Steemit Crypto Academy Contest Season 1 Week 1 - Favorite Blockchain Network

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The Steemit Engagement Challenge has started across 7 selected communities and of course, we are one of them. This is an article to notify you of a new contest in the Steemit Crypto Academy, the first of its kind apart from the trading contests that took place some time ago. All you need to know about the contest follows in other sections of this article.

Contest Theme: Favorite Blockchain Network

The blockchain technology have been proposed a long time ago as early as the '90s until its application in 2009, as the technology behind Bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency and this makes Bitcoin's blockchain the first in the crypto ecosystem. This is an invention of an anonymous individual or group of persons, to present Bitcoin as a digital asset to make payments with transactions recorded in a public ledger.

The earliest blockchain networks are associated with a few shortcomings which require further innovations to make the use of crypto assets more convenient for users in the ecosystem. Over the years, we have seen the emergence of new blockchain networks hosting different crypto projects, most aimed to correct some shortcomings of the earliest blockchain networks or to produce a project with more enhanced features to make the ecosystem better.

Without any doubt, you must have been in contact with or utilized many blockchain networks out there and we believe you'd have a favorite. Today, we want to know what your favorite blockchain network is and a few reasons why it is.

What is Expected in the Contest?

  • Tell us about your favorite Blockchain network, its history, and why it's your favorite.

  • Does the network has some earliest shortcomings and how has the network's team taken care of the problem?

  • What changes do you think would make the network better?

  • Write about a Project that is built on your favorite Blockchain.

  • Contest Guidelines

    • Post your articles in the Steemit Crypto Academy community. The participation time is between Monday, April 25th, 2022, 00:00 UTC to Sunday, May 1st, 2022, 23:59 UTC.

    • The article should be at minimum 300-500 words. You can write more. Your article must be free of any form of plagiarism.

    • Your article title should be Steemit Crypto Academy Contest / S1W1 - Favorite Blockchain Network by @username. Add the tag #cryptoacademy-s1w1 and other relevant tags.

    • Participants must be appropriately following #club5050 or #club75 or #club100.

    • Your article must get at least 10 upvotes and 5 valid comments. Do not be involved in vote buying.

    • The community moderators would be leaving quality assessments on your articles and probable upvotes.


    • SC01 would be checking on the entire 7 participating communities and upvoting outstanding content. Upvote is not guaranteed for all articles. Kindly take note.

    • At the end of the week/month, we would nominate top 3 users to be compared with other participants in other communities for a probable win for the week/month.

    Other things to know about the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season One

    There are rewards for outstanding content creators across the 7 communities, these ones are selected weekly and monthly. To qualify for any of them, let's see a few things that must be satisfied.

    Weekly Winners

    • Users to be considered for the weekly winners must have joined 7 contests across all the participating communities in 7 days.

    • One entry per day (in a community) posted before/at 23:59 UTC of each day. And must conform to all rules, also as specified in the contest hosted by each community. As such, a user total entries would be 7 in a week after entering contests in all the participating communities

    • The articles must have an average number of ≥ 50 upvotes and ≥ 10 comments.

    • Users must be following at least #club5050 / #club75 / #club100. #club75 and #club100 users have a higher percentage of winning.

    • Top 1, Top 2 and Top 3 gets 30%, 25% and 20% upvote respectively from SC01.

    Monthly Winners

    • Users to be considered for the monthly winners must have at least 28 entries throughout the month.

    • One entry per day (in a community) posted before/at 23:59 UTC of each day. And must conform to all rules, also as specified in the contest hosted by each community. As such, a user total entries would be at least 28 in a month after entering contests in all the participating communities

    • The articles must have an average number of ≥ 50 upvotes and ≥ 10 comments.

    • Users must be following at least #club5050 / #club75 / #club100. #club75 and #club100 users have a higher percentage of winning.

    • Top 1, Top 2 and Top 3 gets 100%, 75% and 50% upvote respectively from SC01.

    Important Notice: Both weekly and monthly winners are selected based on judgment across all the participating communities on the platform. Only nominations are done at each community level. Kindly take note.


    In conclusion, you have been taken on a ride about this week's contest in the Steemit Crypto Academy community and we will look forward to reading about your favorite blockchain networks and a few ways you think the network can be enhanced. In addition, we have also listed the requirements of the challenge and the steps you should follow to emerge winners. We wish you a happy blogging time on Steemit. Thank you.


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    Users to be considered for the weekly winners must have joined 7 contests across all the participating communities in 7 days.

    The last time I checked The 7 communities, not all users on steemit can participate in the 7 chosen communities, for example a user can't make any efficient post in #Steem-Women-Club because I am not a woman, also a user like me still can't write any nice lovely post in #Steem-Venezuela #Colombia-Original because I don't speak and understand Spanish and 90% post made in the community are made in Spanish language. What I am saying is that if such rule should be necessary, the selected communities should be communities where everyone can fit in easily. Left for me I don't think writing post in all community are necessary. Though I believe there could be a way out and that would be every contest held in every community should permit submission to every gender that speaks any language.

    Note: Please this is just only a suggestion. 😊😊

    Hello @starrchris
    I think the comment you make implies that you have not even taken the time to read the posts properly. I am a co-founder of Colombia-Original, and luckily I understand English quite well.
    If you go to the community and check, the post is written in both English and Spanish, to facilitate the process of inclusion of all users, considering that the vast majority at least speak the considered world language which is English.

    I take this opportunity to leave you the link to my community post and you will notice that it is in both languages: tu-desafio-de-participacion-de-steemit-or-new-contest-i-take-care-of-the-planet-and-you.

    There are already people writing in English in my community, and if you go to them, you will notice that they are not without comments.

    Even in the Venezuelan community, it is also written in English and Spanish, I take the opportunity to leave you the link:

    And regarding the fact that you are not a woman and therefore can't post on steemwomensclub, I don't find that a valid point, as I have to assume that some woman or some special man is in her life that she can write a post about, in English, I should point out. Since that is the theme of that community, and can a man write in it, if he so wishes. even, the post that in that community have shared is not only in English, but in two other languages, (and not in Spanish language) so your excuses raised here, although I respect them, I do not share them. I will take the opportunity to leave the link to this community, and you can check what I just told you:

    Without further ado, I bid you farewell, with the possibility of clarifying more doubts, in case you have them. Have a good week. I hope to see you participating, you will be welcome in the Original Colombia community, and I am sure you will be equally well received in all of them. No problem at all.

    Yea fred has already told me and i agreed to him. Thanks for the Enlightenment.

    Sometimes a go my post was muted in one the spanish community because it was in English. The moderator comment under my post saying, spanish content or article is accepted. And from that time I haven't feel like posting in a community without English Language.

    Hi @sarkodieeric1
    I understand your point. But this dynamic is a special thing. And in the case of Colombia Original, since its inception a year ago, Spanish and English have always been accepted. So you shouldn't have to worry about that. You will be welcome. :-)

    Exactly what I was thinking.

    Hello, @starrchris. There are no language barriers as far as Steem Venezuela and Colombia Original are concerned, you can write in English, and they accommodate participants from all parts of the world. About Steem Women Club, you can participate in their contests (whether male or female), I guess you should check out the community's new contest update.

    There is no hindrance in the Steemit Engagement Challenge, all users are welcomed in all participating communities. Thank you.

    Thank you for the enlightenment if that's the case, I am good with that.

    I want to also ask a question, within this period will #steemcurator01 also vote quality post in other communities.

    Proff. I think the crypto Academy will switch professions now, will it no longer be a crypto class?

    Hello @starrchris, thank you for commenting on this, and I can tell you that such limitations to participate that you have commented are not "limitations as such", for example, in Steem Venezuela and in Colombia-Original you can publish in any language, and I can say that in the rest of the communities of the challenge can also do it.

    Here the link of the Steem Venezuela contest
    and from Colombia Original communities:

    Your'e welcome to participate.

    Thanks so much for the enlightenment. Expected my posts soon

    Noted thanks alot dear

    Hello friend . My blog follow


    Thank you for your invitation. I will participate inshallah.

      ·  2 months ago (edited)

    @steemitblog @fredquantum @kouba01 @steemcurator01 there should be prohibitions of entry to the contest for users who have done power down, many users have done power down they favor the vote of the curator, this takes away possibilities to users who trust the platform, in addition there should be prohibitions of entry to new users to avoid a collapse.

    Thank you so much @crypto-academy for this update, but I would like to ask, please can everyone participate in this contest ??

    The contest is open to everyone. You can also invite your friends to participate (they must be active club members).

    Suena verdaderamente interesante esta iniciativa.
    En seguida tomaré notas de todo el asunto
    Gracias por tan buena explicación amigos de steemit criptoacademia ❤️

    Es una gran iniciativa, espero leerte por acá, animo!

    excelente iniciativa

    Those who have not participated in the 7 contests in other communities can not participate right

    They can participate but could not be the winners of week/month.

    Un excelente tema para iniciar con esta ronda de concursos, espero poder unirme y también leer muchas participaciones y así descubrir las redes blockchain favoritas de muchos usuarios.

    Gracias por unirse a este reto como una comunidad más apoyando el gran programa puesto en marcha a partir de hoy, deseándole todo el éxito del mundo a esta iniciativa y que sea de mucho provecho para los usuarios en conocimientos y para la plataforma en crecimiento .

    Pronto mi entrada .

    Estaremos trabajando en pro de la comunidad, espero poder leerte mucho más por acá, ánimos y esfuerzo, todos corresponderemos con lo mismo!

    Wonderful topic expect my entry soon

    Please I want ask will Steemcurator01 also support other quality post in other communities? If no then this might end up affecting other community growth and development.

    Wow! That's really superb and a great initiative by the Steemit team. I wish best of luck to the whole Steemit family. Its time to grow together. I am also anxious to ask the question that is there any scene of weekly lectures and homeworks in the Academy as past? Or not?

    A question related to this has been answered in the previous comment. This is a phase of the Academy where we participate in the ongoing Steemit Engagement Challenge. Further information would be conveyed in the future. Thank you.

    Thanks for your quick response dear professor. Congrats to you to become a MOD. I would like to ask another question. Is there any requirement like SP or reputation for being eligible in the contests or we have to just correcly participate in #club for being eligible?

    You must be an active club member to participate. That's enough for eligibility for now.

    Oo that's great 😊

    If I power up 10 Steem will I qualify for Club5050. I've been inactive for more than 3 months

    Wow this is a great initiative. I believe this engagement will be great because it will enable users to be able to create very high quality content so as to stand a chance of winning

    This will inturn make steemit to be having high quality trending articles on daily basis. Hopefully, I believe everything will work out extremely very well

    But please I got a question. What of those who were muted at the SCA❓ can they also participate in this engagement program?

    While waiting for an answer, I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much @crypto-academy for the nice updates. I will soon be dropping down my entry

    Without a doubt, Steemit is witnessing another phase that takes engagement seriously and it will reform the ecosystem.

    That said, the muted users violated the rules of the Academy and know that plagiarism is not tolerated on Steemit. There is no news about lifting embargos on the muted users at the moment. Happy blogging.

    I know i clearly saw multiple entries on the post. But I have noticed that almost everyone is only making a single post. Am I missing something? Are we to make i post per week or one post per day ? I posted today can I still post again tomorrow @fredquantum @nane15... Forgive my obvious question

    Hello @churchangel. Please always try to read and understand the rules well

    However, it is said we should post only one article per day. So not more than two articles per day

    This rule is only for this engagement contest

    this is really awesome, please are all reputations welcomed to participate or there is a limit to this?

    The basic requirement for participation is club status. Anyone can join the contest, that said, the team will be on the lookout for farming accounts and ensure that accounts participating belongs to verified users.

    I hope you are satisfied with the response. We wish you a happy blogging on Steemit.

    Thanks for the response, it's more satisfying that everyone can participate and help build their reputations while we wait for the academy courses

    Makes the community active with no idle hands on board. Everything makes more sense now

    @fredquantum sorry for the disturbance, what does the #steemexclusive stand for?

    is there a criteria to be met for the hashtag before posting for the contest?

    The tag steemexclusive means that your article is only shared on Steemit and has not been shared anywhere before.

    In other words, original content made by you and shared on Steemit only is regarded as #steemexclusive content. If your article satisfies this then it's #steemexclusive article. I hope you get the point now.

    So anyone who hasn’t not participated in any of the communities can not participate in this? And can one participate in this communities contest for just a week and be a able to post participate in this new initiative ?

    The main goal is to increase interaction between users, no matter is you weren't in certain communities before. All contest are open worldwide. Have a glance on the latest updates. Check it out and start Steeming 😆 #venezuela #affable

    On the new era of SCA by getting join to the challenge proposed by the Steemit team. Clock is ticking faster than we might thinking about. Don't waste time and let's go to Steem continuously. Good luck everyone!!! 👍🏼 #venezuela #affable

    It's definitely going to be an enjoyable one. I hope to see your entry in the community.

    Thank you. I'm having something in mind. Will prepare post.

    Me encanta el tema con el cual estan iniciando esta ronda... Estoy segura que vamos a poder disfrutar de publicaciones geniales.
    Pronto mi entrada, éxito para todos!

    Espero tu leer tu entrada pronto, éxito para ti!

    Me parece muy innovador está propuesta, se van ha poder ver contenidos de calidad en crypto y más interacción por parte de los usuarios. Me gusta mucho la idea! Lo que si deseo preguntar es una pequeña duda.

    Es un solo post de participación en la semana? En mi traducción dice que una entrada por día, quisiera aclarar esa duda.

    Hello, @wentv. As far as the Academy is concerned in the contest, it's just one post per week (one per contest) and the same thing applies to other communities participating in the engagement challenge.

      ·  2 months ago (edited)

    Hello friend @fredquantum, I have a similar doubt. What happens if I make a great high-quality post in this community, but I don't participate in the other 6 communities? Am I still eligible to receive upvote from SC1 or does that automatically disqualify me?.... even if I made a super cool post in Steemit Crypto Academy.

      ·  2 months ago (edited)

    Hola @allbert, los votos dados de forma aleatoria a los mejores post y usuarios más activos, SC01 estará pasando por las comunidades y dando votos a las mejores publicaciones, puedes leer de eso aquí.

    Sera elegible siempre que cumplas con lo estipulado en este post, si participas en otras comunidades y estas activo tendrás más chance de recibir un voto.

    Entiendo, mientras mas participes mas oportunidad tendrás de ser visto y elegido para un upvote. Hago esta pregunta es porque reconozco que en esta etapa de mi vida (dos niños pequeños y uno recien nacido) no cuento con tanto tiempo como para participar en un post diario. De por si 5 post semanales era dificil, por no decir 7 seria casi imposible (en mi caso).

    Ademas de eso, pienso que el deber ser es poder realizar post de calidad y no un post hecho de manera apresurada solo por llenar un espacio. Por eso pregunto amigo si no hay inconveniente en participar quizas en solo una o tres comunidades?

    Felicidades por el niño!

    No habrá ningún inconveniente con que no hagas los 7 post, aunque si es bastante importante que comentes a otros usuarios para ser parte de la iniciativa. Si haces un post esta bien, seguro, pero asegurate de comentar a otros en la comunidad donde publicas ese post, saludos amigo y de nuevo felicitaciones por tu niño, espero que todos tengan mucha salud!

    Gracias amigo, y felicidades a ti tambien por tu nombramiento como MOD.

    Claro, puedo ver que el valor que estamos intentando inculcar en toda la comunidad es la interacción y así llenar de vida la Plataforma. Cuenta con que voy a interactuar bastante en esta comunidad.

    Hello, @allbert. I guess your curiosity has been settled with the response from nane15. SC01 would be on the lookout for quality articles posted in all the communities regardless of if you had participated in all the communities. Participating in all the communities increases your chances of winning in the contest.

    In addition, supports from SC01 is not guaranteed for all articles. Good to hear from you again and my warm regards to your little cuties and their momma.

    Thank you my friend.

    It's my pleasure.

    Ready bro Thank you very much for clarifying my doubt. I understand perfectly. Greetings

    I'm glad you now finally have a full grip of what the engagement challenge entails. Happy Steeming, bro.

    This is definitely an interesting contest. I also like to participate. I hope we can learn a lot about crypto blockchains from this.

    Do a lot of research and you will surely do it!

    Thank you prof for your encouragement.🙌

    Amazing contest here again. I look forwarding to making my entry.

    I hope to read you soon!

    I am very happy that I can write again in the crypto academy, I miss participating in the crypto lectures and the announcement of this new contest is good. I am working on my contest and I will submit it soon.

    Saludos, genial el tema de la prestigiosa crypto academia para unirse a este reto, ya que no debe esta forma hace que los usuarios que conozcan poco de este mundo se integren e interactuen más con los que ya tienen tiempo y mayor conocimiento en este mundo.
    Estaré preparando mi participación.

    This challenge is definitely a good initiative, and I hope to put in my best.


    Please how can identify the 7 communities? Please I need an answer for this @fredquantum

    You should always visit the Steemitblog's account to keep track of happenings on Steem. Take a look at the link below to get an answer to your question.

    Thank you so much

    I can say from now on that this contest will be one of the most interesting due to the large number of blockchains that will be described in the participation posts.

      ·  2 months ago (edited)

    If I may ask

    Does this mean the weekly courses and weekly trading contest is no more?

    This is a new concept for our academy as part of the Steemit daily challenge event.

    I would have loved to bump into such an interesting contest as this, steem to me has been my third most valuable currency after Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    It's Blockchain structure is soo fascinating that it has and will continue to be dynamic.

    Saludos amigos, por acá mi humilde participación.

    Espero sea de su agrado.

    Buenas tardes comunidad.

    01 Academia de Cripto Steemit.png

    Acá mi participación en el concurso de la comunidad que forma parte del desafio Steemit Engagement Challenge propuesto por #steemitblog

    Espero estar a la altura de las circunstancias.

    Hasta la proxima...

    Feliz noche amigos acá mi participación en los retos de Steemit blog, en esta gran comunidad:

    Here is my entry for the contest. Thank you very much for organizing such valuable contests

      ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

    I lost my devices so i could not post but i am back now. this initiative i think will strengthen relationships between community members, it is good you guys brought it