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Nice remark on my work but I wish to state that I'm fully qualified to use #club5050 tag. Please I would like you to review the power down process and you would see that nothing was transfered out after the power down process was skunked and you can see that everything that was powered down was equivalently powered up and I also went further to buy more Steem as to qualify on all level of club5050. Please I would like you to make a review again. I also invite the person of @sapwood #club5050 @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 to take a proper review of my wallet to stop this exclusion from using the tag please as the same thing happened last week in my homework on fredquantums work.

A review of my wallet


The day I started power down

The day I stopped power down.

The two screenshots above indicates a two weeks interval of Steem powered down.

The total Steem is 1942.953÷4 ~486 which is actually what I should receive each week
Now for the two weeks I have 972steem

But from the power-up you can see that I actually powered up 984.2 please where is the power down?

984.2 - 972 =12 where did it come from, do we call this a power down?


This is a screenshot of my club5050 participation dated from 3rd of Nov. till 4th of Dec. You can also review this.

Al these while I have been participating and gaining my #club5050 mark and it is so ironical that some Professors at advanced level have been having issues with this.
I implore that the system should take an impartial judgement of this to add up my mark because I'm fully qualified in using this tag.

Besides, despite that I powered up everything, I also went further to purchase more Steem to power-up as to qualify on all levels of club5050 before I could use the tag.
please add up my club5050 mark as you take an impartial review of my account again thanks.

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Hello @davch,

I am really happy to say that, yes you have done the required amount of Power-Ups including your Power-downed Steems. However, we are working according to the specific rules. We have to check your power down history according to the relevant date. For this case, it's 11.04.2021 - 12.04.2021. When we check your power down history according to this rate, it still shows the history of your power down even if you have stopped it. In fact, your power down history should be 100% clean according to this specific duration. (Last 30days). That's why I have deducted the mark for your #club5050 column. However, don't worry, when curators come to reward your homework post, they will definitely reward you after a very accurate investigation. Hope you can understand. Contact me for anything else.


Contact me for anything else.

Please profesor @reddileep which editing tool do you normally use while editing your screenshots so I can download it probably from playstore for personal use.

Actually Im using Adobe Photoshop Program. However, I've never used its mobile version. Im using its desctop version. You can try it. 😊

Ok thanks

Alright Professor I'm satisfied with your answer when the curators come, they'll make a clear judgement of all transactions that transpired in the wallet.