The sower

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Flipping through an old diary of mine, I came across a poem I had written down through my days of loneliness, it said:
I'm lonely, am lonely, so lonely that frustration has become my first name, and depression my middle name, and all I have to do is wallow in my loneliness, and that's a good excuse for sitting around, and feeling sorry for myself.
As I flipped the pages of my diary, I saw all the things that I poured out into the poor book due to the lack of excitement in my life.
As I grew older , and found favour on wisdoms side, I began to realize that indeed loneliness had and antitode, and it's antitode is to get out of self, and spread the love, well that's what we all have to do, get up and spread the love.


You have to love those who are available to be loved by you, remember even God said those who sow sparingly will reap sparingly, like wise those who sow bountiful too.
This means that we all are sowers, we determine what happens and what does not by the kind of seed you sow, our heart is the garden and your the sower, if you permit anger, envy, jealousy, in your garden, you become an uptight and unattractive person before you discover it,
As you begin to reach out to people around you and love them,you find out that somehow the love finds it way back to you and begin to feel up the void places in your heart.
When I found out that it was my responsibility to determine how happy I wanted to feel, how trilled I wanted my life to be, that became the end for lonliness for me, I never let people's bad and negative remarks get to me, I was in charge of my happiness and no one was ever going to take that away from me.


Now if ever you were once in my shoes, it's time to get up and tell people how to treat you and what type of fruits should be planted in your garden, by planting them yourselves first, only you holds the key to your happiness, no one else, get up and grab those keys, and open that life you've always dreamt of having ☺️☺️.

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