Self love

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Finding happiness in your life, at your low and high, no matter how little you produce and can achieve is called self love. Most people don't love themselves, they do not find happiness within themselves, they always wish they where someone else, ohh I would be much prettier if I wasn't chubby, or short, or if I was fairer maybe people will find me attractive, or just maybe if I had rich parents I would be fulfilled. All this are lies we've accepted and it has constantly drained our self esteem and confidence as a person, that you always feel out of place when your among people. No one will love you better than you do, no one can ever play your role better than you, no one has your skill and gift,you are unique and beautiful just the way you are, a woman or a man sought by presidents and people of value, when you begin to see yourself in this light your practicing self love. You know your imperfect but in that imperfection is a beautiful story that bring smile to people's lives when heard. Take out time to spoil yourself.


You teach people how to love you by the way you love yourself, people often watch the way you treat yourself and follow suite without you even knowing.
When self love is present, you won't tolerate people who treat you less than you deserve, you know that your destined for great things, great life, great friends and only those who are willing to bring out the best version of you will you bring closer to you.
Self love isn't been rigid but valuing your happiness Iand peace of mind over uneccessary and uneventful drama's and trauma that u have passed through in the past.
I urge everyone to take out time and give him or her self a treat today.
Appreciate yourself on how far you have gone with your vision and how much time you are giving, in chasing your dreams and making them a reality, and watch yourself become a better version of you than you ever imagined.
*Practice self love today❤️

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