Steemit Crypto Academy Contest Season 3 Week 1 - The Metaverse

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We welcome you to the 3rd season of the Steemit engagement challenge. We appreciate your participation in the previous seasons and here we go again for yet another journey. We are making this publication to reveal the new contest in the community as we look forward to having you share with us again.

The Metaverse

The world has been on the move right from time with different innovations that distinctively impact lives, increase comfortability, health breakthroughs, and so on. In addition, the finance sector has not remained the same, we have many added to the list which has enabled the people of the world to venture into a new finance ecosystem to improve their livelihood.

One of the great breakthroughs we have seen in recent years is cryptocurrency, an asset that has the blockchain as its base technology which enables users to operate in the ecosystem, own assets, and have full control over them. It didn't just stop there, let's talk about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a product of the ecosystem that preserves value for original creators in such a way that an asset can only have a unique owner and not more, not even by any form of manipulation.

For example, we now have many in-game economies that in some cases are more profitable than the real-life economy of some countries, this can be seen in gaming platforms built on the blockchain as such enables game players to make extra income for playing and managing assets in a video game.

Are a few breakthroughs talked about earlier enough? No! Developers think we can go beyond the present stage, what about having a virtual ecosystem in which an individual can consider his/her second world and perform all the activities they do in real life, in the virtual world accessed from a platform that combined all, The Metaverse. What can you say about the Metaverse? We want to hear from you.

What is Expected in the Contest?

  • Define your understanding of the Metaverse. What has the Metaverse aimed to achieve? Is Metaverse here fully with us yet?

  • State the technologies that can be utilized to achieve Security, Ownership, and others in the Metaverse. In your own words, how are the technologies going to be utilized to achieve security and ownership? (Include any components of the technologies that would be of great advantage to the development of Metaverse).

  • Do we have any Gamification developments that look like the Metaverse? Discuss any two protocols and how they work.

  • What are the Pros and Cons of Metaverse? Do you believe in the future of the Metaverse? Discuss.

  • Contest Guidelines

    • Post your articles in the Steemit Crypto Academy community. The participation time is between Monday, July 18th, 2022, 00:00 UTC to Sunday, July 24th, 2022, 23:59 UTC.

    • The article should be at minimum 500 words. You can write more. Your article must be free of any form of plagiarism.

    • Your article title should be Steemit Crypto Academy Contest / S3W1 - The Metaverse by @username. Add the tag #cryptoacademy-s3w1 and other relevant tags.

    • Participants must be appropriately following #club5050 or #club75 or #club100.

    • The community moderators would be leaving quality assessments on your articles and probable upvotes.

    • In addition, your article must get at least 10 upvotes and 5 valid comments to count valid in the contest, so ensure you interact with other users' entries. Do not be involved in vote-buying.


    • SC01 would be checking on the entire 7 participating communities and upvoting outstanding content. Upvote is not guaranteed for all articles. Kindly take note.

    • At the end of the week, we would nominate top 3 users that had performed well in the contest and they would be eligible for votes from SC01/SC02.

    Important Notice: The nomination of the top 3 users in our community is not based on good grades alone, it includes their general engagements (quality and quantity of their interactions with other users' articles) to measure the overall performance. Also note that generally, you can only make one post per day in the Steemit Engagement Challenge.


    We believe you have so many to share with us about the Metaverse, the state of its development, and what you think of its future. Hoping to read your views on the subject, the positivity and negativity attached to Metaverse. We are eagerly awaiting your entries on this and we wish you the very best.


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    It is one of the most interesting topic in the present world. I started learning about Metaverse few years back but started following after Facebook changed its name to Meta. I have been investing in Metaverse projects such as Sand, Enj and Mana. I think this is the next booming field which will have many utilities.

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    Hello, good day to you there. First, the contest's subject matter is cool, i know nothing about Metaverse though. I think the best thing that could make me happy about this contest is if it attracts a hug reward as it requires a deep research to come up with genuine and engaging points. Finally, expect my engagement in it!!!

    Impressive choice of topic for the Week 1 of Season 3 by the team. Thanks a lot for such an amazing opportunity. I will surely participate in this contest very soon.

    Urgent: Bitcoin jumps in digital currencies near a trillion.. a collective rise, but
    Glad to have read it, thanks for those precise datas.

    Am delighted this season has kicked off with an interesting subject.

    I will do my best to send in my entry

    What am i waiting for, am in for research to learn more about metaverse, i am going to read so many entries this time to learn more.
    . thank you for this Contest @steemitblog

    Genial, esperó poder participar.

    Estaremos haciendo la tarea, así que prepararé el tema al respecto para poder participar y comentar a los otros compañeros que se animen.


    This is a very nice brainstorming topic for the week.

    as i am new i start 5 days ago , i also passed my 2 achievements task. i can participate in this class ?

    Wow finally crypto academy is back with a wonderful initiative and great topic. I'll soon participate 😊.

    Another very interesting topic. To be truthful I have very little knowledge about the metaverse but with this contest am sure I will end up learning a lot from the post of users and also from the research I will have to make in order to complete my contest entry.

    A very educative topic for the future.

    Nice entry.


    ¡Saludos amigos! Acá les comparto mi participación en la dinámica:

    Really fantastic post I am really passionate to see about metaverse because here will learn a lot about metaverse.

    Wow thats a good topic. I definately take part in this contest. Thanks @crypto-academy for this update.

    How is it my friend @malikusman1 we meet again, steemit is the best

    This is yet another fantastic contest in S3W1

    Nice topic for the week