Steemit Crypto Academy Feedback for Season 5 - By @laser145

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A big greeting dear community I am an active student and I am here since the academy began, thanks to the academy I really learned a lot my most sincere thanks so far everything has been fruitful I will speak each of the important points that are mentioned below without fear or prejudice or rancor, to improve even to attract more participants to the academy that I think it is to attract honest participants and who are interested in the programs that will be dictated in the course of the year 2022. well let's start without further ado.


What worked well with the academy

To answer this question let's go to the beginning of the academy in early 2021 where there were no rules to participate we could see the large amount of students actively participating and every time there were more and more students to the point of saturation of the curators where even the curators did not have enough to curate 3000 active people in the community weekly. this is where it is decided to implement rules where this large influx of users decreased considerably. but we are here to talk about what worked in this question we can say,

What really worked was the consecutive learning of tools, that helped us to understand the future movements of the digital market, what are the digital markets about, how to identify scam currencies, scam projects, what are the blockchain and what are the networks in which they work, in this way the knowledge was wonderful in such a way that I could understand in my case most of the movements of the crypto market, there were really good teachers who unfortunately are no longer in the academy and I hope to see them again here because they really are great thank you very much to teachers @yohan2on, @stream4u among others, really taught us necessary tools to operate the market correctly.

so to summarize we can say that the things that worked in the academy were

• At the beginning, good management of the topics to be taught in each course.

• Good organization and execution of cryptographic, digital courses for the users.

• Free of plagiarism and bot

• Good way to attract more students or content creators at the beginning.

• hHigh quality in each article or assignment related to the course in question.

• Good handling of curators to curate assignments.

• Learning is relatively fast and spontaneous and was followed up in subsequent courses.

• Good management in the appearance and originality of each assignment according to the creator.

Having all this clear let's answer the next question and it is the most important in my opinion to improve the academy.


What did not work well

I am going to answer this question with a lot of humility and sincerity to improve the ecosystem and that everything goes better for next season.

Really what did not work well were the arbitrary decisions of each teacher as these were not at all acts to be a teacher in my opinion they lacked some of them pedagogy, ie the decision of the teacher in each task is decisive for the final score and healing therefore we are struggling with the time to raise the Sp ie to reach advanced we had to reach 65 SP so if a teacher you failed a task this will not happen, and students had no right to claim nor were heard by the curators. there was no legal representative in the community to listen to the students in any complaint (dispute) when they were not satisfied with the teacher's grades, i.e. the student spent hours studying to perform a task focused on the questions of the subject that the teacher asked but if the teacher did not like it (something individualistic) without really seeing the effort of each student to perform each task, even though the whole assignment was good in how many concepts and image the teacher placed grades like 3, or 4 that assignment really had no cure nor the student had the right to reply or any dispute.

So I will be very sincere in what I will say in this research and in my opinion looking at the need of each of the participants of this year are.

What didn't work:

•The arbitrary rules of raising the Sp

•They should lower at least a little bit the Steem Power to participate from 150 SP to at least 100Sp monthly.

•The 50%50% was also limiting for many users should be taken into account for beginners.

•Consult students before implementing any rule to open a digital voting system in a decentralized network to vote each student and thus be more decentralized. the ecosystem will thank you and we will be in a true digital decentralization.

•Leaving all the power to a single teacher per course without investigating if the assignment is right or not is another important mistake to take into account.

•There are only two curators for the whole academy which saturated them at the beginning of the academy and they could not cure everyone in a fluid way.


How would you improve the Academy?

It is necessary if or if delegate to a manager who has enough experience to analyze each of these tasks and listen to the student who is the most important thing in the Steemit ecosystem.

•Decrease considerably the Sp to do initial and intermediate advanced tasks.

•Decrease the SP from 150 to at least 100.

•50%50% for intermediate and advanced. for beginners leave it without effect.

•It is very important to have another curator for upcoming assignments if there is a large influx of students.

•Have a delegate to provide support to students who do not agree with their grade. I apply. if they want giving a weekly report of each problem occurred with students and teachers concerned.

•Have and establish rules to be a teacher, put him/her in a weekly test mode, if he/she does not follow the rules, another teacher will be found or if he/she does not have the necessary experience to teach with a good pedagogy as well, or take psychological tests before entering the academy.


What changes would you make for future seasons of the Academy?

The changes I mentioned above are essential for the development of the academy, I think it can improve if these steps are listened to, ie for a large influx of creators of good quality content and out of plagiarism is needed to open a little entry to new members to the community.

Campaigns can be made by country to spread the academy and the ecosystem of esteem giving rewards for photos including videos of what is being done in my country Venezuela at the beginning of the academy held meetings with many people despite the pandemic occupied biological security for these meetings could be implemented again giving juicy botos for each user who performs this time of activities I do very well in public and many of my colleagues also do.

Listen to the student and that this feels like family because here we are all like family teachers students I grab him much affection for each of you even I felt very sad when some teachers began to undervalue indiscriminately each task, and really if I learned a lot I have a YouTube channel called @Cryptovagos where I explain a little about technical anal markets and much more thanks to steemit. is small but is in the process of growth.

If they can start the year as last year would be spectacular because new members would arrive and the rules would be implemented through votes in some decentralized digital network where only appear our user name and secret ballot.


What did you think of the qualification scheme for the academy positions and the rewards available?

The qualification scheme for the academy positions were a little fast it takes some analysis to each user some psychological and also pedagogical test of what he knows also therefore by the great speed of selection it seemed to me that there were people with more intellectual capacity, desire and time to be focused on the academy I include myself in these prospects. the current teachers are not bad they just need recommendations departe of the admin.

the rewards are really low in my opinion to give 50%50% is essential to perform several monthly tasks and get some income to make at least the basic purchases at home as I see this also as a job in countries like Venezuela this really is a life saver and I really tell you I really saved my life definitely I give you my most sincere thanks. and really I am at your service for whatever. as I have experience I am a professional in my country and I also have experience to interact with people.

Definitely we know that the market at this time is low before at the beginning of the academy the votes were $40, $50 even more than $60 per task, the btc was at $62mil but as it went down the votes were also falling I do not really know what is due but I think everything has a purpose. therefore it would be good on your part to explain if it is convenient or not for the ecosystem as this is the most important thing.


Has the Academy inspired you to continue learning more about crypto topics? If so, how and where have you expanded your cryptographic learning?

On my own on the internet i have expanded my knowledge by looking for books talking to very experienced traders in digital markets, looking for videos on YouTube and also i have corrected YouTube that are not 100% clear of some basic patterns. yes it has really inspired me to make trades that i used to lose now i come out winner or at bay. yes i still have a lot to learn this does not happen overnight so that way i have a good balance in the wallet and increase profits on every trading operation.


Did the academy inspire you to start trading cryptocurrencies? If so, which ones?

If it inspires me the trades I have made is with the same money obtained from the academy I have made trades in tokens like Shiba inu, doge, which are very volatile but can also be predicted quite well with the fundamental and psychological technical analysis that this I really learned in the academy, then I always trade leveraged on the Binance platform, with the tokens already mentioned above abecés I come out a winner with 10$ per trades otraves times when this very volatile I come out at bay but the losses I have not had losses in the course of these months. I have won 10$ per trade since I do not have a large capital to trade, but I am always very aware of applying all the knowledge I have received in the SteemitCryptoAcademy community.



Really listen to the students is not bad because of us in this case depends on the performance and growth of the academy gives me much joy that in this next season they can really listen to us and grab the good of each of us take note and discuss it with their partners, I am always active here in steemit and I would like to be even more active I need a task I am willing to take on the challenge of belonging to a community that makes us grow as a person as professionals and thus really establish activities that help with the growth of the ecosystem that is the main thing in steemit and in our community #SteemitCryptoAcademy I speak to you @laser145 and send you a big hug personality to each of you congratulations and health to all.

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