Check your Monthly Club5050 Status in Steemit Crypto Academy- Season 5

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Club5050 status(last one month) is now a part of the comprehensive eligibility criteria in Steemit Crypto Academy w.e.f. 15th Nov 2021.

An additional threshold of min 150 STEEM Power Up has been introduced in SCA(Season 5, to all the tiers including Beginner-Fixed) to validate your Club5050 status regardless of your payout and earning during a specified period(i.e., last one month).

The minimum threshold of 150 STEEM Power up(monthly) refers to both active and inactive users. The upper threshold is subject to your cashout for a specified period.

For a user to be eligible in Season 5 of SCA, the Power-up STEEM for a specified period should be greater of the two:-
(i) Min 150 STEEM Powered up
(ii) STEEM cashed out

Further, the Club5050 status will continue to probe the Power Down History for the specified period. Therefore, to qualify for Club5050(monthly status), the user should not have a Power Down history for the specified period.

We have prepared a table in Google Spreadsheet to check the Club5050 validity/status(one month) in SCA.

Open the sheet--

You can notice two cells in yellow color(Anyone can edit only yellow-colored cells). They are your input values. Just by entering two inputs, you will get to know your Club5050 status in SCA.

And these two input values you can get from Steemcryptic tool.

Go to--

  • Enter STEEM Username, e.g., @aasifwani
  • Select the date range; it should be one month period-- e.g., 17th Oct to 17th Nov 2021
  • Click on Fetch SBD: STEEM Power Up Ratio


Scroll it down to know your INPUT Values of Google Spreadsheet.

screenshot (23).png

Username- @aasifwani
Period- 17th Oct to 17th Nov 2021

INPUT Values:-
2- STEEM Cashed out- 212.662
3- STEEM Powered Up- 218.358

Now open the Google Spreadsheet and enter the values in the designated cells(yellow color).

The Club5050(monthly) status of @aasifwani is TRUE for the specified period(17th Oct to 17th Nov 2021), which means he is eligible to partake in SCA-Season 5

Once you enter the values, it will display your Club5050(monthly) status -- TRUE or FALSE.

  • TRUE- Eligible to partake in SCA, Season 5(please check other conditions such as SP, Rep)
  • FALSE- Not Eligible to partake in SCA, Season 5.

Thank you.


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#club5050 😀

Thank you.

I am eligible for the #club5050 but never got the upvote.I do post here everyday along with proper tags and all but never got the upvote.🙄


I feel the way and manner decisions are taken are quite harsh. That's my gentle opinion. 2 weeks till the end of last season, the 50:50 club was introduced as incentive to get higher bonus and boom!!! It's now mandatory with 150 SP powdered up firstly.

There's no discord to get users prepared for what's coming, new season, new tougher rules. At least, if towards the end of last season, you told us that it will be mandatory, many users will be prepared for this.

For me, my phone, laptop and cash in my account were stolen, I had zero clue and when I saw it, I followed through with what a friend sent to me to support me in my hard times, I powered 50% up. Because I follow rules. But the way the rules are brought on us, users are quite harsh and unexpected.

I will definitely have to wait it out and power up 150 Steem before I can be able to resume.

What I'm only saying, is that, the last two seasons requirement are taking users my surprise before a season starts and it breaks the momentum and desire for some users. If possible, make changes to rules more adaptive rather than this way.

It's just my humble opinion. Missed writing for a long while, can't wait to get back at it. Keep up the great work @sapwood and the entire Steemit Crypto Academy Profs and Mods.

Pls sir @sapwood can you help me check mine?

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

Just one week ago, @steemcurator01 said that the steem cashed-out must be equal to the steem powered up and not the SBDs earned, so users can easily participate in #spud4steem contest. I have waited so long for the crypto academy to be resumed and now according to this new rule, I'm not eligible for it. WOW.

You tell me what should I do? Keep my SBDs for #spud4steem contest or covert them into steem and power up them all to be eligible for season 5 of Crypto Academy. We can not decide anything because the rules are changing so fast.
It is a kind request to review your decisions and do not change your rules so fast.



Hey don't worry. I don't think this method is 100% correct. You are right we can hold steem/sbd for spud4steem. One thing that matters in club5050 is your powerup in last 30 days should be greater than cashout.

And if we talk about SCA, then powerup should atleast be greater than 150.

Your cashout in last 30 days: 252 << 408, Your powerup in last 30 days >> 150 (Min req amount).

So as per my understandings, you are 100% Eligible for club5050 and for SCA tasks too.

Yes, you qualify for the Crypto Academy, as long as you keep your power up total greater than your cash out total over the previous 30 days.

Thank you very much for responding and confirming that I'm eligible for this. However, I wasted my whole day that what should I do if I'm not eligible for Crypto Academy.

Thank You #club5050😀

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

Thank you, I have updated the calculator.

Personally I feel these decisions were rushed and weren't well thought through. Don't you think this atleast 150 steem rule monthly is a bit harsh. I worked so hard to get some people into the academy just for their assignment to be marked 0/10. Not everyone earns up to that amount in a month that is why they enter the Academy.

Please reconsider this rule, I believe it's a bit harsh on people doing beginner tasks. Atleast exempt them

Grazie mille!!!

@sapwood your uncountable efforts for SCA are admirable. I have few queries , plz clarify.

What if someone has transferred steem from some exchange to steemit for some reason and than transferred back to exchange. That steem would be counted as cashed out, although that is not. I picked it up because I have done that once.

What if someone has transferred steem to someone else and that third person has powered that up. That would again be counted as cashes out although that is not. I am receiving delegation from two of my cousins on steemit and so I am obliged to send them steem as part of curation reward that I earn and that would be counted as cashed out for me,although that is not.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I can understand your concern. Even I have taken a loan from my colleague, which disturbed my Club5050 status, and to restore the status, I had to take another loan to power up & balance it.

Giveaways, p2p trading, loan, etc., could indeed distort the Club5050 status. It would be best if you were careful about those things.

Unfortunately, it would be too complex to filter out such things; it will be cumbersome and time-consuming if a professor manually checks it. Even to code is quite complicated.

Thank you.

It would be best if you were careful about those things.

I am not specifically concerned about myself. I have balanced the equation by buying steem and powering up. It was just a reminder to fix the glitch , if possible.

Unfortunately, it would be too complex to filter out such things; it will be cumbersome and time-consuming if a professor manually checks it.

That's true. But if a student himself provides proof of such things . He shouldn't be disqualified or professors should be willing to reconsider their decision.

Thank you.

That's true. But if a student himself provides proof of such things . He shouldn't be disqualified or professors should be willing to reconsider their decision.

A professor still needs to check the validity of the data furnished by a student.

See, the rule remains in effect since 15th Nov, with a one-month validity status of Club5050.

We believe everyone is aware of Club5050 status since Oct 18th. Today is 18th Nov, so I think it will be better not to do giveaways, p2p trade, borrow/lending, etc from your personal account. Use a community account for that.

Thank you.

thank you professor now i understand what it means @sapwood

You are welcome.

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

okay prof, I've checked it and now I can follow it. Thank you for the notification, Prof @sapwood


  • Hello professor @sapwood imputing values in the yellow cell, looks confusing to me please explain more better thanks.
  ·  2 months ago (edited)

User- @ruthjoe

Period- 16th Oct to 16th Nov 2021



@sapwood sir so how many steem do i need to powerup to qualify sir. Thank you sir

Sir @sapwood please help me to calculate whether i am eligible or not.

@sapwood sir i have powered up 56 steem to qualify now



You are now eligible.


Looking at this, he powered up 139 steem and claimed 11sp from his author rewards but he was marked 0 for ineligibility. Please is there anyway his assignment can be remarked. He did the assignment before the rule was made known. Please reconsider, he has reached the requirements for Beginner's tasks. Here is his profile name @ebereh



This is a completely different person. The person I am talking about is @ebereh.. please check his.. he earned sbd and even bought steem from me to enter the Academy. The remaining sp was gotten from claimed booming rewards and after suffering to do the assignment, a new guideline was released and he got 0



Alright then. Since claimed sp is not counted as power up. I would take it that he still needs 11 sp to enter the Academy...
Who would have ever thought Academy would only favour the rich and affluent

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

The Steemit team needs to show some mercy especially on we beginners, these rules isn't friendly at all

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Very true. I won't be affected for long but the rate at which rules are changed without carrying it's members along, it's quite unfair.

You should start the season like last season, then inform us that from week 5, after a month, if you don't comply you won't be able to contribute to the community. That's a better approach, not enforcing it on it's members from the blues.

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

Thank you professor @sapwood for illustrating it to our understandability.

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

Hola Profesor @sapwood según esta herramienta y mis datos, me faltarían potenciar un aproximado de 62 Steem para poder cumplir con los requisitos del 50% de mis ganancias en el mes, lo que he retirado en el mismo periodo y el requisito de 150 sp.

Me gustaría poder aclarar esta duda para poder potenciar la cantidad correcta y así participar en la Academia.

Sin título.png

marlut datos.png

Son correctos mis cálculos?

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

Please sir @sapwood
Please i am having much difficulty checking my status.
Please kindly assist me in checking my eligibility sir.
I will be so much grateful for your assistance sir.

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

Thank you sir

I don't really get it @sapwood
Can you help check mine?

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

Hola profesor, estoy conciente que en este momento no soy elegible al club5050 pero tengo una pregunta, si transfiero de binance a steemit la aplicacion del contador me lo contaria? Por ejemplo::

  • Si transfiero 100 STEEM de Binance a Steemit, y los enciendo, la aplicacion del contador no me tomará en cuenta ese encendido? Estuve leyendo unos comentarios de @ inspiracion y al parecer hay algunos problemas al transferir externamente, lo que dicen es que no lo cuenta el contador que utilizan

Espero por su respuesta Señor, no quiero perder mi tiempo invirtiendo innesesariamente

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

Gracias por su respuesta, tengo otra pregunta y disculpe la molestia señor, pero, como obtengo el "memo" para transferir de Binance a Steemit? Eh estado buscando y no consigo nada

Hello professor,
I have posted task 4, two days before these new rules. I did not know the rules because i was working on task 4 and 3 respectively.
I have been graded zero out of 10 on my task 4 because the professor remarks were that i am ineligible. I have given so much time writing these assignments.
The rules are changing quite rapidly and it is difficult to fully understand the rules of each policy.
This time the policy is very harsh, as #club5050 is only a month old policy. The amendments in #club5050 policy will demotivate newcomers to join this auspicious platform.
Moreover, the new policy should not be effective on immediate basis. Give at least 2 or 3 days to be implemented. Becuase not everyone is earning on daily basis. I am still struggling for the reward on my posts.

Therefore, it is requested in your honour that kindly grade me on my assignments.
With thanks

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Hi dear,


You just need another 42.772 STEEM Power up to become eligible.

I think you have earned sufficient amount in the last one month, so you can easily manage it.

Author SBD : 14.242 SBD

Author Steem : 107.229 STEEM POWERED Up

Author SBD To Steem : 163.376 STEEM

Thank you.

Thank you professor for responding professor.
Firstly, how do you check this. Kindly elaborate the process.
Secondly, i have checked it on steem world, from 13 october to 13 November, my power up is greater than earning.

Everything is written in the post dear, please go through it.

Thank you.

I have posted one assignment on 13 November. The professor marked me zero. I have mentioned you in comments there.
Kindly review my marks

Post URL Please?

As anyone been able to use the google spread sheet.cos me😞😞

What exactly is the issue?

Can you show me the screenshot?

Greetings Prof @sapwood, please my homework post has not been graded yet and I made the post before the announcement #club5050 criteria.
Here is the link to my homework post
Different Types of Consensus Mechanism- Steemit Crypto Academy Season 5- Homework Post for Task 6

Thank you.

Prof @sapwood,I've been having issues using the spreadsheet,however I was able to get the values to be inputed using the other link,will appreciate if you can help out here is my screenshot


You are eligible bro..
You earned 50.723 sbd
You powered up 670.901 within the specific period (1 month)
Lastly you transferred 165 steem out which is less than half of the steem powered up.. but remember this is for a specific period of which 150 steem is to be powered up every month regardless of your earnings to continue to be eligible to participate..

Thanks you're good,it been a while. Will DM you soonest bro.♥️

Yea am good.. only that am shocked by rules from Oga at the tops..😁😁😁

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

@sapwood Am still having difficulty using the Google spreadsheet, however I've been able to calculate suing the updated calculator...pls help check out my status



Good day @sapwood, am having issues accessing the spreadsheet and inputing those values. However, you can help me check it out so I would know the number I could power up next.
Here's the value


Not eligible.

STEEM Powered Up should be greater of [150, 719.363]= 719.363 in your case

You have powered up only 55.41 STEEM.

Thank you.


@sapwood the fact that you are not eligible for the criteria you and the team set up is quite disturbing. Following the fact that you still earned from @steemcurator01 for your advance lecture. It's causing a lot of controversies.

If you won't buy steem to power up and be eligible, then we the poor masses that are being forced out of the academy because we don't have money to power up.

I suggest you ensure you meet the criteria first and show great leadership or the curation on your advance lecture be removed let's be sure that the rules include everyone

Best regards

Well, before 15th Oct, I was not aware that taking a loan from a colleague and transferring out that loan amount could hurt the Club5050 status.

It's true that p2p trade, taking loans, giveaways could distort your Club5050 status

I can understand your concern, I am ready to work in SCA without a vote. I have done so in S4W7.

I totally agree with you, the sacrifice should come from the leader and the professors first. And I have done that in S4W7 and I will continue to do that in the future including Season 5.

Thank you.

Hi @chababy,

Here is the latest update.


Thank you.

Please sir am not able to access my status. Please help me check mine.

Am I eligible sir?



You need to power up 150 STEEM at least.

But can I still participate in the crypto academy though it will reduce my marks?

I can't get 150sp anymore, I spent all my money to reach this current SP

Dear professor @sapwood , please I do not understand how to use the Google spreadsheet, can you kindly please check if I'm eligible to participate in the season 5. Thank you sir

Es decir que ya yo no podré volver a participar nunca más en la Academia porque solo me faltan 65SP que no tengo mucha idea de donde los voy a sacar, porque definitivamente ahora todas las publicaciones que únicamente son votadas son las personas que participan en el club #5050 algo que yo estaba esperando de la academia para poder nivelarme. Y No se como hacerlo ahora, es solo mi opinión. Ciertamente como comentan muchos usuarios estas reglas se han vuelto cada vez más duras, dejando sin posibilidades de participar a muy pocos, o como siempre a los que más están arriba es un poco injusto.

Estimado profesor @sapwood y @steemcurator01 muy interesante esta publicación y me orienta bastante en relación al #club5050, pero me surge una duda al momento de publicar tengo un status donde califico perfectamente para el club5050 y la SCA5 pero si almomento de corregir la tarea me da otro estatus porque supongamos que el dia 18 del mes pasado realice un encendido significativo pero ya el dia 19 del mes pasa no por ende cambia el estatus de calificar para publicar en la academia, espero que por favor me aclare esta duda. gracias y saludos.

The min of 150 STEEM Power up is not a one-time power up, rather every month. If you keep powering up your liquid payout as and when it matures then there won't be an issue.

And yes if you have powered up on the 18th of the last month and if today is the 19th, you need to power up another 150 SP, should you fall short of it.

Thank you.

Ok comprendo pero entonces esta una hay en la duda si califica para la academia o no, yo sigoen dudas.

Thank you Professor @sapwood you visit my post. My problem is tomorrow my task payout. But I haven't received vote from curator.
Task Link

Saludos profesor @sapwood, Tengo una prgunta... Aun no he logrado realizar 150 STEEM en power up, llevo 40, si realizo mis tareas, no me daran el punto 1/1 de #club5050 pero si me evaluan, al evaluarme tengo derecho igual de se curado normal ?

Prof. @sapwood please i wish to know if i am now eligible. Sir.



The minimum amount is at least 150 STEEM Power up.

it is very difficult then to get 150 steems in a month. I have powered up 100 percent. these laws are very cruel. you can check my wallet history to see whether I have withdrawn or not?

last few weeks I have withdrawn zero steems. getting an upvote is an uphill task, what should one do??
extremely disheartened.

Puedes seguir publicando hasta reunir lo suficiente o comprar los steem en un exchange

Please sir, it would be really nice if you confirm if i am eligible to participate in these seasons homework task.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

STEEM Powerup should be greater of [150, STEEM Transferred out]

In your case, it should be greater of [150, 214.33]
= 214.33

You have powered up 157.807 STEEM < 214.33

Conclusion- Not eligible.

But sir from my transferred steem out which is 214.33 I have been able to power up 57.807 from the calculation. what will be left if I subtract is 56.529.
This shows I have passed the club5050 criteria, sir.
please revisit and reconsider.

Please sir, it would be really great if you could help me confirm if i am eligible to participate in these seasons homework task.

What if an account was inactive for past two months and they've all other requirements met, like the SP and reputation?

Buenos días! Tengo una pregunta, hay una tarea fija que hice a inicio de temporada , creyendo que sólo las tareas dinámicas cumplían con el requisito de encendido de 150 sp, ahora bien esa tarea tiene cero por esta situación. Mi pregunta es.

Good morning! I have a question, there is a fixed task that I did at the beginning of the season , believing that only dynamic tasks met the power up requirement of 150 sp, now that task has zero because of this situation. My question is.

Podré repostear esta tarea para recuperar este tiempo invertido ? ya que actualmente tengo los 150 Sp encendidos y desearía que se tomara en cuenta ese esfuerzo.

Will I be able to repost this task to make up for the time invested, as I currently have 150 Sp on and would like this effort to be taken into account.

Este es el enlace de mi tarea | My Entry


Sir @sapwood! I have converted more than half of my Sbd to steem and then powered it up 100%. Can I be able to be a part of #club100 or #club5050. If yes, then I have not selected in those clubs however, I have posted about my powerup in #beautyofCreativity. Kindly guide me.
Here is the link of my powerup:

Dear Sir,

SCA Season 5 is over now. There are no such tasks available to partake as of now(neither dynamic nor fixed) in Crypto Academy. The Academy is going through a cooling-off period until the next update. Stay tuned to steemitblog official blog page for further updates.

Thank you.

But sir, @shemul21 have checked my task 1, posted by me yesterday. I have not curated yet, Can I be curated or not?

  ·  16 days ago (edited)

Yes, yes in that case you will be curated. Don't worry.

PS- Please note that for Club5050, the min SP powered up during the last 30 days should be at least 150.

Ok sir, thank you so much for the guidance.

Hello! Is there any official source for this information? this is my first time hearing about 150 steem.

Sir @sapwood! I need a favour from you. Actually, @shemul21 have checked my task1 of beginner course submitted by me two days ago but he has mentioned wrong name in his checking unintentionally instead of @tayyab100 which is ny correct user name. I have called hin two times to correct my names but nothing happened and my post is still not curated. I am new in this academy. So, I dont know much about such type of things. Kindly say him to correct my username in the reply of checking my task 1. It will cause problem for me when I will post it again to get myself curated. Here is the link of my task 1.

Thank you

Thanks a lot, dear @sapwood. It is really very useful.

I have updated the Calculator, Please check once again.

Thank you.

Ok sir I have calculated again but still eligible. 😊

Sir @sapwood! I have reposted task 1 submitted by me about 10 days ago. It was checked by @shemul21 but not curated yet. Kindly guide me weather it be curated or not. I have reposted it about 2 days ago but there is nothing at all.

Kindly guide me.

Here is the link of my post.

Prof. @sapwood thank you for the review. I appreciate your effort for reminding us the rules again. But i wish to to make this suggestion that the voting aspect should be looked into! This is to enable some newbies to have the 150 Steem to power up and still have part to take snack. Thank you as you looking this i appreciate your efforts.