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Urdu community Contest / S2W4 – Weather and our Lives | by @msquaretwins.

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I like dry season because we don't record destruction of properties and lives in dry season as we do in raining season.

Yes, no doubts that we have destructions during the wet seasons due to the unprecedented flooding that seems like a reoccurring event in our country. But also in the dry season, we have fire outbreaks due to the dry and heat waves.

More so, raining season comes with a lot of things that can cause sickness.

Also, we have outbreaks during the dry season, especially the FLU. This is when we have larger amounts of dust and dirt in the air due to the peculiar season.

Hahaha, I was just giving my views on the comparison you made as I am a lover of the Wet/Riny season.

Thanks for your thoughts, @msquaretwins

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