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This content appears to be plagiarised as indicated by @sapwood.

If you have not already done so, you should head to the newcomers community and complete the newcomer achievement programme. Not only will you earn money through upvotes, you will learn about content etiquette;

Since the Steem Blockchain is rewarding your post by producing original content that is from your brain, you are recommended to give citation or source to any of your content that consists of others' works.

You are currently in Stage 1 of our 4 Stage Process:

👉 Stage 1 - 1st Warning - Pointing offenders towards Achievement 3 and highlighting this process. All plagiarised posts currently pending rewards will be flagged and downvoted to $0 rewards.

Stage 2 - A Final Warning - Another request to stop and that plagiarism will not be tolerated. Downvotes amounting to 20% of total pending rewards according to steemworld.

Stage 3 - A stronger message - Downvotes amounting to 50% of pending rewards.

Stage 4 - The strongest message possible - Downvotes amounting to 100% of pending rewards.

Plagiarists will bypass stage 1 if translated from another language.

Notification to community administrators and moderators:

@steemcurator01 ADMIN
@steemcurator02 MOD

Thank you for attending the lecture in Steemit-Crypto-Academy- Season 2 & doing the homework task-3.

Unfortuantely, it contains plagiarized content.

screenshot (92).png

Original Source-

We would encourage you to publish original content, purely based on your own experience with a wallet/dApp(or as the task demands). Any act of spam/plagiarism diminishes the very idea of Proof-of-Brain, hence disregarded/discouraged by the community.

If you need any further help/clarification related to the task, please feel free to ask.

Thank you.

Homework Task -3 accomplished.

Cc- @endingplgairism @endplagiarism02

@sapwood - as this person has already had an infringement of the rules, at what point will he be banned from the Crypto Academy?

Yes, he has a history of producing spun content in the past. We don't see an improvement/course correction from this user. In the last correspondence also, we requested the user to produce original content. But he did not and again tried to plagiarize.

Thank you.

Will he be banned now?

I think, Yes.