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Hello professor @wahyunahrul. I have read your whole lecture and now I am doing my homework post given by you.



Question 1: Do you think the Metaverse is "the next level of Future Technology"? Explain your personal opinion by showing some evidence.


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The metaverse is actually defined as the combination of virtualy reality (Vr), augmented reality, social media and blockchain technology by which the humans are not be able to only interact the internet and also they can become a part of the internet. In a limited form, the metaverse is present in VRchat and video games. User addictions and the privacy of information are the concerns within the metaverse which faces the video game and social media industries.

Some of the potential implementation of metaverse are there which are proposed in many sectors. There is interest being taken to improve the metaverse technology so that the work production can be improved. In the real estate sectors, the virtualy reality has used for home tours and the expansion of metaverse may expand that function.

In my opinion, the Metaverse is surely going to become the next level of future technology. It will take the world same as facebook has taken. The metaverse will become next level of Future Technology according to some of the evidence I have collected which are given below:

  • The first Evidence is the Combination of Metaverse and Blockchain. As we have already know that when the blockchain technology introduced, it affects the real world hardly. The blockchain is the future technology and metaverse is the one which combines with blockchain technology to allow its development.

  • The next is the example of Earphones. Some years ago, the persons use the earphones which had cables. Those earphones were uncomfortable due to cables but now, there is a technology of wireless earbuds which are operated by Bluetooth and are also lighter. This shows the advancement of technology towards the era metaverse.

  • The third evidence is of Corona pandemic. This evidence does not need any justification. The corona virus has taken over the world from 2019 and it is still going. Due the this pandemic, almost every work went online and it has increased the need of technical advances in daily activites. This has all became very much possible by metaverse as people can do online transactions through virtual and augmented reality methods. This is also the most important reason of becoming metaverse as the next level of future technology.


Question 2: Explain why Metaverse and Blockchain are compatible technology pairs.

The technology manufacturers are creating the Metaverse which is compatible and closely related with Blockchain technology as we have used it in every cryptocurrency transaction. The blockchain project is likely to resemble by going the decentralized nature of the metaverse.

The blockchain is decentralization and the information of the blockchain is protected by different algorithms such as proof-of-work and Proof-of-Stake. The nodes of the blockchain system does not allow any outsider to change the information. Moreover, the Metaverse is a non separable pair with blockchain and anything stored in the metaverse does not go anywhere and remains forever.

The compatibility between Metaverse and Blockchain are described by many terms. Just like the non fungible and fungible tokens, the decentralized blockchain allows its members to get a digital proof of ownership. Also, the metaverse has a prominent of digital collectiblility.

The users of the metaverse need to do similar things virtually. The users has virtual collectibles in the form of NFTs. The example of NFT is the buying of any weapon any in blockchain game. The NFT belongs to you as it is the rule that anything to buy, it belongs to you and no other person can take it from you.

The another thing is that, the metaverse which is proposed ensures a need to transfer a value from one individual to any other individual. This thing or feature is available for blockchain also. We can simply say that the blockchain is essential for developing metaverse.


Question 3: Choose a Blockchain-based Metaverse project and do a fundamental analysis of the project (Don't choose projects that have been discussed in the discussion above). (Screenshot Required)


Alien Worlds is an NFT metaverse play and earn game which is based on Defi in which we can play with unique digital items, stake trilium tokens, travel on alien worlds missions to the planets and also vote in elections.

Screenshot_20211117-230857_Samsung Internet.jpg

The Alien worlds has around 3.6 million players and the monthly active users are more than 700000. This metaverse is compatible with Ethereum and Wax blockchains. It has rapidly climbed the Dapp radar ranking chart and also inspired individuals to create, thrive and share in the social metaverse.

The Alien worlds game has a story of a pandemic ravaged world and for the safety, human beings has to find out some habitable worlds or planets. In order to interact with the exploration of these worlds, there is a need of trillium. The players of alien worlds engage the world by doing mining and voting like activities.

The Alien worlds platform has 4 main aspects:

  1. Planet DAOs: It includes the decisions on spending funds in the treasury of planets.
  2. Staking: It includes staking of tokens to increase reward pool.
  3. Collecting NFTs: Players can collect nfts to complete quests and mine TLM.
  4. Cross-chain bridge: Players can bridge their TLM.

TLM Token

The alienworlds metaverse has a based token which is known as Trillium (TLM) which acts as the mains resource of the metaverse. This tokens runs on Ethereum blockchain, wax and binance smart chain. Every object such a weapons and tools in the game are purchased using TLM token. The users can also participate in voting with the help of this token.



At the time of checking of the price on Coinmarketcap, the price of TLM token was $0.02446.
It is ranking #310 on Coinmarketcap.
The Market capital of TLM: $223,548,861
Fully diluted market cap: $2,445,748,719
Trading volume in 24 Hrs: $137,661,093
Volume/Market cap: $0.6158
Circulating Supply: 914,030,370.25 TLM
Total supply is 5,189,345,239


Using blockchain explorer, the last transaction of the metaverse was found to be done 44 seconds ago and the total transactions done are 18,986.


The details of the latest transactions are shown above in the image in which the hash of the transaction is 0xe8c6999ec2514f05d1a4e24dddee0b7d3a73ee43f04afb4f058ba8f1998349dd and the timestamp is Nov 17, 2021 06:31:49 PM +UTC.


Question 4: Explain the steps for connecting a crypto wallet with a Metaverse project that you chose in question number 3. (Screenshot Required)


To connect Alien world with a wallet, go to the official site of AlienWorlds. The further procedure is given below.

• Go to the desktop site of chrome browser. On the front page of Alien worlds, click on the three lines on top left corner.


• From different option, clcik on the Teleport option.


• Now, you will reach another page where it asks you to connect the wallet. Click on connect wallet.


• Select Wax Cloud Wallet.

• Then, on the next page create and account on Wax cloud wallet or you can sign in if you already have one. Click on Login.


• Click on Sign up after entering email and password.


• After creating account, it will send you on login page. Click on Login and on next page, check all the boxes and click on Agree and Continue.


• After connecting to wax cloud wallet, go back to site and now, click on Connect to metamask. I have opened the site in desktop mode.


• Now, open the Metamask wallet and scan the given QR code.

• A pop-up will appear after you scan the QR code. Then, Click on Connect.


• A message will show of successfully connected to alien worlds.



Question 5: Explore the Metaverse of your choice and show the various features, advantages, and other unique things of the Metaverse project. (Screenshot Required)


Now to play the Alien worlds metaverse after connecting to the wallet, go to the site and click on the start button.


In this game, we have to make our Avatar. We can choose from Male and Female avatars. After choosing avatar, enter the usernamr of your choice and enter your email address. Check both the boxes of conditions and then click on I'm Ready.


Now, inside the game there are different features which I am discussing.

  • The first feature in the game is of Inventory. It allows you to choose your verse explorer.

  • Te second feature is shining which allows the players to choose a mining tool.

  • The third feature is Governance. This allows you to take part in governance.

  • The fourth feature Teleport which I already used above. It allows users to connect wallets.

  • The fifth feature is of Missions. This feature has 6 different missions named as Eyeke, Kavian, Magor, Naron, Neri, and Vales which participants can mine.


To mine these, users require a land which is bought by tlm token. Users should login to binance smart chain in order to access missions.



The metaverse is a combination of Virtual and augmented reality and Blockchain technology. By the use of metaverse, the humans can become a part of internet. Although, the ecosystem of metaverse is not yet developed much but there are some existing applications of it such as video games and VRchat.

The technology has improved much and due to the covid 19 pandemic, the need of Metaverse has increased and so there are much chances of becoming metaverse, a next level technology.

By the lecture of professor @wahyunahrul, I have got much knowlegde about metaverse and blockchain. I am thankful to professor for providing this much informative and insightful lecture.

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