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Hello Steemians, we have concluded the first week of season 5 in Steemit Crypto Academy. The week ran from 00:00 UTC 14th November 2021 to 11:59 pm UTC on November 20th, 2021. It is my wish to thank everyone who made this week's lesson a success. We will keep improving and making Crypto Academy the center of excellence in cryptocurrency technology.

In this week's lesson, we introduced trends as one of the basic pieces of information, a beginner needs in the crypto market. The cryptocurrency market is either trending or ranging and due to the highly volatile nature of the market, traders get to miss important market movements due to lack of information.

Similarly, as a beginner in the crypto market, you will always fall victim to buying a particular crypto asset and the price immediately reversed on you. Then you panicked and closed your position only to see the price reverse back to the opposite direction. The truth is that you entered the market when other investors are booking profits (buying at a high price) and panic selling when other investors are entering the market again.

Understanding the trend gives you the insight to predict the market behavior and also helps you to make a good trading decision. Understanding the trend can help you in the following way:

  • Predict the next market direction
  • Capture the next market seeing on time.
  • Avoid getting in during trend exhaustion.
  • Identify market reversals.

This information when used with other technical analysis tools can help increase the success of a trading journey. I hope the information learned in the lesson will be beneficial to you all in your trading journey.

At the end of the week, we had 112 entries. The task distribution is as follows:

  • 110 Valid Entries
  • 2 Invalid Entries
  • 0 Plagiarised / Spun Contents.

This can be further shown in the bar chart below.



Grade Statistics



  • Plagiarized content refer to users who copied someone else’s idea without referencing the original source.
  • Below average refer to grades below 5.
  • Average refers to grades within 5 and 5.9
  • Good refers to grades within 6 and 8.9
  • Excellent refer to grades within 9 and 10.
  • Invalid is for posts from users who are not eligible to perform the task. Also, late entries are for participants who submitted before the scheduled time which is 11:59 pm UTC, on Saturday, 20th November 2021.


From the chart above we have, 31% of the students scored above grade 9 while 56% scored between grade 6 and 8.9. This made it a combined 87% of the participants who score above grade 6. Furthermore, 5% of the participants scored an average score of 5 while 6% scored below average score. There was no record of plagiarism/spun content detected in the submissions. The overall performance is good and encouraging. We will keep putting in more effort to motivate the participants in submitting quality content.

The chart below shows the grade dispersion from the homework task with an average grade of 7.7.


Top 3 Homework Task

Below are the top quality homework task for this week. We will be glad to have different users competing for this position every week as this position is fully open for everyone.

UsernameHomework link
@wentvHomework post link
@zeebhuttaHomework post link
@chentyHomework post link


Recommendation and Feedback from Homework Task

  • The performance this week was awesome. The participants did great in adhering to the homework guidelines and producing quality content. Though few participants scored below average are a result of the inability to understand the lesson before answering the questions.
  • I commend the improvement in the presentation and writing skills of the participants. Honestly, I wasn't expecting the beginner's course participants to have advanced chart analysis. But I was surprised at the homework posts submitted. The quality of assignments has greatly increased compared to the previous seasons.
  • The homework task was interactive as users were required to explore their own charts and make a good analysis on Trends. A lot of users tried their best to produce clear charts which are in line with the lesson. However, some participants are still finding it difficult to obtain quality chart analysis. I believe in them and I hope they keep improving to get better.
  • Some of the participants violate the homework guidelines and this is part of the marking scheme. I encourage every to pay attention to understand the homework guidelines first before answering the questions. The comment section of the lesson is always open for questions on any confusion.
  • We didn't record any plagiarism/spun content in this week's homework task. We will keep fighting plagiarism in the community and also encourage the users to keep producing original and quality content.
  • There were two invalid entries from users who do not meet the requirements to participate in the homework task.


Best regards,



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