Application for country representative of Pakistan by @yousafharoonkhan

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First of all, I would like to thank all the steemit team for inviting applications for the program for Country Represent so that suitable and interested ones can be selected. My name is Yousaf Khan , my Academic qualification is master post Graduate in education field, 16 years teaching experience from school to university level and I have been working as Country Represent Pakistan for almost a year now.

I have joined Steemit since November 2007 and I have been associated with Steemit since 2007 facing various situations. My Reputation is 73.94. I have never powered down my Steemit SP since 2007 and am currently a member of #Club100. My SP is currently above 18K and my goal is to increae more more only SP to support the new and old steemians . As a Country Reps and as a steemian I have promoted steemit at every level in my district and region. Meetup with new and old steemit and will continue to do. I have used pamphlets and banners and stickers to promote steemit.

As Country Reps, I met with people from schools, colleges, and various walks of life, and introduced them to Steemit. I have recruited a lot of new people. As country representative i visited remote areas to educate women about steemit and guided dozens of women on how to start steemit blogging. there are large number of women from remote areas those are working on steemit.

As a steemian and Country Reps, I have always adhered to the rules of the steemit team to develop, promote, and guide new users. I fought against scams, spam, plagiarism ,hackers and vote farmer accounts. I have shown no tolerance for abuse, spam, vote farmer accounts for the benefit of the real community. My only ambition is to increase SP and to promote the quality of Steemit community.

Fulfillment of the above given criteria

  • I Joined November 2017 , I am an active steemit user since 2017.
  • I have 18,112.787 Steem power of my own and target is 20K and 50k in end of year 2022
  • Current Reputation is 73.933. i earned best Reputation.
  • I am a Pakistani and a first steemian Country Rep from punjab , i am very fluent in Urdu , urdu is national language of pakistan, in Saraki,punjabi .
  • My Voting CSI 18.4 ( 2.52 % self, 254 upvotes, 153 accounts, last 7d ) . i always use my sp to support new old user .
  • I'm actively support the #club100
  • I'm active promoter of steemit in paksitan
  • I'm founder of Urdu community and urdu is national language of Pakistanis , purpose of community to bring Urdu speaker to steemit, i got huge success in this

I am regularly promoting Steemit in Pakistan

As a country representative, I have a great desire to promote Steemit in every level and field and I am very happy that I have taken steps to promote Steemit in my district, region and province.

My Steemit Charity fund program

During the last three months, I As CR Pakistan have contributed more than Rs. 100,000 from my earnings to the fund.

  • After selection of as Cr Pak My Future plan

why i think , i should be coutnry representative of pakistan

I am old steemit user since 2007 , i have experience and dream , i also proved in past actively as CR Pakistan to achieve my set goal in regard of steemit and i think as CR Pakistan , i will get more confidence and motivation to take steps to acheive the set target of development of quality community of steemit

  • As a CR I have a dream to set up a steemit office
  • Steemit meetup programe keeping continue
  • Steemit promotion plan in remote area
  • Urdu Community as National lanauge promotion plan
  • Making progress for Steemit kids party
  • Steemit education scholarship program for steemit students
  • establishment of Steemit education fund,

I will be lucky to be able to do this good work as a Country Representative and do it in a better way. If the steemit team makes me again CR, I will prove through my hard work as i did before , as CR Pakistan i used my best effort to promote,guide,increase my sp , now i again i promise i will keep continue my hard work to make steemit best with honestly. Thank you so much to all the steemit team for giving us the opportunity to work as a Country Representative.

Thank You.


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You have all the qualities of CR. You definately deserve to work as a CR. Glad to see your future plans . Inn Sha Allah , you will definitely succeed.
Regards : Aalia Rubab

thank you very much respected, you liked me, and you liked my work, my effort to work honestly and with hard work to develop the best community . thank you for great appreciation

From the days of crypto academy, I admired your devotedness and you were one of the professor I could not hesitate to participate in your courses. Your activities on the platform cannot be overemphasised because you have stated them well in your application. Good luck sir 🤞🤞

it is my victory that you have great respect for me since sca , your respect is my asset and success , i liked it that you did not feel hesitation in take participate in my courses, it is my success , thank you very much respected @chant , stay happy and may Allah always bless you success in life

Thank you for the wishes🙏🏽🙏🏽. I am blessed through you sir .

Respect sir, I have known you since from the crypto academy when you where still a professor. You are highly professional when it comes to serving this platform. You are a man of high integrity and everyone here respect you for who you are and for what you have done so far

So with all your achievement, hardwork and experience, I wish you continue serving your country Pakistan as a country representative

Wishing you the best in this application sir

I have great memories of crypto academy, I enjoyed with all of you. I am very lucky to have great friends, brothers like you. you all love me, I love you all. I am here since 2017, I earned great love, respect, all of you are my asset, all of you are my victory. I have no words to say thank you for this great appreciation. I'll just say that, I love you all, and it's a great honor for me to be part of the Steemit family. I am proud to have worked for Steemit and I will continue. thank you very much dear @chiabertrand

I was one of your students in the crypto academy and I enjoyed all your crypto articles and that have made me to be a strong crypto trader today. This is why I will never forget about you sir, because you are part of my success in this platform and out of this platform because I have high winning rates in crypto trading because of your teachings.

Even without a crypto professor, you have continued with your loyalty in serving this platform by sacrificing alot in dedicating your self to this platform. You are really a man of honor and I will live to follow your footsteps sir...

Once more, thank you for being part of my success, I wish you the best in this life sir

We aleikum salam
Your place in this platform cannot be overlooked, you are one of the pillars of the blockchain, you hold a high level in the face of all Steemit users, your work from the sca to organizing a community is enough to give you an edge above others, you are so qualified for this position. I wish you luck boss

it is your love, respect that you have for me. you are all pillar of steemit blockchain. we are one family and i proud feel that i am part of you all . i always try to give my best effort, you all are doing great work, we are all one family, thank thank for this great appreciation. my dear brother , my pray you get great success ameen.

Amen and you too

Yousuf Haroon Sahib There is no doubt that the Urdu community was known by your name and despite many difficulties in life you gave a lot of time to STEM and created Urdu community. Supported in difficult times and guided from all sides. CR of our community is not a better choice than you. Only Yousuf Haroon Sahib should be selected so that Urdu community can make more name for itself. Long live Urdu community. Yusuf Haroon Payenda Bad

i did my best effort, and i will keep continue my this effort, you all are asset of steemit and it is your great respect to me that you liked me .thank you brother

Respected Brother, I'm glad to meet you on Steemit. You always guided us with courtesy, you always respected people on social media. I pray for you I will always pray for your success. Ever since I joined Steemit, you have guide me and the entire Urdu community with a lot of guidance. I pray for you. I don't think so, there is another person like you, who honestly works for steemit to guide the Pakistani people. Your services are commendable for Steemit and thanks to you we are here today and you have all the qualities that should be in a CR. You have worked on Steemit with a lot of hard work and passion.

I will always pray for your success. You are the best guide. Ever since I joined Steemit, you have guide me and the entire Urdu community with a lot of guidance. It is because of you that I am learning to use STEM today. You have guided us to write a post through WhatsApp. There is no one better than you, because you are very kind and kind. Glad to read your estimate plan. You are a successful person. May Allah grant you success.میں ہمیشہ آپ کی کامیابی کے لیے دعا گو رہوں گا۔ آپ بہترین رہنما ہیں۔ جب سے میں Steemit میں شامل ہوا ہوں، آپ نے میری اور پوری اردو کمیونٹی کی بہت رہنمائی کی ہے۔ آپ کی وجہ سے میں آج STEM استعمال کرنا سیکھ رہا ہوں۔ آپ نے واٹس ایپ کے ذریعے پوسٹ لکھنے کے لیے ہماری رہنمائی کی ہے۔ آپ سے بہتر کوئی نہیں کیونکہ آپ بہت مہربان اور مہربان ہیں۔ آپ کا تخمینہ منصوبہ پڑھ کر خوشی ہوئی۔ آپ ایک کامیاب انسان ہیں۔ اللہ آپ کو کامیابی عطا فرمائے۔

thank you umair8 and it is my responsibility as cr to guide you all , and it is my moral responsibility as cr to inform you about every information, thank you

sir you are the best cr. I'm glad to meet you on Steemit. You always guided us with courtesy, I'm a girl, but you always respected women when people cheat on girls on social media. I pray for you. I don't think so, there is another person like you, who honestly works for steemit to guide the Pakistani people.

Yes sir your services are commendable for Steemit and thanks to you we are here today and you have all the qualities that should be in a CR. You have worked on Steemit with a lot of hard work and passion. I appreciate your work on Steemit ♥️

it is your love, respect , i am zeor without you all, and your love

I always pray for you sir you are such a great leader ♥️

You are really suitable for the post. Wish you the best of luck

thank you respected @nadeesew , may Allah bless you great success also

Hello respected, you have contributed immensely to this very platform from your time as a professor in the academy till this moment. I know you will make a perfect country representative. I wish you success on this application my friend.

it is great appreciation that you liked my work, and your love, respect is my all earning on steemit,, so i am feeling proud that you are appreciating me,, thank dear

Hello my respected Brother, your application speaks volumes of your contributions to the steemit ecosystem. I give you my vote. I know you can handle the post of a country representative better in your country. Success

my dear respected sister , your vote is my power, strength and sister vote to brother is key for success, thank you sister
may Allah bless you always smile , success in life ameen

Greetings friend @yousafharoonkhan

You have been a fundamental pillar in your community, therefore, it is more than deserved that you remain one of its representatives.

I wish you success.

thank you my friend and brother, your every words increase my motivation , so thank you dear @adeljose , you are also asset of steemit, thank thank dear brother

You have served our country country Pakistan as a CR with the best of your qualities. You are great sir.

Good luck for the application. Wish to see you as a CR very soon 🤞

dear respected steemdoctor1, it is my victory and success you all liked my role as cr and in this all period my effort was to stay connect with every one, as mush as possible was for me,, i am always ready for you all,
it is your love
thank dear
steem on

Mr. @yousafharoonkhan
I just want to say that you are our motivating teacher trainer, I have learned a lot from you, you have always guided us, I think you are one of the oldest members of the community. You are and will continue to be the representative of the best country for Pakistan. I want you to act as the national representative of Pakistan. We will gain more trust and spirit from you. My prayers and best wishes are with you.

thank you jessica566 for great appreciation

aj ma nay ju khuch bhe adar seekha vo ap ki waja say seekha hai. ap aik batreen pakistani hain. ap nay har waqat humain acha tara say guide kya hai

you are great cr

i wish again ap cr select

dear tariq , it is my responsibility to guide every one, i am always ready to support , guide you all, it is my duty , but i am thank full to you all , you trusted on me, you gave me great respect
thank you

Wish you again best of luck for this role.

thank you dear malikusman1
steem on

The most senior and exerperianced person on steemit so far, I wish you good luck with the application. You are deserve this position sir 👍

thank you respected janemorane for these great kind , words and it is my honor that you placed kind words to my favor ,it is my success, you all are great steemians ,

یوسف بھائی آپ جسطرح محنت کرتے اور ہر ایک کو سٹیم ساہٹ کے بارے بتاتے رہتے ہیں۔ میں تو کہتا آپ سے بہتر کوئی نہیں ہے۔ آپ بہت ہی مخلص اور بہترین انسان کے ساتھ ساتھ ، غریبوں کی مدد کرتے ہیں۔ آپ اپنی کمائی کا جو غریبوں میں تقسیم یہی وجہ ہے آپ کامیاب۔آپ بہترین پاکستانی بہترین سٹیمین اور رایٹر پرموٹر ہیں۔

thank very much respected prof , it is great courage ,

I wish you all the best. Hopefully you will be reinstated in your post.

thank you bhai for good wishes , my pleasure

sir yousafharoonkhan ap nay he humain steemit ka bry guide kya hai, ma aik student hoon , ap nay mari bhut madad ki .. mujay steemit par account bana kr dya. phr hara tara say guide kya. ma ap ka lia dua krta . ap pakistan ka lia batreen cr hon gay, ap aik achy insan hain aur hamesha logo ki mada krtay

best cr you yousaf

hassan920 ,first thank you , that you accepted my invitation and you liked me here, i am always available to guide you all
i love pakistan, pakistan is my heart, my land and steemit is our family, we are connected with each other as family on steemit

Hopefully you can continue to contribute to steemit by being selected as a CR. Regards..🙏

thank you respected @alee75 , your courage is my victory and success
may Allah bless you always smile and success in life

Thank you my brother. May Allah bless you too...🙏

Hello friend, it is good to see your application and your desire to participate. I wish you much success. God bless you.

thank you respected sister, thank for great appreciation

ap ki darkhat bhut achi lakhi huy hai ma samjuti hoon ap bhut he btr hain ap ku kamyabi milay

ap ka bhe thank, ap ku mari kawish achi lugi

you has served our country Pakistan as a CR with the best of his qualities. You are a great sir.Good luck for the application. I wish to see you as CR again very soon 🤞

thank you sister for appreciation

Good luck being one of Pakistan's CR

thank you so much radjasalman

Dear brother,

You have all the qualities of a country representative and you are already giving your best on this platform. Wish to see you as a country representative again!

Thank respected sister ..

You are one of the most dedicated and passionate user from Pakistan. I wish you all the best for your application. You deserve this opportunity.

@ashkhan it is your great love , respect. Thank you so much respected

Best of luck yousafharoonkhan. You have already shown us your capability by fighting against the multiple account holders.

thank you respected sister , and i will keep continue fight against these people, they are black wolf those are cheating us from different way,, thank you for always support , i am nothing, without you all support , once again thank sister

You are passionate to grow Steemit on success. Your achievements are appreciated. Good luck Sir 🤞 🇵🇰

thank you so much uzma4882

You have done great job as CR. Wish you success this time too.

thank you very much for good wishes, you also done great job always

Best of luck bro. Your previous work is the proof that you deserve this post.

thank you respected sister, may Allah bless you great success ameen

Best of luck Sir. Your efforts are commendable as always :)

thank you my brother

Best of luck

thank you so much

you have contributed immensely to this very platform from your time as a professor.I wish you much success. God bless you.

thank you aftab110

I would like to say that you are the legend of Steemit. you performance and contribution for steemit and the urdu community is remarkable. you are a main person who is identity of pakistan in steemit. I highly recommend sir @yousafharoonkhan to be the best, he will be rewarded with the role of again
best of luck. you will definitely succeed.

thank you anwar khan for your best wishes and respect

I wish you all the best.

thank you respected buzjekn

that's nice pleasure

when i joined steemit, i saw you and i learned from you every step of steemit. our wish is that you stay as CR pakistan i will pray for you. You are a highly qualified person with great experience in promotion and work.

respected ayshamjamshaid , thank so much for these kind words that you have to me, thank