Learned to enjoy loneliness

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There is probably no one in this world who is happier than those who have learned to enjoy loneliness. Not everyone can afford to hurt those who are good enough to be good. They are out of reach of all the aataction in this world.

In fact, after being alone for a long time, managing everything on his own, without sharing his emotions, sorrows and sufferings, people start talking to themselves when their minds become frozen. Then people don't look for friends anywhere else, they make friends with themselves. He shares all his problems, emotions, joys, sorrows, pains with himself. Nobody else cares.

Neither the expectation of getting anything from anyone, nor the thought of giving something to someone. No fear of losing someone, no pain of losing someone. Intoxicated himself in his own world. Nothing can touch them anymore. Those who once enjoyed being alone, never return.

Written By Alvin Wales

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So my times of loneliness and feeling lonely is not a bad thing, from ur article, it shows that I can actually enjoy loneliness.