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Hello Everyone!

everyone out there is waiting for the results of Season superstars from the community and here are the results of successful participants who won it with their handwork and delegation.


Urdu Community successfully ran all the contests in the community throughout the month. We congratulate all the members of the Urdu community and all the people who became part of the community during this whole period and made the Steemit Engagement challenge more successful. Congratulations to everyone and especially the Urdu Community team @yousafharoonkhan, @janemorane, and @jessica566 for their endless efforts and hard work.



@ simonnwigwe






All the above winners are selected for Season superstars on the basis of their creative entries, their useful comments on other's posts, and increasing engagement in the community. Moreover, they all strictly followed all the rules during the whole month and participated in all the contests organized in the community on behalf of the Engagement challenge.

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sub ku bhut mumbrk ho yeah tu bhut bri kamyabi hai sub ki

Woow this is great 😃.. atlast, I made it to the final podium. Congratulations to my fellow comrades @alee75 and @simonnwigwe for also emerging as winners

Congratulations my friend.

Thank you for the appreciation. Congratulations to all of us especially @chiabertrand and @simonnwigwe ...🙏

Thank you my friend and congratulations once again to you.

You're Wellcome...🙏

Congratulations to all the winners, that’s all your hard work that you guys are on this list. Great job 👏

Thanks so much for the recognition dear @janemorane

congratulations to all winners

Wow congratulations to all winners. I'm so happy to be among the winners.

wow victor

Congratulations to luck ones . Your quality contents are appreciated 👍👍

Wow congratulations to all winners. I'm so happy to be among the winners.

congratulations to all winners

Thank you so much friend