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Greetings everyone,

Welcome once again to another wonderful episode in the crypto Academy community. Before I present my homework post, I would like to acknowledge the professors and the crypto Academy community for making such an educative lecture possible. Today’s topic is simple Avalanche Blockchain

Without wasting enough time I would present my homework post systematically based on the questions from the professor @pelon53.


1.- Explain X-Chain, C-Chain and P- chain in detail.





The X-Chain on avalanche blockchain is a standard blockchain that uses the avalanche consensus protocol serving the aim of assets Exchange and creation. The X-Chain is a subnet of the avalanche blockchain.

Avalanche blockchain has it is token AVAX and it’s being traded on the X-Chain also known as the Exchange Chain.

Moreover, whenever a transaction is executed, the fee charged is paid in AVAX.
Avalanche consensus protocol enables nodes to function parallel, ascertaining validating


The P-chain is the platform chain. This chain is responsible for all the activities on the platform. The p-chain uses the Snowman Consensus Protocol to control all the activities going on the mainnet.

All the subnet and the activities associated with validations and staking on the platform are controlled by the platform chain.

Talking about the subnets, the platform chain is responsible for producing new subnets and also keeps track of the active subnets.


C-Chain is also called Contract Chain. It’s also another subnet of the avalanche blockchain where programmers make use of this chain to build or establish on this blockchain DApps (decentralized applications).

C-Chain uses a snowman consensus protocol which is outstanding in creating smart contracts. The C-Chain is a blockchain that executes EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine) contracts.

It allows programmers of DApps to build smart contracts due to its compatibility to enable operation on the avalanche blockchain.

Snowman consensus protocol has the nodes functioning linearly on the C-Chain blockchain.


2.- Explore the Avax Network platform . Screenshots required.


The Avax platform is a blockchain platform that uses the Avalanche blockchain consensus algorithm. Here, we going to explore the Avax platform.

Click on avax.network to enter the avax platform.

Screenshot (17).png

Avax has so many features for which we are going to describe.
After you enter the homepage, there are six different tabs at the top. developers, individuals, avalanche-X, press, community, and contact.

When we scroll down to the bottom, the Avax platform has a feature that compares other blockchain platforms.

Screenshot (20).png


With the developers tap, we have Validators and Start building.

  • Validators
    With this page, the information of the validators on the avalanche platform is displayed.

Screenshot (18).png

  • Start Building
    With this tap, we can become validators on the avalanche platform. This page is available for users who want to launch their Dapp.

Screenshot (19).png


With this tab, we have the roadmap, solutions, ecosystem, avalanche wallet, avalanche explorer, and avalanche bridge.

  • Roadmap
    The roadmap talks about the projects and how they wish to achieve them. usually, the roadmap has the order of the project they wish to achieve and time to accomplish all.

Screenshot (21).png

  • wallet
    The wallet is used to keep the assets on the platform. Here, you create a personal wallet which would be used to keep the assets and check balances as well.

Screenshot (22).png

  • Avalanche Explorer
    Just like every other blockchain platform, the avalanche explorer is used to check the current blocks and verify transactions. Every transaction made with the avalanche blockchain can be viewed with the avalanche explorer.

Screenshot (23).png


With this tab, there are two features to explore. the open grant and submit a general proposal.

  • Open Grant
    This feature of the avalanche blockchain allows you to build your Dapps. Also supports lending on the avalanche protocol.

Screenshot (26).png

  • Submit a general proposal
    This page allows the users to submit any proposal on any issue they wish to partake on the platform.

Screenshot (25).png


3.- Show the last verified contract in the C-Chain network and show the Smart Contract that was generated at that address. Screenshots required.


To verify the last block on the c-chain network, visit Snow trace

Screenshot (27).png

  • Click blockchain at the top.
  • From the drop-down, click on the verified contract

Screenshot (28).png

Here, the last verified contract at the time of doing the assignment is given in the screenshot below.

Screenshot (30).png

  • Click on the block to view the details.

Screenshot (31).png

holderstwo addresses
contract source codeSolidity
balance0 AVAX


4.- Explore the last block generated in the C-Chain network. Screenshots required.


To explore the last block on the c-chain network, visit Snow trace

  • Click blockchain at the top.
  • Click on the view block from the drop-down.

Screenshot (32).png

  • The most current block would be shown at the top. As we can all see, the block was just created 2 secs ago.

Screenshot (33).png

  • Click the hash of the block to view the details of the block.

Screenshot (34).png


5.- Explain in detail the Avalanche consensus protocol and the Snowman consensus protocol.


Avalanche consensus protocol

Just like many other blockchain platforms, the avalanche consensus protocol was built basically to solve blockchain problems. Day in and day out, people encounter problems with blockchain which needs drastic measures. The Avalanche is one of the new technology that was built to enhance scalability and provide better security.

Looking at the avalanche consensus protocol which is decentralized, scalable, and robust. The avalanche seems to solve many blockchain problems. Many people think the avalanche consensus protocol is way better than the Ethereum blockchain looking at how scalable and reliable the avalanche protocol is. Just like the Solana, Polkadot, and the new blockchains, the Avalanche has a great Roadmap that suggests that it could even solve more problems in the future.

Talking of how the protocol works,

  • The transaction is provided,
  • The transaction is then received by the validator to confirm validity.
  • In case the transaction is valid, the transaction would be sent for further processing.
  • In case of an invalid transaction, the transaction would be ignored
  • After all verifications, the transaction would be listed in the block of valid transactions.

Snowman Consensus Protocol

The Snowman Consensus Protocol is more like a pro version of the avalanche consensus protocol. The idea of the Snowman Consensus Protocol is mainly to improve the performance of the Avalanche protocol. With the Snowman Consensus Protocol, smart contracts are created very rapidly.

With Snowman Consensus Protocol, the nodes (computers) are arranged in sequential order. The protocol allows a different node to be created before it can create a link. In this case, the Snowman Consensus Protocol becomes more efficient and completes transactions faster than the regular avalanche protocol.



Overall, I would say a great lecture from @pelon53. Your lessons with blockchain technologies continue to amaze me. Looking at how blockchain technology is growing, even the new blockchain platforms have solved most of the problems with the Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms. Talking of Polkadot, Solana and the Avalanche protocol today, blockchain technology is growing on the moon.

Thanks once again @pelon53

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