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The information construction of the hashgraph looks to make arrangements for a framework that works on the principle of a decentralized ledger.

The hedera hashgraph is alluded to as the way to the future of blockchain technology , it is somewhat unique in relation to the regular cryptocurrency projects, it uses an open consensus algorithm .

This system does not require miners like some blockchains and it uses a Directed Acrylic Graph to store information and the whole process saves a lot of energy required for mining and so it solves one of the major drawbacks of large scale blockchain adoption.

The hedera hashgraph is comprised of a few coporations like lifes good ,LG, the IBM, Google and a few others, unite every one of them and you get hedera hashgraph, the solitary public ledger on the planet that uses the novel hashgraph consensus algorithm with its own personal local token HBAR, the HBAR's are utilized to control decentralized applications, secure Hedera's proof of stake network.

The way the hashgraph works in spite of the fact that it has a few similitudes with the blockchain, it additionally is not quite the same as the blockchain. In many ways the Hedera hashgraph is like an upgraded form of blockchain.


The hashgraph gossip protocol is a way that information is being relayed to all the nodes in the system. This protocol involves the sharing of trade information from one peer to a group of peers and every other peer relays the message to other nodes until everyone in the system is informed.

To more readily comprehend the idea of the gossip protocol utilized in hashgraph I might want to site a model; for example Ayo is an individual from hashgraph, on the off chance that he is sending sure data, he will pick another individual nor node randomly from hashgraph , say Tobi, Musa will enlighten Tobi regarding all that she knows on the hashgraph, prior to telling Tobi every one of the informations, he picks another individual from hashgraph and advises the person in question exactly the same thing, Tobi will pick another individual from hashgraph as well and mention to the individual what Musa advised him, he will keep on picking individuals from hashgraph and will continue disclosing to them exactly the same thing.

The few people he tells exactly the same thing will likewise choose different individuals from hashgraph and they also will mention to them what Musa had advised them. This proceeds goes on continuously like a cycle until that snippet of data is wide spread about the hashgraph network.

At the point when these informations that are spread about the hashgraph local area is united, it is alluded to as a gossip sync. The individuals will consistently symbolize the flow of the gossip sync with an event.

Since it was Musa that begun the gossip, he will make another event to praise the total dissemination of the gossip, Tobi also will make his own event to commend the course of the gossip, this proceeds until every one of the individuals from the hashgraph local area is advised about the event made by Musa


What are byzantine faults: Byzantine faults arise from scenarios whereby a group of nodes or peers attempt to defraud the system. Is that even possible ? Maybe not but that wont stop scammers from trying.

The hashgraph is a decentralized ledger just like blockchains and it involves a group of people or nodes coming together to manage the activities of the network by voting to make certain policies and for the validating of transactions.

Now since it is decentralized and anyone can get into the network without due diligence , it is possible that some group of actors that have fraudulent motives can enter into the system and try to influence the happenings for their own personal gains , and that is where the idea of byzantine fault tolerance comes in.

The hashgraph uses asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance . and what is does is that it guarantees the efficient running and resistance of the network despite the presence of fraudulent nodes in the network. This unique technogy when fully harnessed , can truly be the future.


To accomplish genuine popular government in the democratic cycle of a country some factors need to be considered.

Below are a few pivotal points in the election processes:

Trust : for popular participation, the voters need to have faith in the electoral process and be willing to come out to vote, so with the use of decentralized system like either the blockchain or Hashgraph ; which uses a transparent open source systems and so the votes will be counted or has a high level

Security: over the years ,my country has been plagued with the issue of vote tampering . if the blochchain or hasgraph is implimented, it takes away a bulk of all our security and post election violence fears as the system will be free and fare , it is fitting to utilize the consensus protocol as it makes arrangement for solid security and a steady framework

Speed: Once the voting has been done, there should be good and fast display of election resu;ts so as fothe polity to not ne calmed.


Additionally the blockchain network isn't just about as quick as the hashgraph with regards to the handling of the votes that has been casted. The majority probably won't appreciate the democratic interaction with regards to utilizing the block chain network as there is the issue of scalability.

A blockchain project always has to deal with the trilemma of speed , decentralization and security. So for a blochchain to be used efficiently in the voting system of Nigeria, security and decentralization must be the focus and that will inevitable mean we are going to have to bear the burden of low speed .


When this framework is applied to the democratic cycle of my country, the majority will be certain that their vote will not only be counted ,but the votes will be counted fast and because of its public ledger, everyone will see the votes being made and there will be little room for fraud and the issue of voter suppression will at the least be reduced .

For this system to function efficiently, the nodes in the network must at every point in time know the number of participants in the network. So the government will need to put logistics in place to ensure proper voter registration prior to the voting time.

Another reason why this system is going to be a great innovation for the government system of my country is because the hashgraph consumes less energy compared to bitcoin and ethreum.


From the examination above, it is sure that in the event that I am to suggest an innovation for casting a ballot in my country between the blockchain and the hashgraph, I will most unquestionably go for the hashgraph, in light of its high security framework, any political race without a tight security will without a doubt be high jacked and manipulated by power hungry people, so if my nation utilizes the hashgraph's innovation for its democratic exercises, at that point individuals' decision will win and it will urge numerous people to practice their civil rights and duties.


Let us Visit the hedera hashgraph site and investigate the different features of this apparently block chain successor via site


When you login you will see a few features of the hashgraph, highlights like Network, under the network you have token assistance, agreement administration. There is additionally Devs this is the place where you learn center ideas and furthermore will peruse the audit in API


Under administration we can see, the different enterprises that meets up to make up the hashgraph


Likewise make a wallet in hedera hasgraph you can tap on the HBAR at the highest point of the page.


this will show the wallets accessible on the hedera hashgraph network, when you enter any of the networks you can effectively open your wallet on this stage.


The hashgraph has a high capability of surpassing the blockchain network in the nearest future as it has further developed features than the blockchain does.


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Gracias por participar en Steemit Crypto Academy:

para llegar a un consenso es necesario que existan 2/3 de nodos válidos, en otras palabras, menos de 1/3 de nodos maliciosos.

Ahora que está descentralizado y cualquiera puede ingresar a la red sin la debida diligencia, es posible que algún grupo de actores que tienen motivos fraudulentos puedan ingresar al sistema y tratar de influir en los acontecimientos para su propio beneficio personal, y ahí es donde el entra en juego la idea de la tolerancia a fallos bizantina.

Espero seguir leyendo tus publicaciones.

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