🐝 Dear @Dayleeo — transitioning from isolation to reference frames abundance.

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It’s confirmed, we are time travelling. Maybe it’s being confined to one space, not making enough time to be out of this space to take in new life reference frames from these four walls but I’m sure I was just writing to you yesterday, I know on the calendar it shows the 2nd but I do feel like like my sleeps have been pretty crappy for the last week now, it’s all gone a bit groundhog day for me at the moment.

Caught myself going to the twitter site yesterday quite a bit, realising how many times a day I was checking that. I think because I have a lot of auto posting from things I update whenever someone likes or comments or retweets those then I get that notification and I’m sucked back in just in case I missed anything — gotta be better at turning that stuff off or at least putting the airplane mode on.

Nearly finished with S2 of DS9, feel like that’s been forever we must have been going slow on that one. Good to see the defiant finally turning up in the mix and I expect we will be seeing a lot more of that instead of the runners in the next season. It’s just starting to grow on me so we will see how the character arc’s develop over the seasons to come, we have loads of them to go at.

Don’t they end so quickly thou, I feel like they do all this massive big story telling and then wrap it up almost in comedy fashion. Maybe they will get more of an effects budget as it goes on and as the years stack up and the technology is cheaper and easier to use.

Photo by Jason Schuller on Unsplash

Know you are struggle bus with muscle pains and such like at the moment, I’m obviously sorry to hear that. I know what it’s like when your body is not doing what you want it to do, it feels like limitation, this so called “progress” in our brain gets a bit of a kick in the stomach and it feels like starting from scratch. It’s just our bodies letting us know that we ain’t quite there yet and we need to make some changes here and there.

Just made my first coffee of the day, best thing about the induction plate (eventually induction kettle) pot is that it brings that up to boil pretty quickly, I can see everything that’s going on in the bowl, making sure I have no nasty plastic bits and such like. I’m super interested in what the kettle will perform like.

Headspace right now is also about replacing the pans completely, I need to get like three pans I think (ideally a twin induction hob too) at this stage it’s gonna be a decent tefal non stick and a cast iron skillet, ideally one that is non stick as well, you know that fusion technology — if there is one thing that gives me joy in the morning is making up breads from scratch and making eggs. You know I like being the breakfast making dude.

Got a little sidetracked there, got hooked into the browser for a little while doing some little admin chores, you know how that goes, moving something from here to there, ticking that box, making sure that balance is a little lower from this coming in. I have been doing well thou to cut down on the socials, the world is just all so overwhelming at times as people reposition themselves for a hope for a better world than yesterday.

Just did a few chores before the real heat comes again today, looks like we got another hot one and then for the next three days it’s gonna be much cooler, at least 10 degrees cooler in the 60’s — I can handle that kind of weather, actually looking at the refreshed data it’s look like all the way up to this time next week, just that high of 75f today.

I know that’s nothing compared to the weather front you have going on over there and I know you got some muggy weather with all kinds of potentially massive weather systems coming in over the coming month so maybe sure you get all that battery station sorted and the go bag has everything it needs in the car, get some water swapped out, some dried food into the mix, plan for power outs and needing to get outta dodge, top up zee fuel in the car, that kinda thing — I know you are usual on that stuff so yeah.

I know a lot of the primary schools have started to have kids going back into school, not all classes but still, it certainly feels a little bit like a litmus test to see what re-infection will be like or play out but I’m presuming they are going on the data they see. I mean, we really don’t know if kids are just carriers without developing symptoms or not.

Hay fever levels for me for the last few days have been off the chart, certainly a note to self that I need to get those hay fever tablets again, it’s always this time of year, maybe that’s why I’ve not been sleeping too well too, it’s certainly a certain type of hay fever, maybe it’s when the farmers start to spray stuff up around here.

I realise it feels over there (here) that it’s just like day, week, month after month but in some ways I’m happy to see the time go by, twenty twenty did not turn out as the decade turning point as I expected (as we all maybe) and I think a lot of people are looking to re-run that stuff in 2021 — maybe after we have had a global shakedown of greed, power and had some social rebalancing in the world we might turn a corner.

In the midst of all that I do see the signs, especially when it comes to environmental activity, first electric plane a cessna started flying the other day, we had the awesome space-x flight, certainly feel space activity with quite literally skyrocket now and hey, who knows in the next five years we might actually see a moonbase happen — once that is there I’m sure the jump to missions to mars will start in earnest.

While I obviously miss you very much and hanging out, with our whays, all of that would be in very much in limbo if you were here now, for sure spending time together would be awesome but all the usual activity we used to do, the swimming and the trips would be different, it’s a different planet it seems every day we wake up too — maybe a lot of us are waking up to what we should be finally doing with the life we have been given.

Certainly feels like the world is waking up and being forced to face the realities of our own actions and recalibrate on the daily. I don’t think this is a bad thing, we have a lot of things wrong, lotta things broken, exploited, manipulated. It’s about time we saw things for what they are. The smart ones are already out of that loop, the way it cascades around year after year.

Alright, time to finish up the other chores today, I’ve had my milkshake and I just realised that I’m outta eggs so no scrambled eggs for me today. I had hoped to re-up but it appears that times are changing for this week, be a nice day to get supplies tomorrow anyway in the cooler weather. While I’ve been seeing early 5am sunrise I’ve not managed to get outta bed until 8am! — I keep trying thou, maybe tomorrow.

Sending you love heals and vibes, take it steady, take extra breaks, water, light exercise where you can, shower or bath, get your mellow tunes on, do some light sprints, break up the day, aim for a few sprints, don’t push it, get centered, eat light.

Virtual Hugs,
Mouser x

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