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Introduction of the token and the exchange in which I am trading


  • Brief About DENT Coin

Coin Dent is a cryptocurrency launched in 2017 that promises to disrupt the mobile data industry worldwide in the future. So what is this project? Store, trade and buy Dent on any exchange ensuring high credibility and security.


Coin DENT is the first project to apply Blockchain technology to the telecommunications industry, it will be different from other projects on the market today.

Dent is known as the token belonging to the decentralized Dent storage network. Dent was issued through a crowdfunding ICO by the Dent Foundation. Dent currently runs on the Ethereum platform according to the ERC-20 standard. As for the price of DENT when opened for general sale at the same price as 1 DENT = $0.0053 for the price traded at a price of $0.003386

Here is a summary of Dent Key Metrics Tokens:

  • Ticker: DENT

  • Token name is: Dent.

  • Decimal is: 8

  • Contract: 0x3597bfd533a99c9aa083587b074434e61eb0a258

  • Token standard is: ERC20

  • Blockchain is: Ethereum

  • Token types are: Utility Token

  • Circulating Supply: 99,007,791,203 DENT

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 DENT

  • Where Can We Trade DENT

Dent is supported to trade on a number of popular exchanges such as the Kucoin exchange, LATOKEN exchange, Coin98 Exchange, or Binance exchange, etc. Where, the current exchange is Binance as well as the exchange. Currently the exchange with the largest Coin Dent trading volume. For more details about the market, we can see in the image below.



Why am I optimistic about this token today


Coin Dent relies primarily on the success of project ideas and the benefits they provide to ordinary users. It should also be noted that by 2021, the total number of active mobile device users will reach 5.5 billion. Therefore, the market for potential project users covers almost the entire world population.

So, a project that allows users to save money by offering them the opportunity to sell unused cell phone traffic or minutes for certain calls to succeed. However, only when the ad campaign is implemented achieves sanity.

Overall, the project is very promising because it has been and seeks to decentralize and democratize mobile data management, and building on the partnerships that have been achieved and the likelihood of long-term success is very encouraging.


Token Analysis


For analysis in making this trade I use the falling wedge where the falling wedge is formed by the support and resistance lines pointing downwards, then converging at one point downwards from the body of the pattern.


Similar to the rising wedge, this is a price pattern that occurs after an uptrend or downtrend. When the pattern breaks, the price will go against the direction of the wedge.

Appearing after an uptrend, the falling wedge pattern indicates that the market is in a state of rest, many investors take profits, but some other traders enter the market looking for investment opportunities. Taking advantage of the current market, buyers exert pressure to push the price up, when the purchasing power is strong enough, the price will break the resistance level and continue to rise to continue the original trend.


We can see in the picture above that here I use a 5 minute time frame where the market forms a falling trend pattern and the price has broken through the resistance line and continues to rise to continue the original trend.

The price has broken the resistance line so I immediately entered the trade to make an entry so as not to miss the transaction details can be seen in the image below.



Do you intend to keep it for a long time or when to sell it?


For now I don't have a DENT coin because this is a short-term trade where we only trade long/short using a 5 minute time frame with trading like this we can experience losses and profits in the short term.


Do you recommend everyone to buy or not?


Yes I recommend this DENT coin because we can see the purpose of using Dent coin which is more user oriented, it can be said that it is a cryptocurrency with future potential.

Overall, the project is very promising because it has and seeks to decentralize and democratize mobile data management, and build on the partnerships already achieved and the likelihood of long-term success.




With the virtual currency market, the price goes up or down, depending on the dynamics, providing only information about the increase or decrease in demand, or being accepted in a large ecosystem, or accepted by a person. But looking at the purpose of using Dent coin which is more user-oriented, it can be said that it is a cryptocurrency with a bright future potential and it deserves both spot trading and short-term trading.


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