Contest // Topic of the week №2 // Egg or chicken?

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Hello, good day to all members of SLON21VEKA community. I believe we are all having an amazing day. I thank @slon21veka for organizing this amazing contest and for granting me an opportunity to post in this community. It’s good to be back one again.


It is a very old riddle that has caused arguments for ages now. Is it the egg that came first or the chicken? This is one of the very tricky questions you can ever find. We need a chicken to lay an egg but as we know chicken comes from an egg. From my point of view, I will be explaining with one came first in term of science and religion.

Eggs as we know from the little science that we were taught in school were found through out the animal kingdom and an egg is a membrane vessel where embryo can develop and grow till it can survive on its own.

At some point difference kind of eggs started to evolve in the animal kingdom. Through this evolution, animals do not lay their eggs in water bodies/fluid again and there came about our last ancestor of both tetrapods( animals with 4 limbs and a backbone) and amniotes(animals that have 4 limbs, lay eggs and a backbone).


The first chicken in the existence must have been as a result of genetic mutation that took place in a zygote that was produced by a two almost lookalike of a chicken. This is the combination of two DNA together that formed the first cell of the first chicken. This genetic mutation that occurred in that cell copied itself in other body cells as the embryo of the chicken grows and that results into the first chicken.

Relating to the science perspective, I can say the egg came before the chicken did. Based on that, it means chicken came before the chicken egg. But since egg here is about chicken egg rather than any other animal's egg, then in the science perspective I will say the chicken came before the egg.

I am a Muslim and I believe Allah created all animals and blessed them including humans to procreate more and fill the world. Some I believe Allah created the chicken first that’s lay more eggs to produce more chickens. So I can firmly say the chicken cam first before the egg.

I invite @mukka, @habdallah and @kataali to this amazing contest. Thank you all for your time. Stay safe.

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