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I apologize to prof @dilchamo for what happened and promise to be of good behavior.

Tasks Question

(1) Explain in your own words what an exchange is. Differences between a wallet and an exchange. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of DEX and CEX. Have you used any exchange before? Tell us about your experience.

Explain in your own words what an exchange is.

To my own understanding, in cryptocurrency, exchange has to do with when individual want to trade his or her crypto asset by this the individual may decide to exchange crypto to fiat currency or fiat currency to crypto.


Here the trader is able to buy and also sell the asset he has and the one he or she is interested in. And here it is the demand and supply force that control the market. Trader also through exchange makes profit depending on how the market is .

We have 2 types of exchange which are the centralized exchange and the decentralized exchange and the both play important role in exchange

  • Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
    As the name implies, there is a centralised authority that controls the in and out of the exchange platform and they are the once that manages and control the users fund
    Some centralized exchanges include:Binance, Huobi global Poloniex etc

  • Decentralized exchanges (DEX)
    Decentralized exchanges are cryptocurrency exchanges that it is the user that manages and is control of his asset, no central body needed
    Decentralized exchange rely on smart contracts because it helps in enhancing trading here, there is also a P2p system here where trade are use to be executed.
    Some decentralised exchanges include;
    Justswap, uniswap, pancakeswap,etc.

Difference between Wallets and Exchanges

1.wallets only receive and store assetsexchange helps in converting crypto asset into other digital asset
2. Trading of assets is not supported heretrading of assets is supported
3. Here the Public and private keys are been generated by the networkHere, it is the users chooses passwords the want by themselves
4. Wallets, is been used in holding crypto assetsit is used best for trading e.g peer-to-peer, spot trading is not decentralized which means there is a central body involvedexchanges are both centralized and decentralized which means that some part of it there is a central body involve and in another there is no central body needed.

##Outline the advantages and disadvantages of DEX and CEX.

Advantages of CEX

  • This type of exchange is best used for traders to trade

  • It makes it easy for traders to buy and sell their assets

  • Here traders can covert assets to fiat currency

  • Since there is third party involvement there is someone to alway attend to the trader if the find difficulty

  • Here individuals can easily recover their private key if misplaced.

Disadvantages of CEX

  • The security network here is not strong which makes it prone to attack

  • Low trust level due to the low security network

  • charges here are always high

  • If the user does not obey they rules attached he or she will lose the wallet

  • users doesn't have full control of assets.

Advantages of DEX

  • Individual are always charge low here

  • Here, due to the fact that there is high security individual will not be scare of their funds safety.

  • It is the individual that manages and control the account

  • No Central body knows about the transaction done here.

  • The Security network is strong here which mean individual funds are safe.

Disadvantages of DEX

  • Here if the individual lose the private key the funds are also gone.

  • The knowledge of blockchain is mostly in used which not everyone has it.

  • unlike centralized exchange no one to call for help if difficulty is faced.

Have you used an exchange before? Tell us about your experience.

Yes, I have made use of Olamax Exchange


It is an exchange site which was the first I know of and it has really been of great help here individual can buy and sell asset, individual can also exchange asset for recharge card or data


They also have a customer care in which an individual that has issues can call to get information or solve the problem he or she has.


Since using it the have really been of great help to me in exchanging my digital asset to fiat currency.


Having completely answer this question, I have really come to the understanding of what exchange and wallet is and am really happy to know about that and also practice and write about olamax which I normally use in exchanging my steem to fiat.
Please @dilchamo kindly reconsider and grade me

Cc : prof @dilchamo

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