Dear @teamhumble happy Blorpsday, I'm over day names aren't you?

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My new hobby is to take whatever song is in my head the moment I sit down to write you and search for it on youtube with "LOFI" afterward. I haven't been let down yet lol

Good ol harry. I didn't have anything to do with one direction, definitely not my generation and even at their height in the 90s I couldn't stand boy bands. But when the Justin of the group or in this case the Harry, drops a solo album, I can get down with that.

Really enjoy his latest, even in non lofi version.

What to tell you hmm.. I'm a little embarrassed to admit but that digital timeout on that platform put me into a little bit of a holding pattern this week. I don't like that I wasn't able to get over it and move on to being productive in another area, just felt like this open unresolved unknown that was blocking my creativity.

Now, I don't know if that's going to mean things in my brain are going to go back to normal, because I'm not even positive there IS a normal, but I'm hoping it will allow me to move on and get on with other stuff.

This evening in addition to my stamp the new scale came in. And, I'm just now realizing this is the first amazon I've ordered that has come in the normal "two day" window since lockdown started. I completely forgot about it because I was expecting not to see it for another few days. It seems really accurate, it's not pretty but it's the choice of a lot of bakers and chefs so I think it's going to serve me much better.

Despite my petition to abandon all weekday names tomorrow is Friday and I'm hoping I wake up just ready to crush. I cooked breakfast lunch and dinner today which is a rarity, but also means I have tomorrow's food all set up so it's something I don't have to interrupt momentum. Watch, tomorrow clients will all come back. LOL.

Time to get some orders in eh? Lots I want to do tomorrow so it's time for me to wrap this up and start bullet journaling so I know what to dive into tomorrow, even if I'm thrust back into this dimension from a time-altering multi-phasic dreamworld tomorrow.

I love you, have an awesome morning you.
You're doing great.

<3 Dayles

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