Weekly Report as Crypto Academy Promoter : 25 - 11- 2021

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This Week was good as I was able to get some users on this Platform. I Promoted crypto Academy on various platforms and then I added those new users in my telegram group and guided them in that group.

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Strategies this Week

This Week, I have promoted Crypto Academy on various platforms like Discord Servers and Facebook groups. I have promoted it in some Facebook groups through which I am able to get some users this week.

I did a post on a Facebook group and through that post, Many users came to know about this platform and messaged me to join this platform. And then, I added them to my telegram group.


Comments on my post through which I have promoted academy on Facebook group

When I told them about Steemit platform that through Crypto Academy, You will be able to learn about Crypto and You can earn also ny doing tasks. Many people were interested and then they messaged me.

Many users have joined telegram group and then, I guided them about Steemit Platform and Crypto Academy from beginning and At first, I told them to do their introduction post.

And I have given them a particular Title Format for their Introduction Post and I also told them to follow me.


Guiding these new users on my Telegram group

I guided them on Telegram group and then, Some of them did their Introduction Post on Newcomer's Community.

I also guided them about next achievement tasks and told them about some basic things of Steemit Crypto Academy.

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My Invitees this Week

S No.UsernameAchievement 1

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Targets for Next Week

I will guide them about their next Achievement tasks so that they will know the basic important things of Steemit through Achievement tasks.

I will also try to guide them about Plagiarism, Markdown and Presentation Style.

I will take a Zoom meeting with all of them and there, I will ask their queries about Steemit and I'll try to explain them all about it. I will also explain them about minimum requirements to participate in Crypto Academy.

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This Week was good as I was able to invite 10+ users on Steemit Platform. It was good to interact with new users and guided them. Some of them are totally new to crypto and hence, it will be not easier to guide them. But I will try my best to guide them and they will also do their best on Steemit.

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Hello "Professor". I was looking forward to seeing your excuses begin.

I will commence by saying congratulations with the 13 new recruits. I look forward to following them all on their Steemit journey. As you are well aware, I am following some of them already and am surprised to see that you forgot to mention others. I'll be sure to include them in my story, which I do hope you've been enjoying. I also hope that you didn't shit yourself too badly when you were told about it.

I also like that you've called yourself Dumbass in your chats. Or is that one of your recruits?


I was wondering though... why haven't you included all of the accounts that you've introduced? Or are you attributnig them to @arpitgupta08? Or did you just forget? Or weren't you able to get them all on your telegram group quick enough.

Speaknig of @arpitgupta08, what happened to him? He has completely disappeared since getting caught plagiarising content in the Crypto Academy?

You will remember this comment, it's the one you replied to using your @sachni08 account, then realised your mistake, deleted it and posted it again with @arpitgupta08's account.

Here's a reminder in case you forgot...


I suspect we'll be hearing from @arpitgupta08 soon, apologising for all of his mistakes and that you were unaware of his actions. I look forward to this but please don't waste your time with the "Actually, I lent my phone to @arpitgupta08 to reply" excuse. I'd rather hear something a little less predictable and original.