Pashtun culture

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Today Pashtun culture is being celebrated. Accordingly, Pathans all over the world are celebrating this day.
Pashtun or Pathan nation is a migratory nation. Pathan wherever he goes, wraps himself in his culture. Pathan is very sensitive to protect his culture.
Our tribe migrated from Afghanistan about three centuries ago and settled in Mianwali but still embraces the Pathan culture.

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Now the question arises that the culture that was given to us by our ancestors. Can we change the names. We can change the culture little by little according to time and circumstances.
Guns may be necessary but education can be prioritized or else the gun culture and the culture of revenge and the culture of family feuds cannot be changed.
Can't the young generation change the culture of murder? Just look at Mianwali's score of murders in eight months and you will lose your senses.
Will we be able to redefine culture? Will we be able to prioritize science in our culture?
Even now a Pathan feels proud to carry a gun whether it is in the form of a soldier, whether in the form of a security guard or in the form of an advertisement or for any reason of enmity.
Are there only Pathans to fight in the world. Are they made of steel? That also has to be considered.
On the occasion of Pashtun Culture Day, I will request the leaders to free us from guns and instill love for education.
For progress in the world now, education has to be made a weapon and all prejudices have to be removed from the heart.

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پشتو کلچر بہت امیر ثقافت ہے۔ پنجاب، سندھ، پشتو بلوچی پاکستان کی ہر ثقافت خوبصورت ہے۔

Such a nice culture and nice people good work Brother keep it up 💖