge about the crypto world. But in this season 4, I have learned a lot about blockchain and cryptocurrencies by completing the homework tasks on this great platform. Though my reputation is not higher, I have read several weekly advanced courses, some books, and blogs for acquiring more knowledge about blockchain and crypto trading.

Now, I think I have gained a lot of experience and could be the best candidate to be considered as a professor for the next seasons in Steemit Crypto Academy.

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I have joined the Steemit platform in April 2021. After joining here, I have introduced myself at Newcomers' Community and completed all the Achievement Tasks & achieved the Pro Newcomer title. Along with this, I had made several posts on other communities. After a few months, I have joined the Crypto academy for the Beginners Introductory courses(Fixed). Though I have gathered enough knowledge to work with advanced courses I don’t have the eligibility. But now I am working on the fixed courses and completed 9 out of 10 tasks with higher ratings.

Beyond that, I like to learn about new things that I have an interest in. Mainly, I am good at technical analysis. But when I was trading on stocks like Tesla or Amazon it mostly depends on fundamentals. Then I had applied my strategy to Crypto Trading. I was totally surprised. It works better than Stocks. I am loving Crypto day by day. I have achieved some good profit on Crypto. Buy on a deep & finding a perfect level is most important. I feel like a sniper specialist as a trader.

Brokers I am familiar with:

  • Exness
  • IC Market
  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex


  • MT4
  • TradingView

My trading Technique:

  • Rsi over 50 for trend direction.
  • 200 & 50 MA for strong level support & Trend.
  • Fibonacci retracement for perfect level.

Below I've included some of the Technical Analysis Charts that I used for different trading pairs.
Illustration from Trading View | by @shemul21

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As I have gathered much experience in the blockchain and crypto world, I think I am qualified enough to be a Crypto Professor at Crypto Academy Season 5. And the Crypto Academy is looking forward to the recruitment of professors for next season. Here I'm describing some reasons for selecting me as a professor:

  • First of all, I am a student of computer science and also a freelancer. I have enough experience with crypto from the last 3 years. As I'm used to performing my subjective presentations in my varsity, I think I could give the easiest explanation on every lecture in such a way that anyone can understand it.

  • I've also worked as a graphics designer and video editor on Fiverr. I have well experience with Canva & Adobe software. So that I could make well-designed and easily understandable graphics for my students. And I'm also skilled in google sheets.

  • As I have mentioned above that I am a good learner, I will continue to gather more information about blockchain by researching in multiple ways. And I'll share the acquired knowledge with my students in this community by arranging informative courses.

  • I accepted the #club5050 event started on steemit. It is great for steem blockchain that is increasing the value of steem. I prefer everyone to follow this event as I'm following.

  • After my classes, I have enough leisure time. So, I think I could spend huge time creating essential lectures for my students through my experience. And I could able to check and grade my students' homework posts within 24 hours after submission.

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If I am chosen as a Professor in this community, I will cover the following topics for my students.

Week 1: Blockchain Technology.

Every student should have an idea about Blockchain Technology. I want to organize a course on Blockchain Technology including the following sub-topics:

  • Definition of Blockchain Technology
  • History of Blockchain
  • Working fundamentals of Blockchain Technology
  • Security of Blockchain Technology
  • Advantages of Blockchain Technology
  • Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology
  • Conclusion

Week 2: Basics of Crypto Trading.

Buying and Selling the coins or tokens via an exchange is called Crypto Trading. The sub-topics of Crypto Trading basics are including these:

  • What is trading?
  • What is Crypto Trading?
  • Difference between a fiat currency and a cryptocurrency
  • Different types of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges
  • Trading fundamental and technical analysis
  • Conclusion

Week 3: Moving Average of Crypto Trading

Moving average is very effective for trends and momentum. The sub-topics for understanding Moving Average:

  • What Is the Moving Average?
  • Types of Moving Averages
  • The Differences between EMA & SMA
  • Using Moving Average to Trade
  • Moving Average Breakdowns
  • The Limitations
  • Conclusion

Week 4: Applying RSI on Crypto Trading

RSI stands for Relative strength index that is a momentum indicator. The sub-topics for understanding Momentum indicators:

  • What is RSI?
  • What is RSI Divergence?
  • What Does RSI Indicate?
  • RSI Time Period
  • Secret Golden Nuggets of RSI
  • RSI Swing Rejection
  • Conclusion

Week 5: Understanding a Cryptocurrency Airdrop

Cryptocurrency airdrop is used to promote awareness of a new currency. I'm concluding the key topics for understanding a cryptocurrency airdrop:

  • What is a crypto airdrop?
  • Different types of airdrops
  • Advantages of crypto airdrops
  • Disadvantages of crypto airdrops
  • Tax implications of a crypto airdrop
  • Airdrop Identification (True/Scam)
  • Conclusion

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I’m really grateful for getting a chance to apply for the Steemit Crypto Academy Professor. I am the only candidate from Bangladesh. I will try to do my best in this Crypto Academy whether I am selected or not. Thanks for reading my application.

Best Regards,
Seam Mahmud (@shemul21)

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Good luck, as Bangladeshi i am also will be feel proud when you you select a professor of steemitcryptoacamdemy

Hope you will be selected as a crypto professor.

Thanks bro

Best of luck with your application

Thanks bro

I hope you get the role as a professor...
Looking forward to be under your tutilage for the season5, interesting topics you've got👍@shemul21

It's my pleasure. Many thanks 😊

Congratulations brother❤️. You are selected


congratulations brother.. wish you all the very very best 💐🎊


Good luck, as Bangladeshi i am also will be feel proud when you you select a professor of steemitcryptoacamdemy

good luck with your application.

Thank you.

Please focus on the next task. And remember to check the eligibility of #club5050 before posting. Thanks

Prof I am begging you too. You know how difficult it is to do assignments and how discouraging to see it not graded. Just regrade please...

This is only a chance for you. Please follow all the updated rules before completing any tasks.

Hello Professor @shemul21. Please grade my work. I am eligible for club5050. I have completed the power up of 150. I only followed the update on @steemitblog, that was why I powered up less at first.

Thank you!

Hello professor! Now I am eligible to join steemit crypto. Please mark my homework. Here is the link,


Professor here is my warm entry but not checked plz take a look
Thank you

Hello teacher, here I leave my homework with the label already corrected, thank you very much in advance