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the name and introduction of the project token, and which exchange can be traded on, project/team/technical background etc.


The Zcash Token


Introducing the Zcash token, I will begin by giving a general introduction of the Zcash token. The zcash is known to be a decentralized cryptocurrency which is focused particularly on privacy and anonymity.

On its uniqueness, the zcash token uses the sk-SNARK zero-knowledge proof technology which allows nodes on a network to verify transactions without not actually revealing the sensitive information coupled in that information or transaction.


Image Source

The thing which makes the zcash token unique is for the fact that the token lies in its optional anonymity which allows a level of privacy not reached by other regular cryptocurrencies.

Exchanges to trade zcash

We can trade the zcash on exchanges such as the Bybit, Kucoin, Binance, Okek, Coinbase and others. Some of the pairs to trade for this currency include: zecusdt, zecbtc, zecbusd and others. We can see that on the screenshot below.


screenshot from tradingview.com

Technical team

Going to the project and the team of the zcash, the zcash was founded in the year 2016 which is about 6 years today by cypherpunk known to be a computer security expert as well as an entrepreneur Zooko Wilcox. He is also known to have founded the project Electronic Coin Company which manages the development of the zcash token.


why are you optimistic about this token today and how long do you think it can rise


Why I am optimistic about this token

Talking about why I am optimistic about this token, I will do an in-depth fundamental analysis on this token. The Zcash token currently have a value of $174 which a 1.42% rise over the last 24 hours.


screenshot from coinmarketcap.com

Going to the statistics of this toke as seen on the screenshot above, the zcash token has a market capitalization of $2.4 billion making it have a market rank of #50 on the coinmarketcap. We can see the other statistic of this token on the screenshot above.


how to analysis the token


Technical Analysis on ZECUSDT

My trade analysis will be based on the market structure which is made up of higher highs, higher lows, lower lows and lower highs. In this trade entry, it will be based on the downtrend market structure made up of lower lows and lower highs.

As seen on the structure we have a lower low formation which pulls back to make a retracement before continuing its trend. The trade entry is done at the retracement level.

To further confirm this, I will be using the Fibonacci retracement tool. This is seen at the prices retraces to the 0.38 level to a possible continuation of the downtrend. The trade exit will be placed at the near end of the swing low point level or the 100% level as seen below.


screenshot from tradingview.com


screenshot from tradingview.com

Trade Execution

My trade execution will be done using the #Binance Exchange. For the trade execution, I will use a leverage cross of 8X with an initial margin of $5.4. the stop loss is placed is placed at 17 and take profit at 173 as seen below.


screenshot from Binance



screenshot from Binance


your plan to hold it for a long time or when to sell


My plans on the token

Since I am using futures trading, I do not actually plan to hold this token for a long time. My time frame used was actually the 5 minutes timeframe. So, my take profit level was hit in less an hour with the profits as shown below.


screenshot from Binance


do you recommend everyone to buy and the reason for recommending this token.


My Recommendations


screenshot from coinmarketcap.com

Based on the fundamental analysis seen on this project, we see that the zcash token is a token worth investing on, in long term. The zcash token has an all-time high value of $594 and a dominance of up to 0.13 in the market which shows the token really has a potential of rising again to its all-time high value possibly in the nearest future.

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