Summary of Steemit Crypto Academy Season 6 Week 1 : Effective Trading Strategy using Line Charts

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Hello everyone,

I’m happy to announce that we have successfully completed week 1 of Steemit crypto Academy season 6 which ran from 07/02 to 12/02. There were 5 courses published by crypto academy professors. All the courses are trading-related. This is an interesting season that many students have joined us to improve their trading knowledge.


The grading is done under the following categories.

  • Entries between 0 - 4.9 marks or plagiarized content - Below average
  • Entries between 5 - 5.9 marks- Average
  • Entries between 6 - 8.9 marks- Good
  • Entries between 9 - 10 marks- Excellent

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There are 144 entries submitted during the first week.

Marks RangeNo. of entries

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Assignment Title

Effective Trading Strategy using Line Charts

The lesson was explained under six subheadings.

  • Introduction to Line charts and their uses as a Trading Strategy.

  • Identify Support and Resistance zones using Line charts.

  • Difference between Line charts and Candlestick patterns.

  • What are the suitable indicators that we can use with Line charts.

  • How to find bullish and bearish trading opportunities using Line charts.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Line charts.

  • Conclusion

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The students were given few Homework Questions from the areas that was explained in the lesson.

  1. Define Line charts in your own words and Identify the uses of Line charts.

  2. How to Identify Support and Resistance levels using Line Charts (Demonstrate with screenshots)

  3. Differentiate between line charts and Candlestick charts.( Demonstrate with screenshots)

  4. Explain the other Suitable indicators that can be used with Line charts.(Demonstrate with screenshots)

  5. Prove your Understanding of Bullish and Bearish Trading opportunities using Line charts. (Demonstrate with screenshots)

  6. Investigate the Advantages and Disadvantages of Line charts according to your Knowledge.

  7. Conclusion.

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The students seem to enthusiastically participate in the lesson. Below I have sum up how the performance and trading knowledge of students are according to my lesson.

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RemarksNo. Of Entries


UserLink to Post


  • The students have successfully participated in the lesson this week.
  • As I believe students need more practical knowledge on Line charts other than gathering details from the internet.
  • Some students still do not have the ability to understand the strong support and resistance levels.
  • The incomplete tasks without proper markdowns, proper analysis, quality images and spelling errors are not given full marks.
  • I have guided students when I see any mistake in their homework hoping that they will not continue the same fault in the future.
  • The homework posts were strictly reviewed as the users are in a trading season and I need all to gain profits through proper trades.

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I wish all students the best of luck in their future Academy lessons and I hope everyone will correct the mistakes done in the past lessons and move forward in a professional way. Congratulations.



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Thank You professor for recognizing my task as Top 3, it's an honor. meet with you again in the coming week.

Me alegro mucho de haber realizado un gran trabajo e igualmente felicito a los compañeros.