Crypto Academy Season 5 Beginners' course - Task 1: Tron Ecosystem

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Tron Ecosystem

Justin Sun is the founder of the Tron Network. Tron Blockchain is a smart contract-based platform founded in the year 2017 that aims to offer an underlying infrastructure of decentralized applications, but with the lowest possible transaction cost and higher transaction throughput. So it ideally lowers the barrier to entry as compared to other Smart contract-based platforms, because simply being decentralized does not guarantee financial access for all. Cost-effectiveness does play a vital role in "banking the unbanked". Tron is the most cost-effective and high-throughput network since its inception.

Tron Network- Block Producing time= 3 seconds Consensus= DPoS

Further, its ability to offer an infrastructure with a pluggable smart contract makes it easy for enterprises, dApps, and businesses to run the business with lesser development costs.

Under the leadership of Justin Sun, Tron acquired BitTorrent in 2018, Poloniex in the year 2019, and Steemit Inc in the year 2020. Another milestone for the Tron ecosystem is the collaboration with USDT. TRC20 USDT is the cheapest mode of USDT transfer in today's reality.

Tron has also progressed significantly in the DeFi space, the notable one being the Tron Century Mining. Alongside the general dividends in DeFi like Justswap and JutsLend, Sun Network offers a premium to users with century mining. In other words, the Tron DeFi also offers a premium on top of supply mining & liquidity mining.



TronLink is the official Blockchain wallet of Tron-- a non-custodial wallet and it links to the Tron Ecosystem or a gateway to access and explore the Tron Ecosystem, hence named as TronLink. It's an all-in-one wallet with all the variants like Android, iOS, Huawei HarmonyOS, Chrome Extension, etc.

Official site url:

TronLink supports TRX, all TRC-10, and TRC-20 tokens and also enables the users to partake in Governance(voting), freeze/unfreeze, testing environment for Developers, etc.

TronLink is an ideal web 3.0 wallet that is compatible and seamlessly integrated, powered by the smart contract, enabling users to interact with the dApps (e.g JustLend, JustSwap, etc of Tron Family).

screenshot (31).png

TronLink: Seamless integration of dApps



Tronscan is the first Block explorer of Tron Blockchain.

What is a Block Explorer?

A Block Explorer is a search engine of a particular network that offers a structured and organized database(easily readable for a common man) of a Blockchain so that anyone can interrogate a Blockchain transaction in a searchable format.

What do I check with a Blockchain explorer?

  • A wallet address is valid or not
  • The status of a transaction
  • Time & Date of transaction
  • Transaction Hash
  • Sender and Recipient Address
  • Cost of the transaction(Actual Network Fees)
  • Explore Genesis Block
  • Latest Transactions in a Blockchain
  • Wallet Balances
  • Spending on Smart Contracts

Tronscan apart from having all the generic features of a Block Explorer also supports token creation, governance(voting), contract deployment, resource management(Bandwidth & Energy), etc.

How do I verify a transaction status, nos of confirmation, timestamp, transfer amount, resource consumption, sender and recipient address?

  • Go to
  • Either enter the Address or Transaction hash in the search field.
  • Then it will display the transaction status with all the relevant information associated with the Txn.

screenshot (32).png

screenshot (33).png

screenshot (34).png
(All the relevant information associated with the Txn Hash/Txn are indicated in the screenshots)



Justswap is the first-ever decentralized exchange(DEX) of the Tron Network. Justswap is a decentralized AMM-based exchange(DEX) that enables users to swap a token(TRX, TRC20 tokens) for the other(belonging to the same family) without having to depend on the liquidity to perform a swap.

In an order-book model(CEX), there is a list of bid and ask values, and the difference between the bid and ask is known as the spread. In a highly liquid market, this spread is narrow, competitive, and offers the best value of exchange to a trader. In contrast in an illiquid market, the spread goes higher, and hence exchange value could be worst for a trader.

Generally, the popular CEXs do not suffer from liquidity issues in comparison to DEX.

In contrast, the major problem with DEX is that the liquidity is fragmented as there is no such centralized pool, the liquidity remains in the decentralized wallet of the individual traders.

AMM mechanism solves this problem interface of DEX and introduces a constant product market-making mechanism(xy=k), as a result, Liquidity Pool(LP) is created in which x and y represent the two sides of the pool.

The product of x and y at any given time is a constant.


So the equilibrium condition is xy=k.

If xy is not equal to k, then the price of the asset will adjust itself to bring it to the equilibrium condition-- xy=k. That adjustment of the asset is known as the exchange rate. This is the underlying principle of AMM-based DEX.

Justswap relies on this principle to create a liquidity pool for each pair where the users are free to contribute to the pool and based on their contribution ratio w.r.t the total pool size, they earn their share.

When you contribute to a pool you have to contribute equivalent value to both sides (x & y).


AMM model exchange creates an opportunity for the investors to pool their tokens and earn exchange fees from each trade. Ideally, in a decentralized exchange, the liquidity providers earn 100% transaction fees. At any given time, the fund is in absolute control of the owner.

In Justswap, every time an exchange happens, the trader pays a 0.3% fee, and then the fee is distributed proportionally among the LP providers.

So when you supply coins(both sides) to a Liquidity Pool, you are entitled to a Liquidity provider fee, in proportion to your liquidity contribution.

How do I perform a swap in Justswap?

  • Go to
  • Connect your TronLink Wallet
  • Select the token From and To. e.g. I will want to swap 63 TRX for 5.5 USDT.
  • Click on Swap. Authorize & sign it.

screenshot (35).png



JustLend is a DeFi Application on the top of Tron Blockchain, a Money Market Protocol with transparent & effective pricing. It complies with all the parameters of a DeFi, the notable ones are-- Low Network Fees, micro-lending, etc.

Powered by smart contract JustLend establishes two pools-- Supply Pool and Borrow Pool, and based on the demand and supply a dynamic interest rate is defined. A Supplier earns a floating interest rate whereas a borrower pays a floating interest rate.


If the liquidity is higher in the supply pool, and the demand for the token(to borrow) is lower, then the interest rate decreases and vice versa. Instead of a daily interest rate, the floating interest rate in JustLend is determined every 3 seconds.

There is a collateral factor that varies from 0 to 1, with a lower value indicates low liquidity and a high value indicates better liquidity. The collateral factor multiplied by the collateral value is the loan amount for the borrower.

A higher collateral factor(close to 1) signifies better liquidity whereas a lower collateral factor(close to 0) signifies lower liquidity of a particular market.

A Borrower first needs to acquire jTokens(by supplying an asset), collateralize it to borrow any listed asset. So the worth of jTokens is the collateral value of a Borrower.

A Borrower can borrow up to an amount (Collateral Value * Collateral Factor).

Interest is accrued & accumulated every 3 seconds.

At any given time, the Collateral value has to be greater than (Loan value + Accumulated interest), otherwise, it will be deemed unsafe and will trigger the liquidation of the asset.

Different Markets
In JustLend, there are 13 different markets-- TRX, USDT, USDJ, SUN, SUNOLD, WIN, BTC, JST, WBTT, ETH, TUSD, USDC, NFT, etc.


Supply Pool

If you add liquidity to the supply pool, you earn an interest rate based on the Supply APY. You will be issued jTokens. For example, if you add TRX to the TRX pool, then you will be issued jTRX tokens. At any given time, a supplier can remove the liquidity. There is no such restriction or timeline.

Borrow Pool
To borrow, you need to collateralize your jTokens. You will be issued jTokens when you contribute to a Supply Pool, then you can collateralize jTokens to borrow any asset(listed in JustLend) of your choice.

A borrower can unlock the jTokens only after repaying the borrowed asset. After unlocking jTokens, a borrower can remove the liquidity from the Supply pool.

Put simply, for a Borrower, the collateral is locked, for a supplier, there is no such restriction, they will keep earning & accumulating the floating interest rate each block(3 seconds) and at any given time they can pull out their tokens from the pool.



Poloniex is an early adopter of cryptos, serving as an exchange facility since 2014. It offers order book model crypto to crypto trading. It also enables users to buy crypto with a Debit/Credit Card. The payment processing partner for buying crypto with Card is Simplex.

Poloniex pioneers as one of the best exchange facilities by lowering the barrier to entry, allowing users to pass Level 1 with just an email ID and password, it does not even require your full name and address. A user with Level 1 can withdraw up to $10,000/day.

Level 1
Requirement- Only an Email Address

Features- Unlimited Deposit of assets, Card purchases, Lending, Futures(10X leverage), Withdrawal up to 10,000 USD/day

Note- Buying crypto with Cards involves third-party payment solutions like Simplex, and they might ask for Identity Verification.

Level 2
Requirement- Complete Profile Information such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, etc, and ID Verification.

Features- Unlimited Deposit of assets, Card purchases, Lending, Margin Trading, Futures(100X leverage), withdrawal up to $500,000/day, etc.

The number of listed cryptocurrencies in Poloniex is more than 100, including the majors like BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, EOS, XRP, BNB, USDT, etc. To know the detailed list of supported cryptos in Poloniex Exchange, click here.

Fee Schedule



At the very basic level, the Maker/Taker fee is 0.145%/0.155%(below 50K trading volume, monthly), as the monthly trading volume exceeds 50K, the fees get lower, become even more competitive & the market maker fees become almost zero with 50 million monthly trading volume. So there are different slabs of monthly trading volume and based on that you can enjoy lower trading fees.

If you pay the trading fees with your TRX Balance, then you will get a 30% discount on your trading fees. For that, you need to send your TRX to the Poloniex wallet.

Poloniex as an exchange facility extends both basic trading outlets (Exchange, Lending, etc) and Advanced trading outlets (Margin, Futures, etc). A trader should suitably choose the one depending on the requirement, skill, experience, etc.

The default wallet of a trader is always the Exchange wallet and a trader needs to move the asset internally from Exchange wallet to (Lending, Margin, Futures) Wallet, etc to be able to trade in Margin/Futures or to lend. So basically the deposit and withdrawal point is always the Exchange wallet. Any profit generated in Margin or Futures wallet and/or the interest rate earned in Lending wallet needs to be moved to Exchange wallet before being able to withdraw that.



The exchange market aka spot trading in Poloniex offers 10 different markets. Poloniex supports 249 crypto assets. But the main selling point is that a trader can trade as little as 1 USDT worth crypto in Poloniex. The crypto withdrawal fee in TRX is almost negligible. TRX market is also available in Poloniex, which creates a new route for traders to make their exchange cost-effective in Poloniex(as withdrawal fee in TRX is only 0.01 TRX(negligible)).


sap204.png is a dedicated DeFi segment in Tron that docks different DeFi projects of Tron, stake-mining, self-governance, etc. You can earn a premium in the Sun network on top of stake mining and liquidity mining. has successfully concluded century mining as per the defined schedule to the satisfaction of DeFi traders/stakeholders.

Currently, stable coin pool mining, SUN pool mining, and SUN-TRX LP mining is going on.

For example, if you are a liquidity provider in Justswap (for the pair SUN-TRX) you can further stake your LP tokens to earn mining rewards(SUN-TRX LP offers the highest APY, 73.2%). Similarly, SUN staking pool APY is 41.76%. has also introduced stable coin swapping. has also launched genesis mining and governance mining with a commitment of 5 billion SUN. 30% of this 5 billion SUN is earmarked for genesis mining and governance mining for the first three months.

Different pools:-

  • 3 Pool LP: here three stablecoins USDJ, TUSD, and USDT are needed to stake to get 3 pool LP, and then that is further staked to mine SUN tokens.
  • SUN-TRX LP: First you need to supply both SUN and TRX to the liquidity pool in Justswap and then you will be issued SUN-TRX LP token and that can be further staked in to mine SUn tokens(APY 73.2%)

Note- SUN reward earned by staking SUN-TRX LP tokens will follow a vesting schedule, any premature withdrawal will result in a 50% penalty.

Types of SUN staking pool:-

  • Stake SUN Pool(2.79% APY): Here you can stake and withdraw any time you wish to without any restriction.
  • Stake & Lock SUN Pool(41.73% APY): Here you need to stake and lock the token for a specified period.



How does it work?

screenshot (39).png

screenshot (41).png

How do I stake and lock SUN token on

  • Go to, then click on Stake. Alternatively, go to
  • Click on Deposit(SUN staking pool).
  • Then enter the amount, specify the period, click on Deposit, and authorize/sign the transaction.

screenshot (42).png

screenshot (43).png


Homework Task-1

(1) What is TronLink and what is Tronscan? What are its uses? How do you verify a transaction status(including timestamp, resource consumption(bandwidth & energy), nos of confirmations) using Tronscan-- Examples, Screenshot? What are the different dApps can you explore using the TronLink wallet? Make a transaction(a micro-transaction) with Justswap or JustLend using TronLink wallet?Screenshot?


(2) What are the different dApps in the Tron ecosystem are you familiar with? What are the uses of DeFi applications like Justswap, JustLend, and How can you optimize mining rewards by staking TRX and other TRC20 tokens in Examples? .


(3) Perform a STEEM and TRX transfer(micro amount) to Poloniex exchange? What are the different markets available for TRX and STEEM to trade in Poloniex? Perform a small trade in either TRX or STEEM in Poloniex? What is the withdrawal fee if you withdraw TRX, STEEM, and TRC20 USDT in Poloniex? How cost-effective is TRC20 USDT as compared to ERC20 USDT? Make a comparison of TRC 20 USDT withdrawal fees with other major exchanges?


(1) Your article should be at least 300 words.
(2) This homework task does not have an expiry, however, you can submit your assignment only once.
(3) Eligibility Criteria--

  • Must have a reputation of 50 or above
  • Must have at least 150 SP (excluding any SP delegated-in, Delegating to vote-buying services is viewed negatively)
  • Must have completed Achievement Task-4 in Newcomers' Community

(4) Add tag #academys5-intro01 #cryptoacademy in your post and should be among the first five tags. And also make sure you post in the Steemit Crypto Academy community.
(5) You can attempt anyone out of the three questions, but you must write the entire Question in Bold letter at the beginning of the post.
(6) Your homework title should be Your homework title should be [Your Title] - Steemit Crypto Academy Season 5 - Homework Post for Task 1. For example-- Tron Ecosystem - Steemit Crypto Academy Season 5 - Homework Post for Task 1

Thank you.


Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are my original works.


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Nice article. Can you please elaborate the need for having reputation score of 50 and 150SP to take test? A newcomer wouldn't have that. Isn't it?

  ·  last year (edited)

Great write up there professor @sapwood, i have a question, what if you did till homework task 5? Should we continue from task 6 of season 4?

Please refer to the following table:-


If you have completed one or all of the Tasks in Season 3, [Begnner(fixed)], then you will be automatically entitled to the equivalent achievement in Season 4 Beginner[Fixed] as per this table. So no need to perform those tasks again.

I hope it clarifies.

Thank you.

if one does it? will he marked and voted ?

Yes if one task has been already published and yet to be curated, then we will curate it and update the label according to the Sl no of Season 4.

Thank you.

Very clear sir, thank you

Sir I just submitted my task 5 and it hasn’t been marked

sir, please why do all your assignments always involve a transaction always, most times, this is very depressing and even for a beginner's task where people just starting of with no funds, you ask for a transaction task? definitely not fair at all and you didn't even perform a transaction but expect the students to do the same? not fair at all

  ·  last year (edited)

this is very depressing and even for a beginner's task where people just starting of with no funds

A student in Beginner[Fixed] can only participate if he has completed up to Newcomer's Achievement Task-4, by the time he completes 4 Tasks he can certainly earn at least 2 SBD which is at the present rate at least 22 or 23 STEEM.

Please be informed that there are three Questions(3 options) in the Task, and you need to attempt any one out of the three. Out of the three Questions, only two (if you attempt) will require you to perform a transaction.

Considering a user having completed Newcomer's Achievement Task-4 must have earned at least 20 liquid STEEM and TRX. So I don't think there is any issue with that if you perform a transfer of 1 or 2 STEEM (or TRX) to poloniex(or a few TRX in Justswap or JustLend) and perform a trade.

And if you still find it difficult then you can attempt the theoretical one. You have both options available.

Finally, the primary objective of the Crypto Academy is to make the users familiar with the various use-cases of crypto (ranging from easy to sophisticated ones). We firmly believe that the Tasks have been customized keeping in mind those things, particularly taking into account the real-life use-cases, day to day crypto transactions.

I hope it clarifies.

Thank you.

Sir do remember one he to power up to be able to perform this task too so the steem is used up too

Please read the comment once again Sir.

And if you still find it difficult then you can attempt the theoretical one. You have both options available.

Please do note that practical tasks cut across the loosely defined thing of theoretical concepts. The idea of the crypto academy is not about the rewards primarily, nether it is a number game of labels Beginner[1,2,3,....,10]. At the end of the day, the real value of the Academy is how many users are getting familiar with the real use-cases with real transactions.

Still, the Beginner tier fixed is not hardwired to practical task only, it's a combination of both.

I would repeat again-- You have both options available[Practical as well as theoretical, it is up to the participant which one to attempt]. Let that sink in.

Thank you.

Alright then thank you. I do get your point to an extent
my task 5 hasn't been verified tho

  ·  last year (edited)

Good morning prof @sapwood, I was not aware of the change in fixed course. I just submitted season 3 few hours ago, I want to know if it can still be curated. below is link:

I really hope is still valid because I don't want all my effort to be in vein.

Yes, it will still be curated, if you have already submitted your Task. However, the label will be given according to the Sl no of Task(Season 4).

Please refer to the following table:-


If you have completed one or all of the Tasks in Season 3, [Begnner(fixed)], then you will be automatically entitled to the equivalent achievement in Season 4 Beginner[Fixed] as per this table. So no need to perform those tasks again.

I hope it clarifies.

Thank you.

Hello prof @sapwood Can I start the season 4 beginner's course without attempting a single season 3 beginner's course?

Good afternoon dear professor @sapwood. This lecture is absolutely great and you have explained all the aspects very clearly. I will do my homework soon.

Sir, 1 thing is confusing me. Sir, I have cleared the task 1,2,3, and 4 of season 3. And task no 5 is also here which is not yet reviewed by any professor.

Sir, am I eligible to do the task 1, 3, 8, 9 and 10 of season 4 only??

  ·  last year (edited)

Buenas Noches, profesor @sapwood deseo participar acá en CryptoAcademy, que debo hacer para inscribirme y participar?

Ya cumplo con todos los requisitos

Thank you very much for this wonderful information @sapwood. Please I need you to clarify me on something. I have up to the required Steem Power for this season 4, but more than half of it is delegated to a community and also 2 other accounts, thereby reducing my effective SP and making it less than the required SP for this season. I have removed the delegations, so they can all come back to my account, but it will take days to reflect. Can I still take part in this season 4 despite my delegations to those accounts? or do I need to wait for the revoke of the delegation to be complete? Please I need your response on this. Thank you.

buenas tardes profesor @sapwood, recibi la calificacion de la tarea 1, 2 y 3 de la temporada 3, estoy trabajando en la tarea 1 de la 4ta temporada, pero aún mi etiqueta dice Beginner 1, es normal o no me han editado la etiqueta?

Hello sir, please review and rate my assignment post
Crypto Academy Season 4 [Beginner's course] Task 1 || Tron Ecosystem: Homework post for Prof. @sapwood
Thank you sir

  ·  last year (edited)

Buenas profesores ya realice mi tarea 1, este es el link de mi asignación. Muchas gracias por su tarea espero que tengan un feliz día

Buenas tardes profesor @sapwood yo delegué a una comunidad 70s p y me quedan disponibles 134 sp puedo participar en sus tareas?

Hi Professor, here's my participation for the beginner's course task-1.

Professor @sapwood i have an SP of 150 and reputation above 50 also cleared all of my achievement tasks. Am i eligible to participate?

Must have at least 150 SP (excluding any SP delegated-in, Delegating to vote-buying services is viewed negatively)

I am never granted any Delegation from vote-buying services. I sometimes(in past) have tried to gain votes as a mode of investment ONLY.

And if that vote make me not-eligible to participate from entering these tasks how can i correct my mistake?

Thankyou in advance.

  • If you have gained reputation using vote-buying services, then it's a problem.

  • If you have delegated to vote-buying services as an investment only and getting delegation reward(not votes), then you should discontinue it.

I hope it clarifies.

Thank you.

Hello professor @sapwood, IAM abit lost,.. am I allowed to start with season 4 beginner's level if I have never participated in the previous seasons??

Yes, you can. But always check your eligibility.



Thank you.

Alright... Thank you

Hello sir hope you are good Thanks for your lectures. Here is my Entry

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello sir, this is my homework for task 1 Season 4.

WOW what a wonderful Lecture.


  ·  last year (edited)

let's get it!

Hola, Prof. @sapwood gracias por esta magnifica clase.

Acá mi primera actividad: Curso Para Principiantes de la Temporada 4 de Crypto Academy - Tarea 1: Ecosistema Tron

Hi professor @sapwood thanks for the lesson. This is the link to my homework post for Task 1
Thank you 🙏

Hola, profesor @sapwood es un placer para @psicoaprendiendo saludarle nuevamente, Aquí Nuestra Participación en curso fijo N° 1.

  ·  last year (edited)

hello Professor @sapwood I just started the cyptoacademy and I must say it is really helping me.. however, I mistakenly started with task 2 as it was the first on season 3 so I am working on task 1 to correct that problem......would that be a problem to do the 2 tasks this week?

here they are

hello, Professor @sapwood. it has been over two days and please both homework haven't been marked yet..please do me the honour of marking them...thank you

  ·  last year (edited)

wow, @sapwood you are a gem in writing. Just completed the first task of session 3. and You guys are releasing session 4. ha ha ha. should I join session 4 or just keep doing that 6 homework of session 3 first? will it be still curated?

  ·  last year (edited)

The Beginner[Fixed] 6 courses are now replaced by Beginner[Fixed] 10 courses in Season 4. So now onwards you should participate in Beginner[Fixed] Season 4. And please pay attention to the Guidelines of every Task that you attempt.

Thank you.

  ·  last year (edited)

Happy to know that now it is extended to 10 home-work. Surely but what about curation. Those who did Home-work in recent two or three days are not curated by any dear professors. @sapwood just asking out of curiosity, i think curation is paused due to new release of new session.

One more question is how long any session last? e.g what is deadline for fourth season.

Thanks in advance @sapwood sir

Those who did Home-work in recent two or three days are not curated by any dear professors. @sapwood just asking out of curiosity

We will expedite the curation process. If you find that your post is not visited by the professor even after two days then please do let us know. We will do the needful.

One more question is how long any session last? e.g what is deadline for fourth season.

Beginner[Fixed] does not have any expiry. We have 6 dynamic courses(alongside 10 fixed courses(Beginner-fixed)) each week and they do have an expiration of 6 days. The season generally lasts for 8 weeks, however, it is purely at the discretion of the Steemit team.

Thank you.

Hello! Professor @sapwood, I have submitted my homework task 3 days ago but there is no visit from any professor please do check. Here is the link


Alright, let me follow up with the Beginner tier professor.

Thank you.

Ya leí la respuesta, que le he preguntado en unos comentarios más abajo, muchas gracias. También tenía esa duda. Bendiciones para usted.

@sapwood why was there no advance notification about this change, I just finished tasks 1 to 4 of season 3.

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Don't worry.

Please refer to the following table:-


If you have completed one or all of the Tasks in Season 3, [Begnner(fixed)], then you will be automatically entitled to the equivalent achievement in Season 4 Beginner[Fixed] as per this table. So no need to perform those tasks again.

I hope it clarifies.

Thank you.

Thank you Professor @sapwood for the hard-work and dedication to this noble community.
Please I am a little bit perplexed with the new development which has taken place with regards to the 10 fixed beginner courses.
Most of us are already done with the Season 3 fixed 6 courses and are stranded for now.

Please should we start-over with the Season 4 fixed courses?
Or should we look through the 10 courses and work on the ones we didn't do in Season 3?

Please refer to the following table:-


If you have completed one or all of the Tasks in Season 3, [Begnner(fixed)], then you will be automatically entitled to the equivalent achievement in Season 4 Beginner[Fixed] as per this table. So no need to perform those tasks again.

I hope it clarifies.

Thank you.

Thank you Sir @sapwood for the clarification.
From my observations of the table I think I am eligible to do the task 1,3, 8 and 9 of the Season 4.

@sapwood ,i have 65 effactive sp ,and some SBD in my account,if these SBD should conveted into sp these will be more then150sp(which is the eligibility critriea). i have copmleted the 4 achievement tasks in newcommers community,and have 50+ reputation.I if i dont power up my sbd ,
Is i am eligible for these courses.

Hello dear Professor @sapwood!

Here is my homework post.

Hola profesor, bendecida tarde por aca mi tarea link

buenas, esta es mi participación en la tarea 1, repondiendo la pregunta 1...

Revisenla que explico algunas cositas extras XD

Saludos Prof. @sapwood por acá dejo mi tarea 1.

Good tidings professor@sapwood, below here is the entry to my post👇:
Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 - Homework Post for Task 1|| TRON ECOSYSTEM by @jhulee

Either enter the Address or Transaction hash in the search field

Sorry professor I am a newbie,can you please buttress more on what an "address or transaction hash"means.
And do we have to login before carrying out this exercise.

Thanks you in advance

Dear Professor @sapwood

Here is the link to my homework have reviewed but i didi not get curation reward, my post is near to payout, please review here