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Again, this is a very interesting lecture about decentralized chat communication. Professor explains the Status platform in detail. I have learned many things about this platform. I try to answer all the questions that the professor placed at the end of the lecture. I hope it will help you more to understand this platform.


Question no. 1

Give your opinion on the existence of Status on the current messaging app?

Chatting is our daily routine. We communicate with others through messaging by using several social media applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and Discord as well. There is some private and public discussion that we have made on these applications.

In public discussion, we do not need any privacy. But in the case of private discussion, we need privacy. Because no one wants to expose to any of the application owners and organizations. In a conventional messaging application, all the data of our chatting is stored and safe on the backend of that particular application. They can use this data according to their needs. We can not do any things.

So, to solve this privacy issue in messaging, the Status messaging application is introduced. Status is developed by Carl Bennett and Jarrad Hope in the year 2017. It is a decentralized application that is designed by using blockchain technology.

The message sending system of this application is different from traditional messaging applications. Our chat is not exposed to anyone even the founders of this application. Because the sending message is in an encrypted form that cannot be readable to anyone except one who has the private of this message.

The message is not stored anywhere and is directly sent from source to destination without the intermediaries. This is why this messaging system is called a Peer-to-Peer messaging system. By this application, the problem of privacy is resolved. Now, we are secure.

Question no 2

What is the message delivery mechanism used in Status? Give a complete explanation along with illustrations with pictures

The message delivery process of the Status application is different from the traditional messaging system. In the traditional system, the message is sent from A to B. This message first goes to the application database and is stored on it and then it will send to B. This message is only sent to B in a conventional system.

But in the Status application, the delivery of messages is different. First, the sending message becomes encrypted. It means that is more in a readable form. The private key of decryption of this message is owned by only the sender.


Made on PowerPoint

Status applications use blockchain technology that why the message is sent to all Status users but in encrypted form. No one can read this message except those who have private keys to this message. The sender shares his private key with his friend to decrypt the message.

In this way, the process of message delivery is done on the Status application. We can understand this by seeing the illustration in the above figure.

Question no 3

What distinguishes the Key Cards offered by Status with Hardwallet in general? What's unique about it?

To increase the security of our wallet, the Hardware Wallet and keycard are introduced. A hardware wallet and keycard are used to store the private keys of our wallet. The main purpose of these is to isolate our wallets from unauthorized persons. The Hard Wallet and keycard are used to store the private keys of the wallet offline.

There are many hard wallets available in the market like Mycelium, Ledger Nano and Trezor are examples of a hardware wallets. They are used for mobile, desktop, and laptops. It is available in different shapes like Bankcard and USB.

The keycard is also storing the private keys of the wallet. If we talk in the context of the Status application, the card is designed for mobile devices. It uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for communication between the wallet and keycard. In this technology, the communication between two devices starts when coming close to each other about to 4cm.

If we want to make transactions on mobile through our wallet, then we need to touch the keycard to the backside of our mobile. In this way, they exchange the private keys, and then our transaction is executed.

Question no 4

Show the steps to create an account on Status in full. (Screenshot required).

To create an account on the Status application first, you need to download and install the Status application. For this, go to google play store, and search for Status. And then Click on the Second result as shown in the following figure. Next, you need to click on the Install button.



Installation||Screenshot fromPlay Store


To create an account on the Status application, you need to do the following steps.

  • Open the application and click on the Get Started button.
  • Then, click on the Generate Keys button.



Account Creation ||Screenshot fromStatus App


  • Next, select any chart name from then click Next button.
  • Then select the Storage for your private key. Chose This Device if have no keycard and hit the Next button.



Account Creation ||Screenshot fromStatus App


  • Next enter the password and confirm password, then click on Next button.
    In this way, our wallet is created as you can see in the following figures.



Account Creation ||Screenshot fromStatus App

Question no :5

Show the steps for backing up recovery phrases for a complete Status account. (Screenshot required).

To recover the Status wallet phrases, you need to do the following procedure.

  • Open the application and go to the Profile tab at the extreme bottom right.
  • Then click on the Privacy and Security
  • Then click on the first, option Back up seed phrase.




  • Next, Read the precaution and click on the Okay, continue button.
  • Our phrases are shown, we need to save them offline by writing physically. After saving the phrases, click on the Next button.




  • Next enter the phrase number that is required by the application.
  • After that click on the Next button.



Account Recovery ||Screenshot fromStatus App

In this way, we can recover the phrases from our wallets. We can recover our wallets in case of any mishap or future need.


Question no :6

Explore all the features in the Status application. (Screenshot required).

There are many features that the Status application offers. We will discuss these features with visual illustrations. We will discuss all the tabs that are available in the application.

Chat Feature

After installing the application, the chat tab is open. In this tab, we can chat with our friends. First, of all, we invite our Friends by sending the links of our private. We can do that by just clicking on the Invite Friends button. If our friends have a private key then we are able to send messages, encrypt and decrypt the message. We can also select the keyword and search the people that are according to our interests.


Chat Feature ||Source Status App


Web 3 Feature

This is the second tab on the Status application. In this tab, we can connect our wallet to any decentralized exchanges, Defi, Marketplaces, Gaming, and other Social Networks that are decentralized. We can make transactions with all apps available in the search option after connecting the Status wallet. We just select the dapp and then give permission to connect. We will discuss the process of connection in the following questions.


Web 3 Feature ||SourceStatus App


Account Generation

We can make an account on this application with completely different measures. In this application, we can make an account without inputting our personal information like phone, name, and email address. We do not need to put such details in this application for creating an account. Status does not need any personal information for creating an account. It is a clear symbol of this application's decentralization.


Account Creation Feature ||SourceStatus App

Crypto Wallet and Trade

Status has its own crypto wallet. We can connect this wallet to apps available in web 3 browsers. We can create multiple wallets in this application. We can buy and sell cryptocurrency in this application. This feature is really unique. We can make trades by just clicking on the Buy Crypto. Next, the trading page is open. We just need to select the currency pair and then make a trade.


Crypto Wallet Feature ||Source Status App


Crypto Wallet Feature ||Source Status App



It is a unique feature that a status application offers. The keycard is feature is inserted in for the security of the application wallet and asset. The keycard is used, when we want to make transactions. This keycard contains the private keys of our wallets. When we make a transaction, we need to flip the keycard on the back of our mobile phone. It automatically gets the private keys by using the NFC **Near Field Communication** technology. Keycard saves our private keys offline and saves private keys from authorized persons.



Application General Settings.

This is the setting or profile tab. In this tab, all the options regarding the settings of the application are listed. The settings options are Privacy and Security, Appearance and Notification, etc. We will discuss the Privacy and Security feature in the next question. We can change the application theme. By Clicking on the Appearance button. There are three themes available. We can select themes according to our taste.



App Settings ||Screenshot fromStatus App


Question no :7

Show how to connect the Crypto Wallet in your Status account with a DApp using Web3 Browser. (Screenshot required).

For connecting the wallet to a Decentralized application, we will do the following procedure.

  • Go to the second tab and search for an app, that you want to connect to.
  • I want to connect with Uniswap. Then select the Uniswap. We can find the dapp by pasting the link in the top textbox.




  • Next, the pop-up message appears. You need to click on the Allow button.
    In this way, we can connect our wallet with dapps using the web3 browser.


Wallet connection ||SourceStatus App


Wallet connection ||SourceStatus App


Question no :8

Create a new Crypto Wallet account in the Status app. (Screenshot required).

We will create a new wallet in Status app. Follow the steps to create new wallet on Status application.

  • Open the application and Go to the Wallet tab
  • Click on three dots at the top and then click on Generate an account.



New Wallet Creation ||Screenshot fromStatus App


  • Next, enter the password, Account Name, and Color of the account.
  • At the end click on the Add an account button.



Wallet Created ||Screenshot fromStatus App

In this way, our new account is created in the Status application. You can see that two wallets are shown.


Question no :9

Show how to connect a separate Crypto Wallet to the Status app. (Screenshot required).

For connecting the separate wallet to the status application, we need to add another wallet to the status application other the by default wallet. So, you need to do the following procedure to connect the wallet.

  • Open the application and Go to the Wallet tab.
  • Click on the Add Wallet wallet at the center.
  • Then click on the Enter a Seed Phrase button.
  • Next, add the password, Phrases New wallet, Account Name and then select the color of wallet.
  • At the add click on the Add an account button.



Wallet Connection ||Source Status App
You can see that, new wallet is added and connected to the Status application.


Wallet Connection ||Source Status App



Communication through social media is a very important part of our life. We communicate with several people using social media. We discuss our private discussion on social media. We need privacy while communicating. The conventional chatting platform does not provide complete privacy.

They have all our records stored on the database server and use them according to their needs. So, to get privacy in chatting, the Status chatting application is introduced. This application provides us full privacy because it uses blockchain technology.

Our chat is sent in encrypted form. No one can read it except who has the private key. In this way, the privacy problem is solved. There are many others, features that Status offers like crypto wallet and sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.



Professor: @wahyunahrul

Author: @noshi

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Hi @noshi, Thanks for taking my class.
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My Reviews and Suggestions:

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  • Writing procedures could be better.

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