Breaking Heart

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Before breaking someone's heart, be sure if something like this can happen to you. Don't get involved with her for a long time without being sure about love. When you realize your fascination with her but don't love her, move away from her.

As time goes on the feelings get deeper. If he has to leave then I will say it is nothing but inhumanity. You have no right to play with someone's strong feelings. If you love, be ready for him, if you love, learn to wait for him, if you love, learn to take responsibility for him, if you love, love his sorrows.

We humans can say love for one day, in fact one day or one month or two months relationship is never love you can call it intense fascination. Learn to apologize when you can't be sure. Because you have no right to play with anyone's feelings. As a human being, the Creator did not give you any right to destroy another human being.

Written By Alvin Wales

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