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The objective of Steemit Crypto Academy is to foster crypto literacy, to induce practical intelligence of a wide variety of use-cases in the crypto domain, dedicated to the development of crypto-related education, yet at the same time, it creates an avenue to reason, to explore, and to find the right talents and to reward the effort being put by the participants.

The Crypto Academy Season 4 started on 6th September 2021 with 10 introductory courses for Beginner Beginner[Fixed Courses] without an expiry & 6 Dynamic Courses(with an expiry of 6 days). Season 4 draws to a close on 31stst Oct 2021 (for the Dynamic Course Segment). Please note that the Beginner[Fixed Course] segment does not have an expiry. It is always available for a participant should he/she meet the eligibility criteria.

The Steemit Crypto Academy(Season 4) is being supported by 14 professors in total. We have three different tiers as well: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Tier.

The Steemit Crypto Academy in partnership with 14 professors train & educate the students through various Homework Tasks. In response, the students learn new things each week and earn(upvote) and explore the practical side of the concept. Ultimately it is enabling the naive users to earn distinction in crypto specialties.

The guidelines and objectives set out by the Steemit Crypto Academy will underpin crypto literacy in Steem Blockchain in the long run and will prove to be a beacon of light particularly for the Newcomers and naive users.

Herewith we would like to present the various statistics, tangible data, analytics to easily acquaint you all with the overall state of Steemit Crypto Academy(Season 4).


Weekly sheet of total Entries (Season-4)

(1) Fixed Course[Beginner]

SCA- Season 4- 1.jpg

There are a total of 10 different Tasks in Fixed Course[Beginner], it does not have an expiry. Anyone who has 150 SP, a reputation of 50, and has completed Newcomer Achievement Task-4 can participate in Fixed Course[Beginner].

(2) Dynamic Courses[Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced]

SCA- Season 4- 2.jpg

Dynamic courses run on a weekly basis and do have an expiry of 6 days(expire at 11:59 PM UTC, every Saturday). We have two tasks for Beginner[Dynamic], two tasks for Intermediate[Dynamic], and two tasks for Advanced[Dynamic].


The total number of entries in Season 4 stands at 6185[Fixed Course- 1728 & Dynamic Course- 4457].

The average figure per week for Fixed Course stands at 173/week(approx), and the per day average figure for Fixed Course is 24.68/day.

The average figure per week for Dynamic Course stands at 557/week(approx), and the per day average figure for Dynamic Course Course is 92.85/day.

In total the per day average entries including Fixed and Dynamic Course is 117.53 posts/day.

Please note that the participants get 6 days every week to submit their assignments in the Dynamic Course whereas the Fixed Course does not have an expiry.

Considering 8 professors to curate at any given time in the Fixed+Dynamic Course segment, the average per day curation rate per professor is 14.69 posts (approx).


Total nos of Unique authors in Crypto Academy, Season 4

(1) Fixed Course[Beginner]

SCA- Season 4- Comprehensive Summary Sheet - S4 Beginner[Fixed]-1.jpg

SCA- Season 4- Comprehensive Summary Sheet - S4 Beginner[Fixed]-2.jpg

SCA- Season 4- Comprehensive Summary Sheet - S4 Beginner[Fixed]-3.jpg

From Week-1 to Week-10 (Period, 6th Sept to 14th Nov 2021, Season 4), a total of 1728 posts were published in 10 different tasks of Fixed Course[Beginner]. The number of unique authors over the last 10 weeks stands at 446.

(2) Dynamic Courses[Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced], Unique users and their consolidated scores

Over the last 8 weeks(Week-1 to Week-8, Period- 6th Sept to 31st Oct 2021), a total of 4457 posts were published in Steemit Crypto Academy[Dynamic Course]. The individual scores and the consolidated scores have been organized specific to the tiers and indicated in a tabulated format. The Season Superstar is selected based on the highest consolidated score in a particular tier. Having three different tier, it is apparent that we have three Season Superstars.

Important Note- The consolidated score further probes the Club5050 status(from 15th Oct to 7th Nov 2021) of a user to determine the Season Superstar.

Beginner Tier

S4 [Beginner]-1.jpg

Open the image/table in a new tab to make it readable.

Nos of Unique Authors in Beginner Tier- 405

@wentv stands out as the Season Superstar in the Beginner tier with a consolidated score of 116.45. Congratulations!

Intermediate Tier

S4 [Intermediate]-1.jpg

Open the image/table in a new tab to make it readable.

Nos of Unique Authors in Intermediate Tier- 312

@nobby9b stands out as the Season Superstar in the Intermediate tier with a consolidated score of 139. Congratulations!

Advanced Tier

S4 [Advance]-1.jpg

Open the image/table in a new tab to make it readable.

Nos of Unique Authors in Advanced Tier- 163

@whitestallion stands out as the Season Superstar in the Advanced tier with a consolidated score of 134. Congratulations!

Open the image/table in a new table to make it readable. Alternatively, you can go through this sheet to get into the details of Consolidated Score- Season 4(SCA). Consolidated Score(Season 4)-

Season Superstar(s)- Season 4



Total nos of Weekly Winners/Unique Winners and their winning rate

S4 Weekly Winners-1.jpg

S4 Weekly Winners-2.jpg

S4 Weekly Winners (1)-1.jpg

S4 Weekly Winners (1)-2.jpg

Please note that all the curated assignments receive upvotes from Steemcurator02. Further, each week, three are shortlisted as winning articles by each professor and they receive an additional upvote of 10% from Steemcurator01.

Frequency- How many times an author has won.
Total Entries- How many times an author has published/submitted his/her assignments in Steemit Crypto Academy

Winning Rate= (Frequency/Total Entries)x100


The sampling of the above data is based on the assessment by the respective professors assigned to run their course. In the last 8 weeks[Dynamic Courses], a total of 144 winners were declared. Of this winning list, 80 are unique winners. Their frequencies and the winning rate has been indicated in the table.


Spammers/Plagiarists(Grey List/Black List)




This list is exclusively based on the data of Spam/Plagiarism cases in the entire history of Steemit Crypto Academy.

It has been a long-standing battle for us to fight the good fight against spam/plagiarism. However, with continuous vigilance, we have been able to curb spam/plagiarism of late.

In season 4, the number of spam/plagiarism cases has dropped significantly.

Until the end of Season 4, 15th Nov 2021,(including Season 1, 2 & 3), the total number of unique spammers/plagiarists stands at 354. We have categorized it into two types--

  • Black List
  • Grey List

Black List- The users who spam/plagiarize more than once feature in this list. Further, the user(s) who misuse community curator account to partake in Crypto Academy, the user(s) who run Multiple accounts to leech the reward pool also features in Blacklist.

Grey List- The users who spam/plagiarize only once(so far).

All such users have been advised to correct the course, return to the path of hard work, and are asked to complete Task-3 in Newcomers' Community to develop a better understanding of content etiquette.

Note- All the Blacklisted users are generally muted in Steemit Crypto Academy forever.



We have collected all sorts of data from 6th Sept to 14th Nov 2021(Season 4) to prepare this report.

Steemit Crypto Academy is committed to spearheading efforts in crypto literacy in Steem Blockchain. It is equally committed to staffing, mentoring, training, recognition of talents & performance, and rewarding them based on PoB.

Finally, we also express our gratitude to the esteemed professors, passionate students, honest actors, etc for the overall success of Season 4(SCA).

Thank you.




Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are my original works.


We have taken utmost care to provide correct & consistent data. However, if you find any glaring mistake, then please bring it to our notice, we will correct it & update the sheet accordingly.


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