Steemit Enagement Challenge || Season2, Week #4 [Summary] ||How weather effect our life and play important role ?

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Hello & asalam o alikum!


Today, the fourth week of the contest has come to an end and a total of 52 steemit users have participated in this fourth week. And all the contestants made the contest very interesting by writing the best post.

Through The contest got a great deal of information about the foods that are loved in different seasons in different areas of the world, people from all over the world love food, clothing and culture and different festivals as the seasons change. Some people like the cold season and some enjoy the summer season, thus rain, spring and autumn bring happiness in one's life.

The contest also revealed that people from different walks of life like different seasons depending on their profession. People in agriculture prefer the rainy season because in dry season the crops do not have access to water and in the rainy season abundant water is available. some people say that Winds wroke havoc in the area and houses are in danger of collapsing.

Snowfall in winter causes food and transportation difficulties. But people in each area prefer different seasons because of their needs and conveniences. The following points were given importance in this contest and it was necessary to tell about them in the contest.

Highlight the following topic/Points in this contest.

  • How weather effect our life and play important role ? what kind of weather do you like and why you like it.
  • What region do you live in? And what are the seasons in your region?
  • What is your favorite season And why do you like it?
  • Depending on the season in your region or country or city, which rituals are more celebrated?
  • What clothes and food do you like depending on the season(cultural reflection)?
  • Which season's fruit do you like and why?
  • Apart from you, which season do the people of your area prefer?
  • In which season does your area face more difficulties and what are those difficulties?
  • What is the special ritual associated with a particular season that people in your area have been waiting for all year?


Grading Fourmula

Post information Status Grades
Steemexclusive ✅ / ❌ 1
Plagiarism / Bot Free ✅ / ❌ 1
300 words ✅ / ❌ 1
quality content✅ / ❌ 3
Club status ✅ / ❌ 2
Markdowns ✅ / ❌ 2
Total 10

The Urdu community team graded all the posts and accordingly awarded the total grade and the obtained grade along with the comments in the post. The Urdu Community Team has made every effort to check all the contest posts in time and grade them.

The Urdu community team has graded the post under the following grading formula. There was a total of one number for the #steemexclusive post. There was also a number for boot free.

Two marks were allotted for the markdown and thus two marks were allotted for the club while three and one marks were allotted for the quality post and the post of more than 300 words respectively. All posts are graded under this formula.


Statistics of the Participation

A total of 52 users have participated in this contest and Two users have got grades 1 to 5 in total out of 52 and this constitutes 3.8% of the total entries. Grade 6 is ​​obtained by zero participants. The number of Grade 7 users is 8 and it makes up 15.38%. The number of users getting grade 8 is 27 and it makes up 51.91% of the total number. Grade 9 to 10 has been achieved by total fourteen participants and it is 28% of total entries out of 52 . Overall all the participants have written very well and in the future all these articles will be helpful for those who want to write thesis or research article on weather .


Top 3 nominations for the Week 4 Season 3

Urdu community team has chosen the Top 3 nominations for the Week 4 Season 2 in the community, these nominations post has selected based on given the rules in week 4 season 2 in all communities . engagements, participation and taking participate in all other 6 communities was the basic rule in selection also . There are a few post that got good grade but couldn't fulfill other requirements .below are 3 top post that got top position in week 4.

RankingAuthorPost linkS2W4
1.@alee75pot linkS2W4
2.@simonnwigwepost linkS2W4
3.@malikusman1post linkS2W4

Many many congratulations to all the Top 3 winners of week 4, and the Urdu community is praying for all of you that all of you will be successful in your life and all of you will achieve all the life goals that you have in life. Many many congratulations to the first 3.


The Urdu community team is grateful to all of you who participated in the third contest of season 2 and your participation has encouraged us. We are grateful to all the members of our team especially @yousafharoonkhan and @jessica566 and @janemorane for checking all the entries in time and we were able to submit the comprehensive summary on time today. We hope that the team of Urdu Community will work hard like this and we hope that the steemit team will inspire our team. Thank you very much all of you.


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Congratulation winners .

Thank you my friend for your support.

welcome my friend ..

Thank you brother...


Congratulations to all the winners🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳. Thanks for selecting me.

Congratulations to all winners. Am delighted to be among this weeks winners again.

Felicidades a los ganadores de esta 4ta semana del desafío.
Bye bye

Felicidades a @alee75, @malikusman1 y @simonnwigwe por sus reconocimientos a su trabajo.
Enhorabuena, sigan trabajando así.
Saludos y bendiciones.

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Congratulations to all the winners!
Congratulations to the Urdu community for running successful contests throughout the month.

Congratulations to all winners @alee75, @simonnwigwe and @malikusman1

Thank you very much sir.

Thank you so much respected professor

Thank You very much...

Congratulations to all the winners

Congratulations to the winners

Thank for the apreciation and congrats to all winner...

Congratulation winners

Thank you friend @jessica566..


Thanks my friend


Very good choice, congratulations to the winners they did an excellent job 👍🏻

Many Blessings 🙏🏻

Congratulations to all winners @alee75, @simonnwigwe and @malikusman1

Thank you

mumbrk ho sub ku ma bhe jeet sakta

Hello @yousafharoonkhan and @jessica566 and @janemorane are we expecting the season superstars. Some other community have made their post about the season superstar but we are yet to see that of this community. Just to enquire if you guys are away of the development.

Hii, everything is already. We will announce the season super stars till evening.
Thanks 🙏

Okay thanks for the reply