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Crypto Academy / S5W3- Homework Post for @reminiscence01

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Hello @davchi , I’m glad you participated in the 3rd week Season 5 of the Beginner’s class at the Steemit Crypto Academy. Your grades in this task are as follows:

Presentation / Use of Markdowns1.5/2
Compliance with topic1.5/2
Spelling and Grammar1/1
Quality of Analysis1.5/2


There are two reversal scenarios in the virtual market system which are the bear reversal and the bull

What do you mean by virtual market?

Recommendation / Feedback:

  • The student have completed the assignment for this lesson.
  • The student also answered all the questions in his/her own words.
  • Your overall presentation is good. But you need to improve your writing skills.
  • You have tried to answer the questions in simple and clear manner. I hope you keep improving your writing skills.

Thank you for participating in this homework task.

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Thanks Prof for you incredible remark on my post.